Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Favorite Thing…One Photo Post

Hey my friends!


A day to myself meant a little extra clean up around the house and a few minor things moved from here to there.


I do very little fluffing in my house right now because I’m usually fluffing at the shop I help at.    Such fun.




I had to show you one of my favorite things that my husband gave me recently.


Mind you, it is not old.   I do have an old one but it doesn’t work (yet).


lr 16


I love this little telephone. 


No, it’s not convenient, but that doesn’t really matter when it looks so great.


I love old rotary phones.  I love the sound the numbers make as they turn their circle.    I have the perfect rotary dial phone that reminds me of the one my grandparents had growing up.  I just have to figure out where to take it to have it fixed.


A favorite gift from my sweet husband who knows me oh so well.


By the way, the barnsale we participated in last weekend was fabulous!  What a great first sale for us.  Yes, we will definitely be doing it again! 


Be blessed beyond measure my friends.