Choosing Rest

Hey friends!

I am writing this while on vacation with my family.  This is one of those vacations that was needed and not just wanted.  Can anyone relate?


Let me ask you this…do you ever have to make yourself rest even while you are vacationing? 

For example…do you make up your bed in your condo?  I used to.  But, you know what…I’m not this time.  I am choosing not to.  I know it’s strange, but sometimes even making up my bed can be a bondage thing. 


Of course, I am still doing laundry, cooking, cleaning…those are things I have to do for the family.  But, other things that don’t have to be done, are not going to be done. 


I have decided to rest, relax, chill, take it easy.  I am choosing to be on vacation while on vacation.  I know a lot of  you understand where I’m coming from when I say I am having to make a conscience effort to just sit and soak.

There is enough work to be done when I get home. 

This week is family time.  Me time.  God time.

It is good!

***I hope you noticed the boxwoods in the photos and how I used them in different places throughout the house.  If you are interested, I’d love for you to take a look at them.  You can go directly to the site where I got them here…Commercial Silk.  To see the boxwoods I ordered, go here…Boxwoods.  They really are a great look and very versatile.

Be well, friends. Chat soon…