Working With Dark Elements

Hey guys!

Let’s talk dark wood today. 

Let’s talk about working with what you have.

You see, our home is filled with dark, stained wood.  Is it my preference?  No, not really.  Actually, not at all.  But, if you have followed me for very long, then you know that my husband loves dark wood.  He also loves for things to stay the same.  He is good with buying something and keeping it until forever.  He is a man of little change.  Bless his heart, and then he married me who loves changing things up on a very frequent basis.

So, let’s talk about what is dark in our house…the fireplace, the kitchen cabinets, the banister, all bathroom cabinets, and the massive entertainment center in our living room that my husband loves.  Oh, and our leather sofa and loveseat are dark. 


Do I love white cabinets?  Yes.  Would I love a different entertainment center?  Oh yeah!  Would I paint the fireplace if I could?  Yes, probably.

But, I can’t change any of these things because it’s not just my house.  So, like I have said to my friends in the past, I work with what I have and am happy and content.


When working with dark wood, but wanting to make things as light as possible, make sure to use neutral accessories.  I have neutral wall colors throughout the house (except for my husband’s study and it’s Navy Blue).  I use neutral linens, neutral pillows, neutral accessories.  If I have something dark, I try to place lighter things on it or around it to make it seem lighter.


Using the lighter things tones down the darker things.  At least, in my eyes it does.



This end of the room is lighter than the other end that holds the entertainment center so I add some dark elements down here to try and marry the whole room.


In case you missed the entertainment center, it is a favorite piece of my husbands and it will probably be around as long as we are.

  Actually, I am hoping that someday it will have a new home in his study where it would fit just perfectly with the cherry cabinets that are already in there.


So, learn to work with what you have.

There are ways to make things work.

  Don’t obsess about not having what someone else has.

  Be happy and content with what you have and make it beautiful!

And, in the meantime…be the you that God wants you to be!