Thursday, January 23, 2014

Paper Wreath..Mine and Hers

It’s all in the book (s) you choose.


I wanted neutral and vintage.


She wanted bright and fun.


my wreath 1


Mine, of course….


and now




her wreath 2


Faith’s wreath will not stay on her lockers but is now the focal point on a gallery wall in her room.


Bright, fun, cheery and made out of some of her favorite books that were okay to use in a different way at this point in her life.


I love the way these wreaths fill in a spot so nicely and do great at softening a wall.


Have a great rest of your day friends….


Monday, January 20, 2014

A Sunshine Filled Dining Room

Hi friends.


It’s been since Christmas since I posted anything on here.  I have still been stalking your blogs but just haven’t had time to post myself.  It’s good to be back today.


Tennessee temps were in the high fifties today and the sunshine filled our house.  A perfect day for picture taking and since my dining room was newly cleaned, it got picked.


room 1


Look at that sunshine…


buffet 9


buffet 11


These plates are a favorite thing of mine in this room. 


buffet 5


buffet 6


buffet 7


buffet 8


room 2


room 4


Another favorite thing is this old German dough bowl.  It’s big and it’s heavy and has so much charm.


ladder 5


ladder 1


farm table 1


farm table 3


farm table 4


chalkboard 1


farm table 6


room 7


room 12


jelly cabinet 3


A cabinet full of ironstone and other vintage dishes…just couldn’t get much better…unless of course I had more.


jelly cabinet 5


jelly cabinet 7


jelly cabinet 6


jelly cabinet 9


room 10


cotton 1


cotton 3


room 10


room 6


Have mercy on me with all of the pictures.  Remember that it’s been awhile. 


My friends, I miss spending time with you. 


Blessings to you all….