Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Kitchen

It’s almost Christmas….four more days to be exact.  My youngest tells me how many days are left first thing every morning.  The sweet anticipation of a child. (and her mommy)


I have to say again that I am so enjoying my simple, relaxing Christmas décor this year in our home.  It’s so low key compared to previous years that I am really not ready to put it all away.  I am typically a day after Christmas start taking things down kind of girl, but I don’t think it will be that way this year.  I may hang on a little longer.


If you are interested in seeing some more of our home take a look here, here and here


Now for a few photos of Christmas in our kitchen.


kt 1


kt 3


kt 7


kt 8


kt 6


cookies 2


Our favorite chocolate chip cookies.  “Aunt B’s” homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe is the one we use.


bs 4


baking station 5


cabinet 3


punch 1


I have hosted an ornament swap with a few of my special friends for at least fifteen years.  This Christmas punch recipe is always served and always enjoyed.  Cranberry juice, orange juice, sprite, and fresh cranberries. 


straws 1


punch 2


cookies 1


I had to show the cookies again because they make me think of a very special person that I wish I could spend Christmas with this year.  These are in honor of my sweet red headed sister/friend, Becky.


kt 2


nativity 1


And the most important part of Christmas…sweet baby Jesus!


Without Him, I would be nothing!


Merry Christmas dear friends…


Love from Tennessee.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upon Entering Our Christmas Home

Good morning….afternoon…evening.  Whichever it may be, I hope it’s actually beyond good.


The glass half full girl says that Christmas is almost here and I cannot wait.  The glass half empty girl says that Christmas is almost over and I dread that.  I love this time of year.  Yes, I know that Christmas should be in our hearts all year long, but December just seems to be a magical time for the majority of folks and I love being right in the mix of all of that “magicalness”. 


I am savoring the Christmas music, the Christmas lights, the Christmas goodies, even the hustle and bustle.  I am soaking it all in.  I am enjoying.  I am praising the Lord for His perfect Son Jesus and for this time to celebrate His birth.  I am holding on to all three of my children still being at home for Christmas.  I am wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, drinking Santa’s White Christmas coffee.  I am marveling in the fact that God sent His only Son to be born so that He could die.  For me.  That’s always such a sobering thought for me.  I am trying to pick out the “just right” gifts for those that I love so much.  I want them to know how much they mean to me.  Not just by the gift but by the heart that goes into the gift.    I am sitting beside or near my Christmas tree every time I can because I love the relaxed feeling I get when I sit here looking at the lights and the delicate ornaments that hang from it’s branches.  It soothes me.  I have kept Christmas music playing for days upon days and have lit every candle that I can light to make my house smell like Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I always have.  But this year, I am holding it close to my heart…for many reasons.    Not bad reasons….just reasons.


I have already shared our living room and dining room simply dressed for Christmas.  Now I want to share what would welcome you if you were entering our home to celebrate with us this holiday season. 


Nothing fancy but filled with love for all who visit.


entry hallway


hallway 1


entry 4


entry 5


lola 1


jelly cab 2


entry 11


entry 12


entry 14


entry 18


Welcome friends!


Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Little Christmas In Our Dining Room

Hi friends!


Man, it’s been amazing spending time with my blogging friends.  I have really missed our time together.


Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comments about our Christmas living room.


Today, I would love to show you our dining room.  Again, nothing too much and definitely nothing fancy.  But, I am totally in love with our simple, comfortable Christmas this year. 


Our home is so relaxing to me right now.  Does that make sense? 


I know it does to some of you.


Let’s just start off with my sweet friend Lola all decked out in her white vintage apron and winter wrap.


lola 7


lola 4


The cotton reminds me of fluffy snow and I love that.


jelly cab 1


jelly cab 2


Simple wrapped packages in the “just right” container.  Love…


mailbag 1


Notice the silver pitcher… that idea at the City Farmhouse Barn Sale in the fall. 


buffet 5


dining room 1


dr 5


Pinecones in a vintage dough bowl with a few ornaments placed inside…. Easy centerpiece. 


dr table 3


dr ladder 1


dr table 4


dr 6




In November, this chalkboard held our list of prepositions…


Now it holds CHRISTMAS!!


chalkboard 5


chalkboard 7


dr table 2


Let me just say thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me.  I hope in some small way that something you saw or read while here made you smile. 


Be blessed my friends.  See you soon with our kitchen and our entryway. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Sparkly, Neutral, Simple, Blessed Christmas

Hello to all of my long lost friends.

I know you are all busy getting ready for Christmas.   I sure am.  But, I tend to enjoy being busy.  I do well with busy. 

When thinking about what I was going to do in our house for Christmas this year, my thoughts kept going to sparkly, winter wonderland, my recent gift of cotton, and some beautiful blue vintage ornaments I had recently found.   This year, I decided to go with a little more simple and subtle approach.  I usually overkill at Christmas. 

I would love to share some pictures of our Christmas home with you over the next few days.  Today, I’ll be sharing our living room.  Hope you don’t mind hanging around for a few extra minutes.

tree 4

bench 2

tree 8

tree 10

tree 11

farm table 9

farm table 8

hallway 1

gray table 1

door 1

bookcase 2

hall door 2

believe 2

fireplace 3

fireplace 9

fireplace 12

fireplace 10

fireplace 5

lr 2

doughbowl 3

lr 1

And, that’s our living room.

Faith and I have started doing our school sitting right there at the Christmas tree.  Lights on, candles lit, coffee poured, school work on the floor…wonderful.  I have spent a lot of time sitting there looking at the lights.  There has been a lot going on in our family recently so finding a place and time to relax is very nice.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me this morning, my friends.  It’s been nice to spend some time on my blog.

I plan on coming back soon with some more pictures of our Christmas home.

Hope you will come back.

Blessings to you all.

Merry almost Christmas!!

Joining the party at Junk Chic Cottage