Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Master Gallery Wall

Hey friends!


I hope you are all doing wonderful.


I am taking a break after doing school with my youngest and before I head back to my attic to continue cleaning and organizing.


I have a new addiction that I want to share with you all.


It’s gallery walls, and I love them.


I love seeing just how much stuff I can fit on one wall. 


One man’s clutter is another man’s bliss….right? 


My latest gallery creation is in my master bedroom.




I have kept everything else pretty simple in my bedroom.  The simple ticking slipcover on the chair.  The wonderful old blanket box.  The perfectly pale green plant stand.  Everything needed to be minimalistic, in my opinion, if I was going to have this much on the wall.








I love that I can take a beautiful old frame and a simply stated vintage feed sack and have instant art.




Mirrors are wonderful additions to any wall, I think.  The church painting came from the shop where I am blessed to be a consignor at called High Cotton Vintage Home Furnishings located in Manchester, Tennessee.  (shout out there for my friends who own this delightful shop)




For me, most everything in our home has a reason.  There is a reason I bring things in.  A reason I keep things.  A reason I hang things up or display them.  I am a pretty intentional gal.  Therefore, everything on this wall has a reason and I love the reasons behind everything.


Be blessed, my friends, and stay warm.


Back to the attic I go…