Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Mantel For Summertime

1 mantel
After seeing some beautiful mantel change ups for the upcoming summer, I decided I had to get in on the fun.
(You know how I love to move stuff around and “shop” from around my house)
I decided to move my gorgeous blue green Goodwill wine bottles from their home on my bench and let them be my focal point on the mantel itself.
I could have stopped with the bottles for pure simplicity, but I am a layering kind of girl so of course I had to layer.
3 mantel
Wait a minute…I have to go back a step.
I want to make sure you notice my great old shutter.  It was black and in my attic until last night when the power went out and I got motivated to move things around.  Yep, I painted by candle light.
I hung some twine on it and then pinned up some French book pages I had bought.  I have no idea what they say but I know one says a word that looks like romance…hmmm.  I just hope they are all nice.
2 mantel
I love little details like that little vintage key hanging from that book page.
6 mantel
This is my brother and me.  He’s one of my heroes.
7 mantel
My sweet husband and his twin brother sit beside a pair of hubby’s little baby shoes.  I figured they stayed untied most of the time anyway so I decided to keep them that way.  I love them and all of there little scuff marks.
4 mantel
I love this new summer look. 
So fresh, so airy.
8 mantel
Do you change your mantel up for the seasons?
I used to not be able to, but now that I use a lot of white, I am able to be so much more versatile and I love it.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Look Who’s Peeking Out From Under the Chair

Good morning friends!
I have a new friend who has come to live with us.  Sadly,  most of my family think that I am crazy to have brought him home.
And, since everyone has not quite warmed up completely to my new friend, I am keeping him sort of hidden.  Not completely hidden, but not just in their faces quite yet.
I do give my sweet family credit though because they have happily allowed me to make tables out of old doors, hang old windows and old window screens on the walls, use 100 year old ceiling tins for artwork and have pillows that used to hold garden seeds and cow feed on our couches. 
Thanks family for indulging your mama!
So are you wondering who my new friend is?
I would like for you to meet Herley, my new bull…
1st cow
Can you see him back there?
Look closer…
cow 1
Now can you see him better?
Poor Herley has to peek out from underneath this little chair just to be able to look around.
cow 2
You know that I have to tell you why I named him Herley.
His name is Herley because I have two wonderful grandfathers who are both now with the Lord and their names are Herman and Leon.  Cattle were a huge part of both of these men’s lives.  One was a cattle farmer and showed cows and the other was a livestock dealer. 
See why the name fits this bull so well.
Now, I have to tell you where I found Herley.
cow 4
I found him at the Goodwill Outlet in Nashville, Tennessee, in a big bin, just waiting for me to snatch him up.
  I have told you about the GW Outlet before.  There are huge bins all around the store, no racks, no hangers, no shelves, only bins and people.  Lots and lots of people.  Most of these people are wearing big old work gloves because they are going to be digging in these bins that are full of everything you can possibly imagine.  Lots of times there is broken glass, so I guess the gloves are for protection.  I can tell you that I don’t think I will ever be serious enough about my Goodwill digging to wear gloves.  Hmmm…never say never though, right?
cow 5
There you have it, this is where Herley is hanging out for now.  Actually, he is not even hanging,  he is propped against the wall.    Remember that this home is hopefully a temporary home and the family will warm up to him soon and he can come out of hiding just a little bit.
This is what he looks like when he is not hidden under a chair…
cow 7
He was painted in 1981 by a lady named Christa Oaks.  I would love to know why, what I think is a beautiful painting, ended up at Goodwill in Nashville and why someone in her family didn’t want it.
Okay, maybe you don’t think it’s as pretty as I do, but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  and I just see strength and beauty in this picture.
Hopefully my family will warm up to my new friend soon like they have warmed up to all of my other treasures I have brought home lately.
I know my posts are a little scare now, but with my son fixing to graduate from our home school, softball starting up for my two daughters, and keeping up with my new Etsy shop, I am a busy lady.  No busier than all of you, I know, but I am trying to make sure to keep my life balanced.  My little one thinks I have a job now that I have opened my Etsy shop and honestly, she is not very happy about it. 
Got to make everybody happy, you know.  Smile  Mainly, I want to make sure that I stay in God’s will so He will continue to bless what I am doing.
I did go to the flea market this weekend in Nashville and picked up some great things for the shop.  I will be getting them online later on this afternoon if you are interested in taking a look.
EDITED...Etsy shop now updated with some new items!!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ferns and Lavender

Because I don’t have a very green thumb, I tend to use a lot of ferns in the summertime to decorate with.
I also like to plant my herbs in pots and use them on my deck for cooking purposes and for pretty purposes. 
So far, I have two ferns on my front porch.
This one in my great old wash tub…


washstand 2
And this one on a plant stand that once was green, then black, and now beautiful white…
The fern sits in a great old galvanized bucket.
fern stand 1
The little gray shutter was pulled off the side of the road from someone’s throw away pile.
Thanks Mr. and Mrs. for your trash.
I went to a yardsale this morning and found nothing that I needed to buy, but I did spot a beautiful hydrangea bush that was huge and gorgeous.
I very nicely asked the lady of the house if she would mind if I took a couple of blooms home with me to admire and she curiously and graciously said yes.
Thanks to this Mrs. as well.
The vintage wire basket came from the Nashville Flea which is where a bunch of my treasures come from.
My lavender is the only herb I have planted so far.  The others are in little peat pots growing on my kitchen table.
lavender 1
This great old yellow step stool was an unearthed treasure from an estate sale I went to last weekend.  I did some major digging in an old nasty shed that day and brought home some pretty neat stuff.
lavender 2
Lavender and ferns are it so far this season, but oh there are more things to come.
More ferns… more herbs… and then comes my vegetable garden…(which my husband has most control of because of that thumb I was telling you about.)
Adding more items to my Etsy shop today, including some great burlap totes that my very talented mama made. 
Check them out when you have a chance at Amys All Things Home.

Heading over to Donna's at Funky Junk Interiors for her galvanized party!  Hooray!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo Bucket Question and Etsy Shop Update

I would love to know if anyone else has the message on their blog that Photo Bucket is doing work and photos will be back soon.

That message has taken the place of my blog pictures at the top of my page.

Anyone else?  Any information?


I thought I would let you know that I just added some new goodies to Amys All Things Home Etsy shop.

I also have some other items that I will list this weekend so make sure to check back then.


Thanks, my friends!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Dining

Do you have a favorite room to play around in?
My dining room is mine!
Someday, I hope to have a great old farm table in there, but it’s just not the right time.  And, that’s okay.  (contentment, remember??)
I spent a lot of my Sunday playing, cleaning and organizing.  Believe it or not, all of that pretty much defines rest and relaxation for me.  I bet it does for a lot of you also.
I didn’t really add much new to the room, I just moved and tweaked a little here and there.  Isn’t that the best way?
It seems so much fresher now!
dr 1
I found these great little blue green bottles at the flea market.  With a few little flowers added to each one, they look wonderful.
dr 2
dr 3
dine 1
Here are my letters again that I got at the yardsale the other day.  Remember I told you that I love to use words in my home.
box 1
My favorite carpenter’s tote got moved to a little table in front of the window.
box 2
server 1
server 2
cabinet 1
cabinet 2
The jelly cabinet got a little dressing up with a pretty white apron adorned with tiny pastel flowers.
buffet 1
buffet 2
The girls went outside and brought in beautiful dogwood branches for me to use throughout the house.  I LOVE dogwoods.
cloth 3
Found this enamel pan at an estate sale on Saturday and decided to use it to hold a few tablecloths that I bought at the same sale.
cloth 2
There weren’t many changes, but just enough to spiffy things up a little.
I even at my lunch at the dining room table that day and enjoyed every minute of it.
I have been shopping for my Etsy shop this weekend and today and have found some really fun things.   Check back for new items very soon.

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