Friday, June 14, 2013

My Summer Mantel, A Horse and a Pillow

Strange mix of things in that title, isn’t it?


I wanted to share my summer mantel because I am so thrilled to have an abundance of lavender growing and some gorgeous purple hydrangeas as well.


mantel 4


mantel 5


mantel 6


mantel 7


mantel 4


I love the purple!!!


Now for my “new” horse…


horse yes 1


Bought this fella at Goodwill the other day.  I don’t have any idea what it’s made out of, but it’s heavy.  It also only cost me $3.99 so I was happy to bring him home.


Another recent find was a beautiful old feather pillow that I got from an estate sale.


pillow 1


Handmade beautiful pillow filled with feathers.


pillow 2


I bought some great old linens at this estate sale.  Oh the treasures she had throughout her home.


Now a little update…


My husband’s surgery went very well and he is on the mend.   God took great care of him and for that, I am so thankful.  He is actually well enough that I am going to Louisiana next week to help my sisterfriend with her long awaited barn sale.  It’s really an unexpected treat that I get to go.


Thank you so much for praying for Donnie.  I so appreciate everyone who left a kind and encouraging word.


Because of my trip to Louisiana  and a few other time challenging commitments, I am taking the next two Tuesdays off from Girl Time.  I know, you are going to miss it, right?  Maybe…just a little bit.  I will miss that time together, but I will be back. 


Boy, there are a lot of things going on in this girl’s life right now.  All good things, but lots of them. 


Did I tell you that I got to go see our son at the camp he is working at  for the summer?  We drove three and a half hours this past Saturday and got to spend the night with him and spend Sunday with him.  We then drove three and a half hours back home.  A day and a half was not long, but it was needed for this mama.  I needed to see him.  Nine more weeks to go…


Okay, enough words.


Be blessed my friends.  Keep your eyes on Him!!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Quick Girl Time Get Together

Hey ladies.


Quick post today.


My husband is having surgery this week and will be off of work a couple of weeks so he is my priority.  I know you understand.


Please pray for him.  Nothing real serious but it is still surgery.


I want to share two things today with y’all.


First of all, my sister friend, Becky from Buckets of Burlap is hosting her first ever Barn Sale!


It will be incredible because everything she does is fabulous!


buckets of burlap postcard for fb-1


I love how she says “A stroll through the Countryside Shopping Experience”.  Isn’t that wonderful?


If you live close to Becky, you really should go.




Another thing you need to know about is a beautiful new magazine that Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs has designed.


This lady is beyond talented.  Her pictures usually make my heart melt just a little.


Three words to sum up her style…


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous


Take a look at her blog and see how you can get her online or printed version of Inspiration Vintage Magazine.




I’ll ask you again to pray for my husband as he has his surgery and that his healing will be quick.  Thanks.


I would also love your prayers as I prepare for a Community Market that I will be participating in on June 15.  This will be the first time that I try to sale some of my handmade, upcycled , signature items.  My mind will be on my husband but I also need my mind and hands to be busy creating.


Prayers would be so appreciated. 


Thanks and God bless.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things…

pink flowers 1

like pink roses picked from my mom’s flower garden sitting all pretty  in a white ironstone pitcher

or her red roses sitting on the center of our breakfast table…

red roses

Maybe it’s a little thing such as this once bright shiny gold chandi that a friend lovingly gave to me because she knew “I could do something with it”

chandi yes

A small picture that I brought home from my recent trip to Louisiana is just a little reminder of how much I love my red headed family that lives there…


Last year’s lavender is displayed on our key rack as well as on an old scale that my mom recently bought me at an estate sale…


A vintage picnic basket sits ready and waiting for a sweet family picnic

picnic basket

Little things really can make me very happy.

Just got a phone call from a lady who has invited me to set up a table at a local Community Market on the courthouse square in Manchester, TN.  I will be able to sell some handmade items as well as some of my quality upcycled pieces.   Three hours every Saturday morning…I can’t wait!!

I am heavily involved in cleaning out and clearing out our home.  I getting ready for a huge yardsale and the upcoming Community Market.  A book by Tsh Oxenreider called Organized Simplicity is my best friend and favorite companion right now.  Tsh and this book are helping me to determine what I should keep and what I should get rid of. 

Is it beautiful?

Is it useful?

Those are the two main questions I am asking about everything right now.

If it’s not beautiful or useful, it’s leaving.

Isn’t that a great philosophy?  I think so and it helps me tremendously.

Blessings friends!!  Back to work…

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Colorful Girl Time Get Together (for my sister in law)

Hey friends.

It seems that I tend to post a lot of homes with the main color scheme being white. 

Oh, I do love white.

However, a real working farmhouse probably didn’t and doesn’t have a lot of white in it because it would get awfully dirty every time you came in from the barn or the field…right?

My husband’s twin brother and his wife have a farm.  They have cattle, horses, chickens and two gardens.  I have a hobby farm and they have a real farm.  I buy milk at the store and they have fresh milk from their cow.  My sister in law loves to be outdoors working.  I truly believe she can do anything that she sets her mind to.  (even build tables)  Yep, she’s multi-talented.

While at the beach with her last week, she asked me where some of the homes were that were more colorful than what I usually share.  It’s not that she doesn’t like white, it’s that she is practical and knows that she can’t have white.

I think she had a great question. 

It got me thinking and searching for farmhouses and color.

So, Jenny Jean….this Girl Time Tuesday is for you.  Hope you enjoy and hope you know I love you. 


A new to me blog is the first one I want to share.

The Painted Home is infused with color and beautiful things.

Oh my, I love this table.  And, those blue benches are incredible.

Head over and take a look around Denise's wonderful home.


I know most everyone knows Anne Marie from Na-Da Farm Life, but I’m not sure my sister in law does and I want her to go check her out.

I love Anne-Marie, her home, her recipes, her farm, her devotion to God and her family. 

She has such a neat style.
na-da farm on a friday (1)

Some people can put things together so effortlessly seeming and Anne Marie is one of those people.

Love her and so will you.


Another bright and cheery home belongs to Joni at Old Centennial Farmhouse.

I love this porch.  Love the gingham, love the white wicker, love the flooring. 

Go ahead and check her out, but please come back for one more.


I know this is lengthy today.  Bear with me, okay.


The last blogger I want to share is Living Simply at Maple Valley Farm.

Such a great story of living off the grid.

Jenny, this picture of the hayloft made me think of you…

Angela has a daughter getting married soon and a recent post of hers spoke volumes to me.  Head over and meet this beautiful family.


Whew!!!  Okay, I am done.

I hope not only Jenny enjoyed this post, but I hope you did as well.

Blessings all!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kitchen Comforts

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.


Many conversations are held sitting around a kitchen table.


full table 4


table 4


Everybody loves to stand around the island and chat.


white chair 2


big chair 2


big chair 5


I love having a comfortable and roomy kitchen to cook in, eat in, and just fellowship in.


small chair 1


theater seats 2


desk chair 1


I enjoy cooking for my family.  I am not a wonderful cook but I have learned to be more creative through the years.


My sweet family never complains, so that’s a good thing.


I have really tried to cook healthier over the last few years and have even started a small vegetable and herb garden.


jars 6


jars 4


jars 7


I even do a little canning every year.  (boy, my nanny would be proud of me for that)


This summer is going to be a summer of intentionality and my kitchen is going to be a place that receives a lot of that attention.


Good food, good conversation, organization, new recipes, stockpiling, canning…and more.


coffee sign 1


bread 1


I’m thinking that “intentional” is going to be my word for the summer.


Actually there are two words…intentional and investing.


  I believe God gave me those two words while sitting on the beach last week.  So excited to see what will come.


Hope you will come back Tuesday and see what I have planned for our Girl Time Get Together.