Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Four Blessings

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


We did!


We have been relaxing, playing, watching movies, organizing, and relaxing some more.  And I am not ready for it to end. 


I decided to take a few days away from anything that would distract me  from my children and husband.  It’s been nice having some computer down time.


I have also decided that I need a few more days off to just bask in this sweet sweet time with the ones that I love most.


So, because of these three babies of mine…


kids 9


and because of my sweet man…


I am going to keep my computer and other electronics put away for awhile longer.


God bless you all, dear friends.


See you soon…


Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Little Pink Tree

Good morning to each one of you.


Just had to show you the little pink tree that I found this year at Goodwill.


pink tree 1



I sat it down in the beautiful pink ironstone bowl that I pulled out of the river this summer… placed it in front of my old chippy pink door… and then chuckled because I really am not a pink kind of girl, but really love the way this looks.


tree 1


Just a little hint of Christmas in our guest bedroom.


I also wanted to mention that our Christmas home is being featured today over at the beautiful blog, Eclectically Vintage.  I am humbled that Kelly would feature our home along with the three others that she has already shown.  I feel a little out of place with the beauty and talent of these other ladies, but sure do feel honored. 


Thanks, Kelly.




Let me leave you with one last thing …





God loves you so much that He sent you His sweet son, Jesus.  Never forget how very much He loves you.


Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Outdoors

Just a few more Christmas photos and I will be done.








I used lots of pinecones, cedar branches, and holly, indoors and out.


One of my favorite things I decided to do outside this year was to use a beautiful, old, tall, wooden ladder as a Christmas tree.


ladder 1


During the day, it looked like this.


At night, it looked like this…


ladder 2


I love lots of lights that sparkle and shine.


door 1


My friends, I want to wish you all a wonderful next few days before the Big day. 


I pray the rest of your holiday preparations are easy, fun, and filled with joy.


I pray you fill the peace that only the Christ Child can bring.


From our home to yours…


home 1


Merry Christmas!  May all your dreams come true!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a Little Christmas in the Kitchen

Hey everyone!


Showing you just a little bit of Christmas in our kitchen.


I have kept it pretty simple in there this year so that cooking and cleaning will not be complicated.




A quick and easy Christmas tree garland that I put together in about 5 minutes using clearance tree ornaments I bought last year at Target.  I love this kind of project.


angels 1




Cookie cutters add a little pop of Christmas here and there.


santa cup


A simple Santa mug sits among our everyday dishes. 


kitchen 1


The stocking garland was given to me by a wonderful blogging friend from Canada.  The other little garland is made up of mini cookie cutters tied to twine.


kitchen 2


Another gift was this beautiful stocking.  What a blessing.


kitchen 3



table 1


Simple and functional.


It’s what works this year.


Praying that all who stop by my blog are truly blessed beyond measure.  May the love, joy, and peace of Christ the King fill you to overflowing.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome Christmas

Hi friends!


It’s almost here.


Can you believe it!!


We are trying hard to get all of the shopping done and everything wrapped so that we can spend the last few days before Christmas just relaxing, watching Christmas movies and enjoying each other.


My computer time has even lessened because I just really want to focus on how special this time of year is.   Our pastor spoke the other day on how we get so busy getting ready for Christmas that we can miss it all together.  I don’t want to be one of those people. 


I did want to take time today, however, to share our entry way with you.  I want you to see what people see when they walk in our front door.  Of course you know that it’s not very elaborate.  Sweet and simple is the way I work best.



snowman 1


snowman 6


snowman 2


stockings 1


My mom made me these beautiful stockings.  Oh, how I love them each one!


stockings 3


stockings 4


stockings 8


I love the simplicity of each stocking.  Perfection…


stockings 9


stairs 4


stairs 2


stairs 5


santa face 1


bench 2


bench 4


stairs 8


Thanks for stopping by today and spending a few minutes .


Blessings to you each one.


If you have any extra time, stop by and take a look at our Christmas living room and  dining room


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas in the Living Room

I am going to use very few words today so that I can show you  more photos than normal.

I hope you enjoy seeing how we have our living room all spruced up this beautiful Christmas season.

fireplace 1

fireplace 2

fireplace 4

wood table 1
ent  ctr 2

ent ctr 5

shelves 2

shelves 5

shelves 4

shelves 1

shelves 6

Can you see Annie our elf peeking out from the corner?  She moves from place to place every night.  Such fun she has been this year for all of us.

shelves 7

coffee table 3

coffee table 5

white table 1

bench 1

bench 2

bench 4

bench 5

farm table 2
farm table 3

farm table 4

farmtable 6

This great old sign was an early Christmas gift from my mom.  Nope, no idea who Dave is but I sure do love his sign.

farm table 9

farm table 1

sec 6

sec 4

sec 5

books 2

The Night Before Christmas book is mine from when I was a wee little girl.  We read it every Christmas Eve.

tree 2

tree 7

tree 6

Our tree is full of family photos and  I like to call it our heritage Christmas tree.  I so love seeing all of these photos and feeling as if these family members are all still with us.

I do hope you enjoyed your time here with my family today.  So thankful you stopped by.

May God bless you abundantly today and every day.

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