Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maps and a Globe

Hi my friends.

This time of year I start thinking about vacation.  I always look so forward to going somewhere…anywhere…just let me get away for a few days of sunshine, relaxation, and no cooking, cleaning or laundry.

Anybody out there agreeing with me on the no “chore” part?

Of course, I am the one who still makes up the bed even when I am in a hotel room.  Just can’t help myself.

Do you ever think about your most favorite vacation?

farm table 5

Where did you go?

farm table 10

I have to say that I think my all time favorite vacation took place almost four years ago when my husband had a business trip up north and we got to go with him.  Homeschooling has given us the opportunity to pack up many times and go along on business/field trips.  This was actually a two week trip of a lifetime. (at least it was for this mama)

farm table 1

We started in Williamsburg, VA, where we went to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was wonderful and full of such history.  I still remember sitting on the steps of an “old store” and having the best ginger bread cookie that I have ever eaten. 

farm table 4

After Virginia, we did a whirlwind trip to Washington, DC.

The next stop on our journey was probably the most unforgettable place for me.  We went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that my friends is where I fell in love with the Amish.

Let me just tell you that I came back from there a new person. 

I totally know that their lives are not simple, but what kept resonating with my spirit was “simplicity”.    That is the word that I kept feeling drawn to.  Simplicity.  I even bought a little wooden sign that read that word and still have it hanging it my kitchen today.

cow pillow 2

Let me try to explain just a little…

I think simple to me meant becoming more of who God created me to be.  It meant not being a cookie cutter anything.  It meant learning to be a little more self sufficient.  It meant not worrying that none of my friends had chickens roaming around their backyards, but I wanted them roaming mine.  Not caring who might laugh when we told them that we wanted to have a little hobby farm.  It meant even changing the style of my home.  No offense to Kirkland’s, but it meant not having a Kirkland’s home anymore.  My home was going to be what I (we) wanted it to be.  I wasn’t going to try to have the homes my friends had or buy what I thought “looked good” to someone else.  I wanted our home to reflect who we were and where we came from.

Am I making any sense?

quilts 2

I wanted things in our life to be more about who God intended us to be than what I thought we were supposed to be.

Please tell me that I am not rambling and that this is hitting home with someone else.

gallery wall 5

I left Lancaster with new ideas and new desires.  I also left there with great memories.

Did I mention that I also tried Shoo Fly Pie?

gallery wall 7

Our next stop was the extreme opposite of Lancaster.

New York City was the next destination, and it was crowded and crazy busy.

  I did enjoy it thoroughly and am so glad we went.  I would love to go back when we had lots more time to sight see.  New York was a quick stop for us and I don’t think you can do New York too quickly or you really can’t appreciate it.

gallery wall 4

We then headed to Boston which was also wonderful.  What I remember most about there was that it was so cold and we didn’t have gloves or heavy coats because we had left Tennessee in somewhat warm weather.

Oh my, the history of places like that are just incredible.  Boston was probably my husband’s favorite place.

gallery wall 2

Boston was actually supposed to be our final destination but because we were so close to Maine, we decided to drive just a little farther.  Would you believe that we went to Maine for just a day trip?

Maine was incredibly beautiful.  I would so love to go back there sometime and spend days just driving around.

Two of my favorite things about Maine were eating their delicious clam chowder while overlooking the ocean and walking around a gorgeous old cemetery. 

Sweet memories.

farm table 12

Why did I share all of this with you guys today?

Because now that summer is approaching and we are thinking about vacations, I realize that this will be our first family vacation without our oldest child, our son.

Keith will be working at a Christian camp in North Carolina for the entire summer and won’t be able to go on vacation with us.  I am thrilled for the opportunity God has given him to be at this camp, but I am sad.  I won’t feel complete.  I will know that my baby boy (21 years old) is missing from the family fold. 

I do love my children dearly.  I love my husband.  I love having all of us together. 

Times are changing.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s Our 3rd Girl Time

Hey girls!!!


What a glorious week this week is! 


Before I go any further, I just want to say that I worship a risen Savior!!!!





Can I just tell you how many talented ladies are out there in “blog land”?  Like really really talented. 


You all amaze me with your home decorating abilities,  your cooking skills,  your crafting abilities, your photography, your____________.  I could just put so many things in this blank. 


I love that I have you all to learn from.  Thanks.


Now on to a few friends that I want to share with you today.


First of all, I know most of you know this beautiful blog and blogger, but just in case for some reason you don’t then I want to introduce you to her.  Meet the enormously talented and gifted Yvonne from the gorgeous blog StoneGable.


This lady amazes me with the beauty she creates in her home and in the food she prepares.


You absolutely have to go see the bridal shower that she hosted for her son and daughter in law.  OH MY GOODNESS!



When you are done checking out the bridal shower then I would love for you to read her  Sunday Scripture post


Don’t leave her place too quickly.  Look around because there is so much to look at. 


Would love for you to tell her that Amy sent you over.




When you are done visiting StoneGable, head over to Kathleen’s home at Faded Charm.


Ladies, I could spend all day looking at her photos.  Her home is filled with everything that I am in love with.  I don’t just glance at her pictures, I soak up every detail to see if there are things I can recreate in my home.



I would love for Kathleen to come to my house and “play”.  I would give her free decorating reign.  The only thing I would tell her she couldn’t do is to paint the kitchen cabinets.  (ha ha…inside joke for those of you who know that my sweet husband doesn’t want our cabinets painted)  Everything else would be at her disposal.


Go ahead and head over to Faded Charm and then come back for one more.




The last friend I want you to meet today is a very new to me blog.  Like, I am still looking around  and getting to know her but thought you might like to get to know her with me.


This beautiful blog is Sylvia's Simple Life and it is full of beautiful things. 



Her latest post was on maple syrup and it was a simple pleasure for me to read.


Look at this picture…



Oh my….I do love me some maple syrup on my pancakes. 


Check out her blog and introduce yourself if you have a minute.




One more thing… would you mind heading over to The Northern Cottage and checking out her amazing looking artichoke dip?  She is in a contest and would love to have our votes.  I voted!!!


Check out how amazing it looks…


the BEST Artichoke Dip @






Okay my friends, enough is enough for today.  My sweet girlies are waiting for me to go get French Pedicures so our toes will be ready for our sandals on Easter Sunday morning.  Of course, it will probably be snowing and we can’t wear our sandals but that’s okay, we are going to do it anyway. 


Love spending time with my two favorite girls that live right here in my house with me.


Have a wonderful week and a blessed Resurrection Sunday.


Thanks for stopping by for our 3rd Girl Time.  Hope you will come back next week.


I pray we will all give thanks today for all the wonderful things God has blessed us with.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shades of Blue

Hey friends!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


I was sitting and waiting for my daughter during gymnastics yesterday and scrolling through facebook on my new smart phone.  (Side note about the phone…waited forever…just got it…love it)  Anyway back to scrolling through facebook…


Melissa, from Shabby Love, was sharing beautiful blue photos that she had pinned and it got me thinking about blues in our home. 


I totally love all shades of white intermixed with shades of blue.  Such a lovely combination to me.


Take a look around with me and see some blues around here.


pillow 1


The other side of this pillow says bonjour but I am keeping it simple and in English today.


blue bucket 1


blue shelf 1


blue trunk


coffee table 1


I found this wonderful basket Thursday at the flea market. 


Also found a beautiful old chippy blue column that I will show you once it has a home.



bottles 1


cow 1


scale 1


scale and jars 1


globe 1


Globe 3


With the temperatures still so cold outside, the blues inside help brighten the house and my mood.


If I have not said it before, “I absolutely cannot wait for spring weather to arrive and to stay”. 


Spring can be such a little tease, can’t it?


Make sure to come by on Tuesday for our next Girl Time.  This will be our 3rd!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pearls and Horses In the Bathroom

Hey friends.


Three things made me want to take some pictures in my bathroom the other day.


1.  The sun was shining

2.  My bathroom was clean

3.  I bought a beautiful little glass at World Market


blue vase 5


Isn’t it such a pretty color? 


And, I love the bubbled glass.  Reminds me of hobnail.


blue vase 3


I decided to take this little white tote that was holding magazines and put my perfumes and lotions in it. 


Pretty and functional which is just what I like.


blue vase 8


I have shown you this before but I still love my old chicken wire filled picture frame that I use to hang my necklaces on. 


Another pretty and functional item.


Yet another place that I store jewelry is in this Hobby Lobby case that I found a few years ago…


jewelry 3


The metal dress form is another great necklace holder.


I love to have things that I use often close at hand.  If things are out of my sight, then they really are out of my mind.


This vintage ammo box is also a great place to house bathroom things…


green box 1


I also use this wonderful old apple bucket to store bathtub items…


apple bucket 3


I’m thinking that I should have named this post “Storage in the Bathroom”.


apple bucket 4


apple bucket 2


towels 2


baskets 1


I love these pearls in this old milk bottle.  The bottle is actually from Fayetteville, TN, which is where I was born so that makes it that much better.


pearls 1


From pearls to horses…


This is some of the artwork in my bathroom.




green horse 2


I mentioned before that our neighbors have horses that you can see and hear out of this window…


window 1


Thus part of the reason that there are horses in our bathroom.


Just thinking how funny it is that we take pictures in a bathroom? 


I hope you are all having a wonderful day and week.  I am headed to the Nashville Flea Market tomorrow and cannot wait to see what I find.  I haven’t been all winter and I feel it calling my name.  I am taking a day by myself to do some things I love to do. 


For those of you who stopped by for some Girl Time yesterday, thanks.  Hope to see you back next Tuesday.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready For Our 2nd Girl Time Tuesday

Hey girls!


Welcome back to our second Girl Time Tuesday.


I had so much fun introducing you to some friends last week at our first get together.


It has been a lot of fun trying to decide who to share with you all this week, but it’s also been sort of hard.  You see, there are so very many people that I want to share but I want to be careful not to overwhelm you with too many.


Enough intro… let’s get this Girl Time started.


I mentioned last week that I wanted to introduce you to a lady and her blog who focuses a lot on women over 40.  I also mentioned that that would include me. Yes,  I am 44 and thankful!


Let me introduce you to Cindy’s blog, Walking In Grace and Beauty.


Fashion & Faith


Her blog header reads…Inspiring Women to Be Beautiful Inside and Out.


Cindy beautifully shares her faith, her family, and wonderful beauty tips for women of all ages, especially focusing on women over 40. 


Please take a minute and go to Cindy’s blog and look around a little.   I’ll be sure to let her know you are coming.




The next beautiful blog that I want to introduce you to is Sophia's.


I actually just found her blog and totally fell in love with her little girl’s room that they appropriately called Lily's Garden Room.



Is that not a beautiful young lady’s room?  Totally love it!


Head over and say hi to Kristen when you have a chance.    She has lots of fabulous things going on in her home.




Another beautiful and fairly new to me blog is Sew a Fine Seam.


What I am discovering about this blogger is that she has many many gifts and talents.



She sews, but not just aprons…she also makes wedding dresses.


Remember my sewing abilities..


ladder 5


I am very proud of my straight line sewn hankie runner, but friends, that isn’t a wedding dress. 


Okay, back to  Jill from Sew a Fine Seam.


This lady also has a beautifully decorated home.



She takes wonderful photos..


march snow 6


and she is a wonderful writer who beautifully shares her faith.


Gee whiz, I think I really like this lady


Please head over her way and check out her gorgeous blog and see for yourself what I am talking about.  Let her know that Amy sent you so she can get to know all of us a little better.




And last today, but definitely not least, is a friend that I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person but would love to.


Debbie from Words on Wheels has become my friend.  She is a prayer warrior.  She is a story teller.  She is funny.  She is resourceful.  She is hard working.  She is talented.  She is totally in love with her husband and puts on lipstick for him.  And mostly, she loves God and teaches me things every time I read her posts.


Debbie has been busy doing a huge kitchen remodel with her husband and has been sharing stories along the way.  One of her recent posts has stuck with me and will not leave my mind.    LIKE REALLY WILL NOT LEAVE MY MIND.  I’m thinking this must be a real weakness of mine for God to have it so heavy on my heart.  Just being real…


I want you to read it for yourself,  but I do want to tell you what spoke the strongest to me.


There are two main characters in this post about Debbie’s kitchen floor… Debbie and the Farm Sister.  As much as I love Debbie and truly would love to be more like her, it is the Farm Sister’s role here that has meant so much to me and what I want to strive for.


Please take a minute and read Ralph the Grouch and the Great Tile Disaster.



After you read her post, then I would love for you to go back and read a post I did called One Better.  (some of you may have already read it but if you haven’t I sure wish you would)


What the Farm Sister did with Debbie’s disaster was to do ONE BETTER. 


She didn’t just tell Debbie she hoped it would get fixed.  She didn’t say, “call me if you need my help”.  She did ONE BETTER.  She went (a verb) and she did (another verb).  She took action.  She went ONE BETTER and I LOVE THAT. 


I love the life lesson in her post and wonder if Debbie had any idea that by sharing this story that she would make my heart beat faster every single time I thought of it.


Thanks Debbie and thanks Farm Sister for teaching me something very valuable through something that I know was not any fun at all. 


I hope some of you find this as educational and meaningful as I did.


Please leave her a quick message and tell her you stopped by.





Man, have I worn you out?


Are you still with me?


I talked a lot to day, didn’t I?  I told you that I can talk a little too much at times.


I hope you enjoyed our time together .  I enjoyed it tremendously and am loving sharing this time with you.   It makes my heart happy to share these people with all of you. 


I do hope you will come back next week for our next Girl Time.  Make sure to bring a new friend with you if you think about it.  The more the merrier.


Until next time… May God bless you and keep you safe and may we never forget to tell Him thank you.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Dishes and Spring Blooms

Hey friends.

My first Girl Time Tuesday was this week and was such fun. If you didn’t stop by and spend time with us then, it’s not too late to still stop by and meet some new girlfriends.

I spent some time on Tuesday moving some of my warmer colored things into the attic and bringing out some of my lighter and brighter things.

My dining room is one of my favorite rooms to play around in so that’s where I focused a lot of my attention.

buffet side 3

Oh how I love all of these shades of white in these plates.

buffet side 5

The old door was my headboard for a couple of years until I replaced it with a beautiful old green fireplace mantel.

buffet side 4

top 10

Some beautiful branches with a few little pink blooms brightened up my old jelly cabinet.

top 6

top 4

top 8

A little look over into our entryway where my great old metal cart now sits.

cab and rack

This old cart is still a favorite thing of mine.  The baskets actually come off which is pretty cool in itself.  There are also wheels on the back.

rack 1

rack 3

Can you see the shadow in the window of the chicken?  Of course, it’s not a real chicken, but I do love how she looks standing there with the sun streaming in the windows.
cab and rack 3

Boy, I loved how the sun shone so brightly that day. 

It was another day of turning up my praise music and just playing and cleaning.

Thankful for sunshiny days.

I am actually thankful for every day, I just prefer the sunshine right now. 

Be blessed my friends!