About Me

Hi friend!  Glad you stopped by.

Wondering a little bit about me?

I am first and foremost a child of God.  I am a wife, mama, daughter, sister, and friend.  I am a southern girl through and through…born and raised in Tennessee.

Three years ago, my family and I took a trip to Pennsylvania where I fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of the Amish homesteads I was seeing.  I came home on a mission for change.

We don’t have a 100 acre farm, but we do have five acres.  We don’t have cows, sheep, and goats like I would love to have, but we do have chickens that lay us wonderful fresh eggs.  We don’t have big beautiful fields of wheat, but we do have a nice garden with wonderful vegetables growing in it.  We also have a small growing orchard and galvanized tubs full of herbs. 

We have, what I like to call, Kinser Hobby Farm.  It is small, but it is wonderful and it is ours!

I would love to live in a beautiful old farmhouse someday, but am so happy and content where we are right now.  I am working at bringing that farmhouse feel into our fairly traditional home. 

I love using family heirlooms and flea market finds to fill our home.  I am always searching for another “just right” treasure to bring home.

I see beauty in things that other people see as old and worn out.  Rusty and chippy are my friends.  They are beautiful and they show me that something has been loved…loved a whole bunch.

Organizing, cleaning, fluffing, changing…all of these things make me happy.

My faith and my family make me happiest of all!


Charlene Pollonais said...

Must admit, I found you headboard unique and quite beautiful. I love the way that you were able you used the holly shaped wreaths over the bed. Everything is just lovely and I can see myself incorporating some of your style. Thank you for sharing

Dawn said...

I stumbled onto your blog last night...and I LOVE it. I lived in east Tennessee for 23 years, before moving to rural Ohio. (so I get your feel for the Amish) I live on 12 acres with chickens, a horse, cats and dogs and soon to be llamas:) One son in college, and a son and daughter still in high school. We home school. AND I love the flea market style....So, we do have a lot in common!Most importantly I am a sister in Christ. I am definitely going to become a reader of your blog:)