Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Beautiful, Cozy Summer

Hey friends. 


Time passes quickly when you are having fun, doesn’t it?


  What about when life is a little more tough and you’re hanging on as tightly as you can to the only One who can make it better?


What has your summer been like?


Good, I hope.


Around here,  family time has been a high priority.  It’s hard when everyone is going in different directions.  You have to be more intentional.  We need to be even more intentional that what we are.  We’re learning.  Sometimes you are forced to learn.


We did build a wonderful new “outdoor living area” that has become one of our favorite hangout spots.  We grill outside all of the time.  Sit under the fans and talk.  Lay on the swing and nap.  Work on school work and computer stuff.  We do all we can do out here because it’s so totally relaxing for each one of us, and relaxing is a good thing.


outdoor 4


Yes, we have two grills and love them both.  We love outdoor meals.  Food just tastes better outside to me.


outdoor 2


Our storage cabinet came from Ikea and has done a great job in keeping things dry and clean out here.


outdoor 3


The words on this old grocery store sign are in rough shape, but I loved it anyway.  It says Swinford Gro.


outdoor 6


This little iron bistro set is a favorite thing of mine.  Perfect size for a cozy meal or a coffee break.


outdoor 5


Our cat stays under here 24/7 and highly approves of this new addition.


outdoor 9


outdoor 8


The ceiling fans from Lowes look great, but more than that, they help to cool things off under here on a hot day.


outdoor 7


We love having this space right off of our living room.  It truly is like an extra room for us.  The cozy factor with two ceiling fans and a great old vintage fan that runs is off the charts for us.  My husband and son have both fallen asleep on our swing and ended up sleeping through the night out here. 


I truly can’t wait to spend time out here this fall and winter.  We bought an outdoor fireplace that will hopefully help keep us warm on cool days and nights.  Layers of blankets will work too, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


So here’s to cozy outdoor rooms and spending time with family.


Blessings all..


Chat soon…Amy


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Old Barn

barn 1


This barn has been in my family for many many years.


I remember being a little girl sitting in my grandparents living room and watching my grandfather, my Pa, put on his barn boots and what I always thought was a fancy hat.  He would walk out of the screen door that always slammed so loudly and walk proudly to this barn to check on his cattle.  He always had a chaw of Redman chewing tobacco in his mouth.  My Pa was a livestock dealer.  He was proud.  He was so handsome.  And, man, did he have a strong deep voice that I loved.  All these years after his death, and I can still hear him saying hello when he would answer the telephone and telling me he loved me as I walked out the door.


barn 2


Boy, time has gone by so quickly.  It seems like I was just that little girl.


But, I’m not a little girl anymore. 


I no longer get to see my grandfather walk to his barn.  He is walking somewhere far better now.  No more cow manure under his feet…only gold now. 


These days, I get to see my uncle walk into these barn doors.  Every now and then, I get to go in with him.  I enjoy walking into that old barn.  I love seeing things lying around that may have been left by my grandfather.  I love the memories.


barn 4


I recently had a photo of the barn blown up and put it into a great old wooden frame. 


barn photo


What a beautiful reminder that I get to see everyday of sweet days gone by and of a grandfather that was loved very much by his granddaughter.


I sure hope you are all doing well.


Chat again soon..


Blessings, Amy


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Simple Collecting

Hey friends.


As I look around my house, I realize that I have several collections of things.


I collect Ironstone, Ironstone, and Ironstone. 


Actually, I collect more than Ironstone, but that’s probably my favorite collection.


I thought I would share just a few of my favorite things that I have been hunting and gathering over the last few years.


Can you tell that I absolutely love ironstone butter pats?


butter pats 2


Stacks of them make such an impact…


And, then there are  clocks…


I love old clocks because they remind me that my God is an on time God


clocks 2


I also love small crocks…marmalade, potted meat, mustard, whatever I can find…I love them.


cow 2


By looking at the above picture, I guess I collect cows also.


What about you?  What do you find special enough to collect?


Blessings friends.


Chat soon, Amy


Monday, May 2, 2016

The Simple Side of the Kitchen

Hello friends.


In my last post, I showed you the side of my kitchen that is “filled to the brim”.


kitchen 9


That side of the kitchen is the workhorse side.


This side is the simple side…. the rustic prissy side.


table 1


The two sides blend well because of the commonality of the dark and light woods and other neutral elements that fill the entire area.


table 3


table 2


table 6


I’ll leave you with a little bundle of flowers and remind you again how nice it is to be back with you all.


table 4


Chat again soon..

Blessings from me to you, Amy


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not So Simple Side of the Kitchen

Hey friends.


I usually keep things pretty simple in our home.


kitchen 1 


I like practicality and ease…


I have come to truly love and desire more of a minimalistic look.


Having said that…


kitchen 12


My kitchen is far from simple and scaled down.


My kitchen is full to the brim…so to speak. 


kitchen 2


I try to keep it simple by using a very neutral color palette.


kitchen 3


Dark wood cabinets filled with all white dishes…


kitchen 4


I know appliances like the toaster should be kept out of sight when not in use, but we use it everyday…


kitchen 6


I do love the beadboard wallpaper that I used inside of the cabinets.  It’s a great contrast against the dark cabinets.


kitchen 15


Can you tell that I have a thing for wooden utensils?


Our bread stays in the metal cabinet…


kitchen 10


This three tiered piece has become a staple in our kitchen to hold our fruits and veggies.


kitchen 9


The barstools were all great vintage finds.


There are things I would love to change about our kitchen…. 


Hardwood floors…white cabinets…new countertops, farm sink… (just to name a few) 


But, you know what…


It’s all good.


I have made things work.


You do what you can do and then you sit back and smile.


I’ll continue to strive for simplicity everywhere else in the house…


but not in the kitchen.


Chat soon..


Blessings to you all, Amy


Friday, April 22, 2016

Linens, Cotton, and Lavender

Hey friends.


If you know me at all, then you know that I love texture.


I also love layering.


hallway 2


As you can see, I also love stacks of linens.  And these stacks are only a few of the stacks.


hallway 3


And, then there are grainsacks. 


hallway 5


Their nubby texture has stolen my heart.


Throw some cotton and lavender in with all of the linens, and I am one happy girl.


hallway 4


Linens, cotton, and lavender…oh my.


Chat again soon.


Blessings, Amy


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In the Kitchen

It’s me again. 


So glad to be back in the blogging world.


If you don’t follow me on Instagram, please do.  That’s where I post most frequently.  @farmhousedreamsabk is where you can find me.


I notice people don’t comment as much as they once did, but that’s totally okay.  I just hope you stop by and take a look around.  I hope while you are here,  you will smile, feel a twinge of joy, be inspired, and know that you are valued and appreciated.


I shared my love of Springtime in my last post and how I love to add fresh flowers around the house to help usher in the new life that is coming forth outside and inside.


kitchen table 2


Wintertime can be tough.   For some, it’s a time of quiet, calm, and rest.  For others, winter can be a time of sadness and darkness. 


Spring and sunshine seem to stay away way too long. 


kitchen toolbox


And then, one glorious morning, you wake up and the sunshine has returned.


kitchen scale

The flowers outside are blooming.


New life is beginning.


Hearts and souls are awakening from a long winter’s rest.


God is in control of all the seasons and has a reason for all He does, but I sure do love spring the best.


kitchen toolbox 2


I bet I’m not alone.


kitchen table 3


I am so thankful for the beauty of God’s creation and that I can bring His beauty inside to freshen and liven up our home.


What about you?  Are you thankful spring is here?




After I had already done this post, I was inspired by my sisterfriend, Becky, from Buckets of Burlap and @becky.cuningham.home, to put something fresh into my grain elevator buckets.


kitchen herbs 2


I love having fresh herbs on hand, so quickly cut some lemon balm and sweet mint to add to my spring kitchen.


kitchen herbs 1


Chat again soon, okay…


Blessings friends, Amy


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hey my long lost blogging friends. 


Is anyone still there?


I cannot believe that it has been since August since I last posted.


Life, right….


I am actively on Instagram and Facebook and am going to try to work my way back into the blogging world.


Are you with me?  Will you join me again on occasion?

I figure since I’ve been gone so long and my blog has been somewhat dead, this post should be about springtime and “coming back to life”.


long table


Spring is the time for deep cleaning, rearranging, and bringing in fresh flowers.


long table 2


To me, spring is also about breathing life back into a somewhat cold, dreary home following a long, hard winter.


basket dogwoods


leather chair


ice cream bucket


Fresh flowers, dried flowers…ice cream buckets, French harvest baskets…


New life…


Springtime, I’m so glad you are back.