Monday, July 22, 2013

One Change Changes Another

I know it’s the same for you.


You change one room, and then that changes another room and so on and so on.


My oldest daughter likes change just as much as her mama does. 


She gets bored with a “style”.  I get bored with a vignette. 


She has gone from sporty to Frenchy and now to a more eclectic look. 


She really has a great decorating sense.  She likes to make her room like an apartment of sorts.  It’s her refuge.


I am going to show you pictures soon of her room (when it’s clean)  so you can see what I’m talking about, but for today I am going to show you the change that changing her room brought about.  Whew…that was a mouthful.


You see, when Beth changed her room, she gave all of her stuff to Faith for her room.  In turn, I took a lot of Faith’s things and put them in my guest room. 


So because of Beth’s change up, we changed two other rooms.  Fun huh???


The cool thing is that I totally loved Faith’s bedding in her room.  And, I spent way too much money on it not to use it somewhere.  (I rarely spend much money on bedding but I did on hers so I couldn’t just stash it away)


I also pulled other things from Faith’s room because she went from a ruffledy shabby chic look to a bright, fun, almost hippy kind of look.


Moving and reusing is certainly the way to go.


Can I also just say how nice it is when your child can get a job and pay for a lot of their own things?  Room change ups don’t cost me anything for Beth anymore because she uses her own money. 


It worked out well also  because Beth “sold” Faith all of her old room stuff for a very small price so that Faith could claim ownership to the new things in her bedroom. 


Good system. 


Beth’s change worked out well for all of us.




















So glad you stopped by.


I pray today and everyday that you remember just how much the King of Kings loves you, His princess.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Belong To…

I belong to Him


He calls me beautiful one…

beautiful 4

beautiful 2

Who do you belong to?

I heard someone say last night that my breath will end someday, but my life never will. 

I am guaranteed everlasting life with Jesus.

Do you know how very beautiful you are?

(idea for this sign came from The House of Belonging)

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Flowers For My Birthday

I just turned 45!!




It doesn’t bother me…to be 45, I mean.


hydrangeas 1


I still feel young.


white flowers


In my humble opinion, 45 is really young, and I’m not changing my mind.


hydrangea in bottle


As long as I still feel young and my kids think I’m “cool” , then all is good.




Sunflowers…gift from my youngest daughter from the Farmer’s Market


Bouquet of blue hydrangeas…gift from my friend Michelle from her cottage garden


Bouquet of white flowers…gift from my friend Veronica picked out by her sweet husband John and match my house perfectly


Single hydrangea…gift from me to me from my own hydrangea bush




Have a blessed beyond measure day today!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Freshening Up the Dining Room

Isn’t it fun to bring home a few new things and start playing around with them?

dr 2

That beautiful frame on my buffet was a birthday gift from my  Louisiana family that I just brought home.

It’s amazing what a few things moved from here to there can do.  It’s also amazing what moving some things clear out of the house and selling them at a yardsale can do.

That’s what I have been doing…freshening, cleaning, selling.

One of the things that I notice every time I go to my friend Becky’s house is how really simplistic she is.  Now, I mean simplistic in the most complimentary way.  She doesn’t have clutter like I do.  You notice things in a special way because things aren’t so busy in her house. 

dr 3

When I came home from her barn sale, I took a cue from her and got rid of a ton of stuff.  Boy, it felt good to move so much stuff out of the house.  Man, my husband is happy.

My house feels bigger, cleaner, fresher.  My eyes have a place to rest.

dr 4

I almost feel like I can rest easier as well.

dr 8

It’s a nice feeling for all of us.

dr 7

My goal is to keep it this way…easy and cozy.

dr 1

Don’t you love when a friend gives you advice sometimes without even saying a word?

Don’t you love when another friend gives you beautiful hydrangeas for your birthday that she is growing in her cottage garden?  And, that same friend gives you a raspberry and hydrangea bush? 

Man, am I ever blessed with great friends!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Buckets of Burlap Barn Sale- Girl Time Tuesday

Hey friends!


It’s been awhile.


The summer seems to be flying by.  I have been going non-stop all summer and finally get to have a little break for a few days.  Then, the rush starts back up. 


I had to take a minute and share a dream.  Yes, it was someone else’s dream, but I was blessed to be included in this dream.


sale 23


My sister/friend, Becky from Buckets of Burlap, had a dream to have a barn sale.   I won’t even start to try to put her dream into words, but I will tell you that this dream came true for her and her family.


It also came true for me because I have been praying with her about this dream for two years now.  What a blessing to see something like this come to fruition after praying about it for so long and knowing the desire of her heart to make this happen.


sale 12


My friends, it will come as no surprise that this first ever Buckets of Burlap Barn Sale was beyond fabulous.  Becky and her husband have “the touch”.  Becky dreams it up and her husband brings it to life.  They are a GREAT team!  Then you throw in three precious children who also have wonderful gifts to add to the mix and you have near perfection.


sale 15


Friends, let me just tell you what I think…I think this is just the beginning.  Oh, I wish I could share all of the thoughts in my heart about what I think is yet to come, but I will just keep them to myself and then tell you if I was right.  (lol)


Now, let me take you on a little tour.  I promise, my photos don’t do this Barn Sale justice. 

sale 6


sale 24


Such good help from Becky’s daughters and one of my daughters.


sale 7


Everything was styled to perfection.


sale 5


sale 22


Friends helped in so many areas to help make this sale a success.  Did I mention that there was even valet parking?  Oh yeah…top notch customer service.


sale 4


sale 2


sale 1


I so wish you could have been there to enjoy what I was able to enjoy.  Every detail was full of beauty. 


You would have loved it!


I loved being there! 


I loved watching a dream come true for my “sister”.




This is going to be my last Girl Time post for the summer unless there is just something real special that I feel led to share.  My attention is needed in some other places right now.




Be blessed my friends.