Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Beautiful, Cozy Summer

Hey friends. 


Time passes quickly when you are having fun, doesn’t it?


  What about when life is a little more tough and you’re hanging on as tightly as you can to the only One who can make it better?


What has your summer been like?


Good, I hope.


Around here,  family time has been a high priority.  It’s hard when everyone is going in different directions.  You have to be more intentional.  We need to be even more intentional that what we are.  We’re learning.  Sometimes you are forced to learn.


We did build a wonderful new “outdoor living area” that has become one of our favorite hangout spots.  We grill outside all of the time.  Sit under the fans and talk.  Lay on the swing and nap.  Work on school work and computer stuff.  We do all we can do out here because it’s so totally relaxing for each one of us, and relaxing is a good thing.


outdoor 4


Yes, we have two grills and love them both.  We love outdoor meals.  Food just tastes better outside to me.


outdoor 2


Our storage cabinet came from Ikea and has done a great job in keeping things dry and clean out here.


outdoor 3


The words on this old grocery store sign are in rough shape, but I loved it anyway.  It says Swinford Gro.


outdoor 6


This little iron bistro set is a favorite thing of mine.  Perfect size for a cozy meal or a coffee break.


outdoor 5


Our cat stays under here 24/7 and highly approves of this new addition.


outdoor 9


outdoor 8


The ceiling fans from Lowes look great, but more than that, they help to cool things off under here on a hot day.


outdoor 7


We love having this space right off of our living room.  It truly is like an extra room for us.  The cozy factor with two ceiling fans and a great old vintage fan that runs is off the charts for us.  My husband and son have both fallen asleep on our swing and ended up sleeping through the night out here. 


I truly can’t wait to spend time out here this fall and winter.  We bought an outdoor fireplace that will hopefully help keep us warm on cool days and nights.  Layers of blankets will work too, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


So here’s to cozy outdoor rooms and spending time with family.


Blessings all..


Chat soon…Amy