Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ironstone or Not

Hey friends. 


Busy preparing for my first ever real life barnsale and I can’t wait!!


Myself, along with the owners of the shop, High Cotton, where I spend a lot of my time now, are participating in Sweet Ila Mae’s barn sale in Quebeck, Tennessee, June 6-8.  We are totally excited.  We have picked and picked, planned, prepared, and prayed our way through the preparations and are ready to get our barnsale on. 


One of our favorite things to shop for has been great old ironstone pieces.  The thing is, I love it all myself so I have had to keep a few pieces just for me.  The other thing is, I really don’t have to have just ironstone because I just love old white dishes in general.  All of the beautiful crazing, chips, glued on handles, I love it all. 


dishes 1


Such character can be found in each and every piece.  Don’t you agree?


dishes 2


The stack of bowls reminds me of layers of ruffles.


The pie stand showcases the varying shades of white that I have grown to love in my dishes, my home, and even my wardrobe.


dishes 3


Yes, there’s even a potty on my buffet.  Love it too.


If you are in middle Tennessee on the weekend of June 6-8, head on over to Sweet Ila Mae’s in Quebeck, TN, and look for the booth filled with great farmhouse finds and bundles and bundles of beautiful cotton and wonderful lavender. 


Blessings sweet friends.  Don’t ever forget that you are loved by the Creator of the universe.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grainsacks, a Salz Box, and a Fly Catcher

A simple hallway, that is hard to photograph, is the home to a few of my very favorite things.


grainsacks 1


grainsacks 4


grainsacks 7


grainsacks 8


grainsacks 9


Old scales, small white pitchers, beautiful grainsacks, a salz box filled with lavendar, a dirty vintage fly catcher, chippy white shelves filled with old linens, a great old peg rack, an old mama swan with her babies gifted to me by my brother on my 45th birthday…


Just a few of my favorite things.


I sure hope you are all doing well.