Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Girl Time #12 (A Day Late)

Hey friends!


As you are reading this Girl Time post, I am happily, thankfully, gloriously at the beach!


I love the beach.  I love the sunshine.  I love vacation.


I am sharing some of my favorite blog friends today.  These are blogs that I have been following for awhile now that I want to make sure you have heard of.


Anne, from White Lace Cottage, has a beautiful home and a beautiful style.  She is also super sweet.  She is one of those friends who most always leaves me a sweet affirming comment after I do a post.  I love comments and I love leaving comments.  One of the best parts of blogging to me is getting to know one another.   




She has a very beautiful, feminine, romantic style.  Of course, vintage and shabby to boot.


I think you will love Anne’s blog just like I do.




The next visit I hope you will make is to Doreen’s blog, Hymns and Verses.  Is that not the coolest name for a blog?


Doreen has some great ideas for her home….inside and outside.






Pretty stuff, right?




Another friend of mine that I know you will enjoy spending some time with is Holly from Down to Earth Style.


This lady is crazy creative.  She always has the neatest ideas.




All three  of these ladies have beautiful homes and beautiful blogs that I know you will love.


I do hope you will take a little time to check them out and introduce yourself if you have a minute.




This beach loving girl has to run now…


God bless you all.


Monday, May 27, 2013

I’m the Guest Host at the Scoop

Welcome Back to The Scoop!
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Anita Cedar Hill Ranch Linsey Farmhouse Porch
This week our guest host is Amy from All Things Home.
Hello from a Tennessee girl with a strong southern accent.
I started my blog, All Things Home, almost three years ago with the help of my encouraging, computer savvy son. It began as a place to share my love of “home”.  It continues to be that and hopefully more.
Three years ago I took a trip to Pennsylvania that changed a lot of who I was.   During that trip, I fell completely in love with the simplicity and beauty of the Amish homesteads I was seeing.  I returned home on a mission for change in my home and in my life.
My blog has become a place to share my love of timeless heirlooms.  It is where I share how simple can be beautiful.  I love searching for that “just right” treasure to bring home.  I love thinking up stories in my mind of how a piece was once used in a farmhouse many years ago.  What stories may have been told around an old farm table are fascinating to me.
I see beauty in things that other people may see as old and worn out.  Rusty and chippy are beautiful to me and show me that something has been loved…loved a whole bunch.
Of all the treasures in my life, there is one that is far greater than all the others and that is my faith.
Faith, family, friends, and home are what All Things Home is all about.
Thanks for joining us Amy!!
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Scattered Here and There

Until a few years ago, everything in our home was dark.  When I say dark, I mean burgundy, mustard yellow, navy blue…you get the picture in your head, I know. 

Then one day my youngest came to me and literally said, “mommy, everything in our house is so dark”.    At seven years old, my daughter noticed something that I didn’t.  She saw that our house needed to be lighter and brighter…not dark and gloomy.

blue bucket 1

I still remind her of that home changing comment every time she says, “mom, everything in our house is white now”.

blue column 2

Her comment really did get me moving on making some much needed changes in our home.  Room by room, I began undoing anything dark that I could undo.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have dark leather sofas and a dark entertainment center and some other key pieces that will remain dark, but overall, our home has a much lighter and brighter feel.  So much more calm and relaxing in my opinion.

seltzer bottles 2

One of the things that I totally love about using white as my foundational color is that I can add pops of different colors here and there and it looks wonderful.

My two main colors that I use along with white (wood and metal also) are light shades of blues and greens.  I love how both of these colors look against the white.

blue pillows 2

One of the sweetest comments my husband has made on a couple of different occasions is that our home feels like a relaxing bed and breakfast to him.  I totally love that comment from him.  That’s speaking my love language right there. 

blue pillow 2

bottle 1

Having white as my backdrop sure does make it easy to change things around if my daughter gives me anymore great suggestions.  Don’t you agree?

Partying over at Common Ground

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Calling

In 1997, my husband and I felt a strong call from the Lord to homeschool our five year old son. 


A few years later, it was time to homeschool our daughter Beth.


beth church 5


A couple of years ago, our son graduated. On Saturday, our oldest daughter did the same.


It is amazing to me that this journey in their lives is over.


beth collage 3


We are starting a new chapter.  A new journey is ahead.


beth collage 2


chalkboard 1


I am excited to see what the future holds for all our children.


I am so very thankful that I know Who holds their future.


Saturday was wonderful!


It was a time of celebrating both the student and the parents.  Homeschooling is a family endeavor for sure.  We are all involved. 


ceremony 38


Our homeschool graduation is a very personal time for each graduate.  You can make it personal when there are only 28 students graduating.


ceremony 37


After the ceremony, our family hosted a bonfire to celebrate Beth! 


front porch 5


front porch 6


It was a wonderful celebration that included close to 75 close friends and family. 


welcome 1


flowers 2


backporch 1


It didn’t rain! 


hammock 1


The sun shone brightly.


What a perfect day!


I am so thankful for the calling that the Lord placed on our hearts all those years ago.


I am thankful that I still have a fourth grader to continue this homeschooling journey with. 


Now for the next chapter….


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Simple Girl Time Get Together

Hi friends!


If you have been following me recently then you know that my middle child just graduated after twelve years of homeschooling!  WOO HOO!!  I shared with you that we were planning a bonfire celebration after her graduation for this past Saturday.  I also told you there was a big chance of rain for that day but that I was praying for good weather. 


Let me just tell you that the weather was beautiful!  No rain!  Not too warm!  Just perfection!  Thank you, Lord!


We had close to 75 people here during that afternoon and evening and it was wonderful!  So thankful that the celebration got to be outside where there was room for everyone.


I also told you that I would be dropping my oldest child off at a Christian camp where he would be working for the next twelve weeks.  Do I even need to tell you that I was  a bit weepy?


I know, perspective…I try to keep things in perspective but dog gone it, I still get sad and I still cry and I just can’t help it.  I miss him already and it’s just been a few hours.


Okay…just had to get all of that off my chest. 


Tired doesn’t even come close to what I am feeling right now so this is what I am going to do….


  I have been following a blog for quite sometime now that I haven’t been able to catch up on for awhile.  This is a wonderful homesteading blog that just keeps screaming out at me to sit down and  read it, so I am going to.


I am going to spend a few hours tomorrow on my sofa, under a blanket, while nursing a cold and a little bit of a broken heart and catch up on some blog reading. 


The blog I am going to be reading is Homestead Revival..A Journey Back to the Farm.


Homesteading is fascinating to me.  I love reading about farm life.  I love seeing pictures of people’s gardens and animals.  I love finding new “country” recipes or learning what to do with different herbs.


Homestead Revival has all of this and more. 


Me and Homestead Revival are going to be cozying up together tomorrow and I can’t wait.


I would love to share some of their beautiful photos with you, but for some reason I cannot get them to load onto this post.  Trust me, you will want to head over for yourself and take a look.


Also wanted to mention that my email has been messed up for over a week now so I cannot respond to any comments or emails.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to say thank you if you have stopped by for a visit.  Hopefully, my computer savvy husband will get me back up and running soon.


Take care all…God bless.


Remember to check out Homestead Revival when you can.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Girl Time #10

Another busy week, my friends,  but I can’t miss our time together.


This is going to be a quick visit so I can stay focused on the tasks at hand.


I know you understand.


Today, I am sharing three blogs that I love. 


You probably know each one of these ladies already, but I am sharing them with you anyway.




Salvage Dior is amazing!


This lady is beautiful.  Her blog is beautiful.  Her style is creative and wonderful.  Her faith is STRONG!



You will love her.




Another favorite blog and friend of mine is Andrea from Keeping it Cozy.


I have talked about Andrea before but now everyone is talking about her. 


Her farmhouse is gorgeous.  Her photography is perfection.  Her family is precious.


Awesome thing about Andrea is that she only lives about an hour from me. 



You will fall in love with her and her blog.  Trust me.




Last but certainly not least today is Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch.


Anita has a wonderful style.


I love Anita’s entire home, but I first fell in love with her back porch.



Oh yeah, is that not perfection?


You have absolutely got to take the tour of her back porch.  I promise you will never be the same.


Okay, I am being a little overly dramatic, but I do truly love this porch.  Her sofa that she covered is unbelievably beautiful to me. 


So much to see around her home that you will love.




Okay, gotta get busy.


Pray for me this week as I put finishing touches on the inside and outside of our home.


Pray that I will enjoy every moment of my daughter’s  graduation and graduation party and not get caught up in too much busyness.


Also, my son leaves for twelve weeks on Monday, May 20.  Enough said…


Please pray.  Thanks.


Be blessed.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guest Ready

Hey sweet friends!


We are getting ready for our big graduation bonfire this coming up Saturday.  I have been planting flowers, cleaning up outdoors, buying outdoor lanterns, gathering bottles for wildflower centerpieces.  Such fun…


You want to know what the problem is?


It’s supposed to rain on that day.  Yuk. 


How do we have a bonfire in the rain?


You don’t.


So now to plan B just in case the rain does come as forecasted.


I am readying our home for lots of people to be indoors. 


chair 2


Our house is a nice size so we shouldn’t have much problem with everyone being indoors, but it does mean that people will be spread out all over the house.


chair 3


Which means….


I feel like I have to have EVERY room in tip top shape. 


dresser 3


I am going from room to room cleaning, fluffing, refreshing.


dresser 4


The guest room was my most recent room to spruce up.


table 2


Not only will the guest room be cleaned up for this weekend but also will be ready for our Louisiana friends when they come this summer. 


table 3


Two birds…one stone.


wall 2


One room down…a bunch more to go.


wall and bed 2


full room 1


Will let you know what happens with the weather.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and see you Tuesday for our next Girl Time get together.