Monday, November 4, 2013

Beautiful Cotton

I asked…I received.


Hey friends.


One day last week, I put on facebook that I wanted cotton.  Straight from the field cotton, if possible.  I didn’t care how much, just a little would be great.


A preciously sweet young friend of mine messaged me and said that she lived across the street from a cotton field and that she would bring me some.  Bless her heart, I know she thinks I am one strange lady wanting cotton to decorate my house with.


She brought me a great big bunch…roots and all.


Yep, thrilled!!


cotton 1


cotton 2


cotton 4


cotton 5


cotton 8


cotton 7


Soft, beautiful, fluffy, white  cotton….it’s a good thing.


Hope you are all doing wonderful! 


Another quick thing….did you know that God is wild about you?  He is!  The book of Psalms says that The King is enthralled by your beauty!!!  Just wanted to make sure you knew that today.