Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Farm Table Decorated For Christmas

Hey friends! 

I think I have gotten most of my Christmas decorating done now.  Just finished the final touches on my tree this morning.

I have definitely changed things up this year going with much more natural elements.  You will see that I have used lots of my favorite blue green color, white, and silver.  I have used mercury glass,  burlap, greenery, and old black and white family photos.  Can’t wait to show you all I have done.  It’s certainly nothing fancy, but my family and I are loving it and we are sure getting in the Christmas spirit around here.

The first thing I decorated was my beautiful new farm table that my friend Mr. Buckets of Burlap built me.

table 9

table 5

This is my husband’s childhood sled so it makes it a very special part of my Christmas décor.

table 7

table 6

table 2

table 3

table 4

table 8

table 10

The great thing about my Christmas décor this year is that I really didn’t change much out.  I traded hydrangeas for greenery and added just little wintery touches here and there.  A lot of what I am using can actually be taken on into the winter months and not just used for Christmas.  I really like that part.

I will be sharing more Christmas touches soon and cannot wait to show you my tree.  This is the first year my children have “let me” have clear lights and that I have used ornaments other than our traditional Hallmark type ornaments.  Loving the new look!!

Happy middle of the week to you, my friends.  God bless you all!


Monday, November 28, 2011

A Friend Called It Hollywood Glamour..Before and After

My oldest daughter decided she wanted to redo her bedroom and make it a little more “girly”.  (my word, not hers)  She really is not a girly girl, but very much of a sporty girl.  She has never done ruffles or pink or…you get the picture.

Her room went from everything this…


to what a friend called Hollywood glamour…

full bed


lamp 1

words 2



Isn’t it beautiful? 

Even with all of these beautiful feminine touches, she still has that sporty, tom-boy side.

She has a little hallway in her bedroom that holds these prize possessions…


She did a great job, didn’t she?  Mom was not allowed to help.  This was all her and what she wanted.    And now, she has it all fixed up for Christmas and it is even more sparkly and beautiful.


I have been decorating my house for Christmas for the last two days and still lack my tree.  It’s funny, because really my decorations are more simple than ever and I am using lots of natural elements in my house, but it seems like it’s taking me a long time to get done.

I am loving the way it is all coming together.  Can’t wait to show you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty Green Barrel

Hey friends!


Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?


Did you eat way too much like I did and am still doing?


Did you go black Friday shopping?  I did, along with my family and brother in law and his family.  We left at 9pm and got home after 4am.  Went back shopping later in the day.  Fun, fun, fun!


My sweet girls and I are going to start decorating for Christmas on Sunday so I will be showing you some of that later on next week.


Today, I wanted to show you a super great find from a local antique shop.  I fell in love as soon as I saw it.


barrel 1


barrel 3


barrel 2


Can you see why this was love at first sight?


Headed to bed to catch up on some much needed rest. 


Good night all!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fireplace Mantel Makeover

Two posts in one day certainly isn’t something I normally do, but today I am.

My mantel recently got a pre-Christmas makeover and I wanted you to see it before I do my Christmas mantel in just a few days.

fireplace 1

fireplace 2

fireplace 4

fireplace 5

fireplace 6

fireplace 3

My friends, when you have a dated orange oak fireplace that you cannot paint, you try to do what you can to lighten her up.  And then you be content because you are happy to have a fireplace.

I probably won’t be posting for a few days, but please know that I am thankful for each and everyone of you that the Lord has brought into my life.  I am thankful for opportunities to make new friends.

I wish each of you a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

Have fun spending time with friends and family, eating turkey and shopping black Friday sales!  Chat soon…

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Quick and Easy Pumpkin Dessert From a Box

Hey sweet friends!


I wanted to share a very quick and easy dessert that we found. 


This box contains great yumminess and wonderful ease.


pumpkin bars 1


Krusteaz has some great mixes, and this one is definitely a winner.  Add some farm fresh eggs and real butter, and you have some tasty eating going on.



pumpkin bars 2



pumpkin bars 3


Add a little cream cheese frosting to the top and you are all set.



My sweet nine year old daughter fixed these all by herself and was tickled that she got to play a part in our early Thanksgiving meal.



   She cooked them, iced them ever so lightly, and displayed them beautifully. 



I love having so much help in the kitchen.  From my oldest daughter’s stromboli that I posted about last, to my youngest daughter’s desserts, life is easy at meal time.



Thanks for stopping by today and spending a little time with me.



I pray that your Thanksgiving week is truly blessed.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Non-Traditional and Simple

Hello my sweet friends.


What a wonderful night last night was!!


We celebrated an early Thanksgiving last night with my immediate family.  That  included my wonderful brother and his family and my precious mom and her sweet husband.  (lots of adjectives there,  I know, but I want to make sure you know how special my family is to me)


Because of mom’s treatments, her appetite has been a little off so I  wanted Thanksgiving dinner to taste good to her most of all.


We decided on a very non-traditional meal with the main dish being a fabulous recipe that my oldest daughter makes.   Stromboli and taco soup were the highlights of the  menu with lots of tasty sides.



stromboli 5




stromboli 6




stromboli 7




stromboli 8




stromboli 10


Let me show you just a few before pictures of this deliciousness…


stromboli 3




stromboli 4




stromboli 1




stromboli 5



Hope you can read this recipe..  Let me know if you can’t.



stromboli 2



To go along with our delicious but simple menu, I decided to do a pretty simple table setting on both the dining room table and kitchen table.


Kitchen table…


kitchen table 2




kitchen table



Dining Room…



dr table











Isn’t that just a beautiful color pumpkin?  I kind of wish it would last forever.



Along with the great main foods, there are, of course, the sweets.  I will have to share with you a very easy pumpkin bar dessert recipe that my youngest daughter fixed.  Will show you that later.



Yes, the food was incredible last night.  But, the most incredible part of the evening was time spent with my family.  I am truly a blessed lady and am so thankful for the family God has given to me.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

Hey all.

I am still playing around in  my house and trying to bring about that farmhouse look that I so love.  The last few days, I have been working in my bedroom.

Because my bedroom is painted a dark shade of green, (that I do still love) I am trying to bring in a lot more white (which I also love).

Let me show you what I have been working on.

chest 1

scale 1


dresser 1

door 1

doorknob 2


chair linens

chair arm yes

ladder 2

ladder 3

ladder 4

bed 1

bed 2

bed 3

bed 4

I love the white linens with the dark walls and dark furniture.  Amazing how accenting with light accessories makes such a difference in how a dark room looks.

Can I just tell you how much I would love to live in an old white farmhouse with lots of land, a beautiful old barn and maybe a cow or two?

Since the old farmhouse is probably never going to happen, I will be very satisfied with trying to bring that farmhouse feel to our home.  I will also be satisfied with five acres, two cats and a chicken coop.

***Just thought I would tell you that I am thankful today for each one of you who choose to spend a little bit of your precious time with me.

Headed to one of my favorite parties over at LaurieAnna's and the beautiful Debra at Common Ground