I Like Stuff

Yes, I like stuff!!

As a matter of fact, I like stuff too much and can really go overboard when I find something I like.

If one is good, then two must be even better, and three or seven must be really great.

When you like stuff, your things can start to look like clutter and nothing really stands out as important.

Periodically, I have to go through our home and even our outdoor area and just purge.  I like to go through the whole thing in my mind of whether I like the item or love the item.  Is it unique and how hard would it be to find something else like it if I wanted to.  In the grand scheme of home decor,  is it really significant or could it easily go.


So often, I feel like there is an emotional attachment to something and I just “can’t” let it go. 

Many times, I feel like my eyes start getting tired and there is no place for them to rest in our home. 

Too much stuff!!

So, what to do.

If it’s an emotional attachment, but you really don’t like or need the item, take a photo of it for a keepsake.

Consider the fact that someone else may really love whatever it is or could really use it.


Often times, after I get dressed and put on my jewelry, I will end up taking one piece off just to scale down a bit.  Do that in your room.  Go through your area and remove one knick knack, one picture, one piece of furniture.  See if it makes a difference in allowing your area to not be too busy.

Sometimes someone else can come into your house and help you see things that you don’t really need.  Things that can cause a room to look cluttered.  Sometimes you just need fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.


Even as I look through the photos of our patio, I realize there are things I don’t need or want anymore.  There are certain things that don’t make much of a statement and are taking away the focus of things that do matter.

For example, my husband built me a beautiful potting bench out of great old wood, and you can’t even really see the potting bench for all the stuff on it.  I want the potting bench to be the focus and not the stuff. 

So, you know what I am going to do…

I am going to go ahead and share these photos, but then I am going outside to do some purging.


Time for my Barn Door outdoor marketplace to get here so I can get rid of some “stuff”.

Be blessed, Amy