Monday, October 29, 2012

Galvanized, Metal, and Rusty Finds

Hey everyone. 

As storms are raging around us in so many places, I pray you are safe.

As most of you already know, I love going to the Nashville Flea Market. Unfortunately, I have not been able to go over the last couple of months.  I did, however, get to go to the October Sale, which is the biggest and best!

I found a few things I wanted to share with you and show you what I did with them.

sign 3

I found this very rusty Mail Pouch Tobacco sign.  It’s not it great shape, but I loved it anyway.  It says Treat Yourself to Mail Pouch Tobacco.  Disclaimer…I in NO way recommend anyone using tobacco of any kind.  I just like the sign.

sign 2

I also found this great galvanized lamp shade…

shade 1

shade 2

shade 3

The light shines beautifully through all of the cutouts. 

quilts 3

The last thing I found was this great metal cart.

  I know some people (MY FAMILY) wonder why on earth I buy some of the things that I buy.  I didn’t hesitate to buy this when I saw it and knew it would be perfect for holding quilts and blankets through the cold winter months.  Hmmm…already thinking of what it will hold in the summer.

quilts 2

My sweet family really never know what I might come home with.  I am so glad they tolerate me and my love for all things old and rusty.

Take care my friends and stay warm.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Warmth of a Kitchen

What a beautiful day here in Tennessee! 

What about where you are?

I have spent some time in my kitchen recently readying it up for the fall and winter months ahead.  I love the anticipation of pumpkin muffins cooking in the oven, Christmas baking, and mugs of hot cocoa.  The coffee maker is always a must in our home, but I love  adding new fall flavors.

You know I have spent much time thinking about my kitchen cabinets and my counter tops and the what ifs.   I really don’t do that much anymore because it’s pretty much a mute point at this time.   I think the word I used last time I talked about our kitchen was “embracing” what you have. 

Embracing is what I have done. 

Now when I see my kitchen, I tell myself how warm and cozy it looks with those “beautiful” oak cabinets.  I have added lots of copper, which I am in love with.  I have added black hardware and light fixtures.  I am using  industrial stools, shaggy rugs, and of course my white dishes and galvanized pieces.

I now very much enjoy and am very satisfied with my warm and cozy kitchen.  (until my husband says I can do something different, that is) Smile

Let me take you on a little look around…

white cabinet 1

cow 1

recipes 1

Love my nanny’s handwritten recipes taped to the wall.

left side 2

left side

bowls 1

dishes 2

middle 1


fridge 1

full 4

island 1

napkins 2

I love  locker baskets!

island 3

pot rack 1

pot rack 3

island 7

island 11

Someday I will have a stainless steel fridge that matches my dishwasher.  However, we are the kind of people that don’t replace something until it’s broken and my fridge “aint broke”. 

table 3

table 7

table 5

table 4

Wow!  Was that ever a lot of pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed taking a little tour around our kitchen today.  Sure would be nice to have you join our family for a nice southern cooked dinner.

Maybe someday….

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nature Filled Shelves

Hello sweet friends.  I hope you are all well.

I don’t know about you, but for me a picture does tell it all.

A few weeks ago, I filled my chippy white shelves to overflowing with some of my favorite pewter and white pieces.  Where there were empty spots, I would tuck something else into the vignette.  These shelves were filled with some of my favorite things.

I walked past these shelves for several weeks and left them just like they were.  And then I decided to take a picture of them.   Pictures speak VOLUMES to me.  I had gone way overboard, and what I thought looked pretty, was majorly cluttered.  But I didn’t really see the clutter until I saw the picture.

Off everything came and I started over.  This time around, I decided to focus on natural woods and nature.

wood box 1

top rows 3

I focused on simplicity.



sachets 1

Lavender sachets are a favorite thing of mine and most of these were gifts from sweet friends.

barnyard 2

I found this old pencil drawing entitled The Barnyard on a recent Goodwill trip.

top 3 rows

bottom 2 rows

shleves 3

shelves 2

Speaking of pictures speaking to me…this picture shows me that I went with a pretty primitive look this time around. 

I think it works for the fall.

Don’t forget the giveaway I am hosting over here.  Drawing will be held November 1st.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Naturally Wonderful Giveaway

Hey friends.

A few weeks ago my friend Andrea over at the beautiful blog Keeping it Cozy hosted a giveaway for Eco Natural Soap.  I was so intrigued by the products that she was giving away that I decided I wanted to look into this company a little further myself.

I  love using natural and organic beauty products when possible and am thrilled to have found another resource to purchase some of these items rather than at an expensive health food or grocery store.  I love to support smaller businesses who are trying to provide better choices for us and that’s what I believe this company is doing. 

products 1

Aside from the fact that they sale natural and organic products, there was another thing that was very appealing to me about  Eco Natural Soap. They are from middle Tennessee just like I am.  Are you like me and love having a chance to support a neighbor? 

Then the icing on the cake for this girl was their About Us section on their website.  These sweet people give glory to God for all that they do and believe that God is the ultimate healer and provider of all things. 

Can you tell I like them?

Now for the giveaway details.

Take a minute and head over to their website and take a look around at their products.  Then, just like you are used to doing, please come back and tell me which of their products you would like to try.

I would also love it if you would share this giveaway on your facebook and/or blog. 

You have three ways of getting your name in the drawing.  1..leave me a comment about what you want to try, 2…let me know that you shared on facebook, 3…let me know that you shared on your blog

Are you wondering what you will win????

Alicia told me to let you know that you will win your choice of any one of their soaps, lip balm, and body balm.  I promise you are going to love their products.  I do!!

These are some of the things that I am using right now…

products 2

By the way, their pumpkin spice lip balm is lusciously wonderful.  Especially this time of year.

Remember that Christmas will be here before you know it and these would make great gifts!

Okay, now go take a look at their website and come back and tell me what you think.  

A winner will be chosen on the first day of November.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Bathroom

Hey friends!

Thanks for stopping by our home this week.  Hope you are all doing well.

It has been awhile since I showed you our little half bath aka our guest bathroom.  It is right off from our living room and gets a lot of use, especially when we have company.  (which we have had a lot of great company recently)

This little bathroom is also very hard to photograph because of its size and the lack of lighting. 

sink 1

I love using flour sack towels from Wal-Mart in our bathrooms and in our kitchen. 

cabinet 1

wreath 1

flowers 1

soap 1

wreath and flowers

wreath 3

potty 1

doors 2

doors 4
doors 1

I picked up these cabinet doors at the flea market during the summer.  I actually dug them out of a pile of trash.  They were yellow when I brought them home so I added a little bit of green and sanded them just a bit so that the yellow would show through.  I like how they balance out the bathroom a little with their size.

full 1

I try not to overdo it in this bathroom because it is pretty small.  I don’t want it to ever feel like the things in it are too overpowering. 

I have to laugh a little as I think about taking you on tours of the bathrooms in our home.  It seems a little strange, doesn’t it?  But, I know you understand because I have seen most of your bathrooms too.  Smile

Have a great upcoming weekend, friends!