Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simply Fall

Hi friends…

I hope your week has been full of blessings!

My fall décor this year has been very subtle.  Nothing too extreme here.

When you come into our home, I want fall to speak not scream.

Simple is such a great word…

twine pumpkin 1

I wrapped one of my old pumpkins with some twine and added a little leaf made from some blue and white ticking I had.

twine pump 2

create 1

This is just a simple little corner in our living room.

twine pumpkin 2

twine pumpkin 1

Simply fall.

I’ll be sharing a few more simple fall changes real soon.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.   

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Favorite White Pumpkin

Hey friends!

Are you enjoying the first days of fall? 

Boy, we sure are. 

The weather is wonderful.

The leaves are falling.

The pumpkin spice coffee has arrived.

I am still bringing fall inside our home.

I am not one to decorate with a lot of “fall stuff”.

I prefer to bring in a few pumpkins here and there.  (usually white)

I like to use things found around our yard such as branches, pinecones, and such.

I much prefer to warm things up by using darker colored woods and metals, and heavier textures. 

I have added lots of baskets this year to my fall décor and have started a beautiful collection of copper pieces.

All of these elements breathe the new season into our home.

Subtle hints of the season are what I really love…

oven 3

white pumpkin 4

white pumpkin 2

farmtable 5

farmtable 3

White pumpkins…wicker baskets…heavy blankets…rusty anything…pinecones…candles

Just some of my favorite things of fall!

**A shout out to my friend Becky at Timewashed etsy shop for the beautiful white pumpkin she made.
I so love the name of her shop…Timewashed… Lovely name and lovely lady.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cozy Living

Hey friends!

I am cozying things up a little more around our house.

I am bringing in some warmer colors and heavier textures.  Of course, some pumpkins have made their way in also.

Our main living area is what I have focused most of my attention on and really, I haven’t done a whole lot.  I just like changing and adding little things here and there.

My fireplace is always one of the first things I change up when the season changes. 

horses yes

My horse print is a recent find, and I love that it goes so beautifully with my horse trophy.  I also love the deep warm colors in the picture. 

mantel yes

fireplace 3

I rocked all three of our babies in this beautiful old rocker.  I don’t know how old it is, but I know it’s old.  It actually has writing on the bottom of it of who it belonged to long before us.

fireplace 1

Lots of wood tones going on here, but I have no problem mixing woods as long as everything blends together well. 

I use what I have and what I like. 

I am pulling in some reds and blues this fall along with my whites, woods, and metals.  I have taken most of my favorite color green out of the living room for now but will probably bring it back when spring arrives.

I’ll show you more little “cozy fall” areas in our living room and the rest of our house soon.  And, let me say thank you for opening up your home and sharing your fall inspiration with me.  I need all the inspiration I can get.
Have a blessed upcoming weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Master Bath

Hey all!

It has been beautiful here in middle Tennessee the last few days.  The weather is wonderful and fall is in the air.

This time of year, I get busy cozying things up in our home.  I love pulling out fluffy blankets and fragrant candles. 

I also like to get things tidied up after a busy summer. 

I guess you could call it nesting and nesting is fun.

I’ve been working in our master bathroom some recently and thought I would show you a couple of pretty cool things I have added in there.

toilet 2 

My old wooden door has made its way into the bathroom for a little added interest. 

Yes, that’s a bell on the back of the toilet.  You just never know…. 

bucket 1

This beautiful pale blue enamel bucket is filled to overflowing with my favorite dried flowers.  They do fill a spot so nicely.

horse 1

My horse print was found on the same day that I found the painting of my favorite bull, Herley. (scroll down to the bottom of that post to see him in all his beauty)

  Both pictures came from the Goodwill Outlet in Nashville.


I love this old frame that I painted and filled with chicken wire.  This is a wonderful place to hold the necklaces that I wear most often.

tub 3

This old apple bucket has been in my bathroom for awhile and I still love it holding towels.

The old ladder is pretty much falling apart, but serves its purpose well sitting here on our garden tub.

chair 1

I found this great old green chair while cleaning out an old house with my sister in law.  She liked it but gave it to me because she knows I love the color.

She is the treasure…not the chair.

chair 2

suitcase 2

I got this old paper cutter from my uncle.

  Have you figured out yet that my uncle has many many treasures?  Like, you really cannot imagine the stuff he has.  If only you lived closer, I would take you and let you see for yourself.

The suitcase is not old, but sure works well to hold my jewelry.


And, this is the window that I get to look out of when I am getting ready.  I get to see the beautiful trees changing colors and see the neighbor’s horse galloping about.

Oh how I love living where there are big beautiful trees all around us.

Fall is wonderful in Tennessee!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Beautiful Old Handwork

Hey friends! 


Hope you have had a wonderful week and are all doing great.


Our family…we are good, we are busy, we are blessed.


I wanted to share something today that I recently found and fell in love with.


Let me start by saying that I love old handwork.  I love things that were lovingly made by somebody’s hands.


I love thinking about the lady or gentleman or young person that took their time to make something handmade.


I have a thing for items with someone’s name stitched onto it and usually will bring it home if it is reasonably priced. 


For example, a sweet little tea towel with the name Dorothy Howington made its way home with me from the flea market recently.  My family thinks I am crazy, but I loved it and felt like it should have a home. 


Ms. Dorothy’s  little towel hangs from an old medicine cabinet towel bar that is in my laundry room.


This week, I found these two beautiful pieces of handstitched artwork.


picture 1


picture 3



I am told that these pictures were from around 1920 and hung in the same house for a whole bunch of years.


Aren’t they beautiful?


Not only are they beautiful, but they speak Truth.  “The Lord IS my Shepherd”.


bed 2


I love them hanging on either side of our bed. 




I also want to take a minute and say welcome to several new friends of my blog.  Thanks so much for coming over from Debra’s beautiful blog,Common Ground.  She is such a sweet and thoughtful lady.


God bless you all!