Monday, August 17, 2015

American Hereford Association Dinner…Farmhouse Dreams Style

I truly love doing what I do…styling weddings, dinners, homes, businesses, or anything else that needs to be styled.


It’s strange for me to give myself a title, but I need to for my business sake. 


I am an Event Stylist.


Farmhouse Dreams Event Stylist.


I also need a purpose statement.  It’s easy for me to tell you my purpose, but not so easy to put it into a few words on a business card. 


My purpose would be to show Christ’s love in my styling.


My purpose would be to style each and every person’s event according to His perfect plan. 


My purpose would be to bring Him glory in all that my hands touch.


My purpose would be that when each individual person sees what I have styled, they know that I have styled it with great care, much prayer, much love, and with great attention to detail.


I am very purposeful in what I do and ultimately want to please God first and then my client.


So, that’s the problem.  I know my purpose but am just not settled on how to put that into condensed form.


Any great writers or entrepreneurs out there that want to help a girl out.  Feel free to share your knowledge and opinions, please.


While you are thinking, I would love to share a few photos of the latest event that I (along with my talented daughters) styled.


I was asked to style an outdoor dinner for the American Hereford Association Board Members.  The dinner was held at a beautiful home where the land actually took center stage and was the perfect backdrop. The homeowner is a nursery owner and had beautiful hydrangea bushes everywhere and welcomed me to use all the blooms I wanted in my staging. 


The atmosphere was very casual.


  The decor was chosen to suit the masculine and the feminine.


  The dinner was superbly catered by a local eatery, Ellie Michellies.


































Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of the tables with the delicious food, but trust me, it was outstanding to the eyes and the taste buds.


I prayed for this event from the day I was asked to style it.


I believe the Lord and the host were pleased.


I pray they were.


Blessings to you all.