The Rug That Changed the Room

Hey guys!

I have one question…

Why in the world did I wait so long to replace the rug in my dining room?

Why oh why?

Until I changed it, and saw it, I had no idea how bad the other one was.  And, how small it was in the room.


Once the rug was changed, it absolutely changed the entire look of the room.  It sort of turned from the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan.  At least in my mind, that’s what happened.


Not only did I change out the rug, I also replaced all of the dark chairs with white ones.  That made a huge difference in the tone of the room.


It’s amazing how one item can make such a difference in the look and feel of an area.

This rug came from Well Woven Rugs

I am hoping to pick another for my living room!  I’ll be sure to let you see what I choose.

Blessings friends!