Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Share Something With Me, Please…

Will you do me a favor?  I would love a response….


This has been an interesting (for lack of a better word) year.  Our oldest child graduated from our homeschool high school and started college.  My husband ruptured his achilles tendon and had to have surgery.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemo.  We lost a very dear friend to cancer a couple of weeks ago and are praying for several other friends with cancer.  Whew….It has been pretty tough at times.


I try to remember to praise Him through the storms and really try to remember the scripture that says ..”the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the Name of the Lord…and.. that He will not give us more than we can handle.


Having said all of that, this is where you come in.  I want to share a few praises….things that I am thankful for this past year.  Then, I would love for you to share as many praises that you want to share.  It can be one or twenty one….whatever.  Just please take a minute and share something, big or small. 


Here goes…


I am thankful that even though breast cancer is a horrible disease and I hate that my mom has it, I have seen my mom grow in her relationship with Christ.  I have seen her cling to Him and put all of her trust in Him.  For that, I am thankful.  I am thankful that she is my mom.


I am thankful for friends and family that pray.  I am thankful for friends who know what you need even when you don’t know it yourself.


I am thankful for three healthy children that are all saved and a husband that loves the Lord and loves me despite all of my faults.


I am thankful that God brought a new family into our lives this year.  This family has now become our family.  Mr. and Mrs. Buckets of Burlap and their children are gifts from God.


I am thankful that the Lord kept His hand of protection over my family this year.   I am thankful that His mercies are new every day and that He is full of love and grace.


Okay, will you please share something with us now?  Please, will you give us a chance to praise God with you?


Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner Table

How was your Christmas?

Ours was wonderful and busy.

I have to admit that I am tired,  so today is going to be a day of resting and being lazy.  All extended family are gone and it’s just me and mine.  I’m thinking a movie day is in order.

I do want to share our farm table set up for our Christmas Eve dinner.

dinner 1

dinner 2

dinner 4

dinner 3

dinner 6

Our family dinner table was set up to focus on the greatest Gift ever given…Jesus Christ.

Can I just tell you that this old farm table is the most wonderful place to sit and talk?  We have had the very best conversations here over Thanksgiving and Christmas.    I can only imagine the other families that have set around this same table over the past hundred years and the things they talked about.

Rest, my friends, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful season.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just a Little More Christmas…

Are you ready?

I am  done with all of my big shopping and am trying to finish up those last minute little gifts.    This is the fun crunch time for me.

I wanted to show you just a few more Christmas photos in my home and then I will be done. 

I have so enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful homes this year.   Thank you for opening up your homes and hearts and sharing what Christmas means to you.

hallway 1

hallway 2

hallway 5

Now, I am off to finish wrapping gifts and drink some cocoa and watch Christmas movies with my kiddos.  Isn’t this time of year so much fun?


On our Christmas menu this year if you would like to join us…

dr chalkboard 1

My sweet friends, I pray blessings over each and everyone of you.  May you fill the love of Christ from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 

Please remember that God so loved the world (you)  that He gave His one and only Son… that whoever (you)  believes in Him shall have everlasting life.  John 3:16

God bless you all.  Merry Christmas!!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas In the Foyer

A warm welcome to you all!

foyer 1

foyer 3

foyer 2

foyer 6

foyer 4

As this beautiful Christmas week is upon us, I want to say thank you for coming into my life and spending time with me and my family.

I want to say Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you and pray abundant blessings upon your lives. 

I want to say thank you for who you are and let you know that you are loved by The Savior, The Creator, The King of Kings!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Bit of Christmas In the Kitchen

Good morning to you all!

I am headed to my mom’s today with the kiddos for lunch!  HOORAY and Praise the Lord that she is feeling good during Christmas.

I have a few little touches of Christmas in the kitchen that I would love for you to see. 

Remember….simplicity was the key for me this year.

kitchen 5

kitchen 3

kitchen 11

My little one built this house for her mama to live in cause she knows how much I love sweets.

kitchen 9

Heading out the door.  Hope you all have a beautifully blessed day!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas In the Dining Room

Hi my friends!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying every moment of this season.

Wanted to share a few touches of Christmas that I have added to our dining room.

dr buffet 3

dr buffet 4

dr chalkboard 1

dr buffet 1

dr table 1

jelly cabinet 1

jelly cabinet 2

jelly cabinet 3

jelly cabinet 4

jelly cabinet 5

Last night my old farm table was filled with food brought by very special friends of mine.  I had my annual ornament swap that I have had for about twelve years now.  So fun to be with sister’s in Christ… eating, exchanging gifts, and laughing. 

It’s fun to laugh, isn’t it?

Merry, almost, Christmas!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Around the House

Hey sweet friends!

I wanted to show you a little more Christmas around our home.

I have done subtle vignettes here and there.  I have done nothing in excess and am enjoying simplicity this year.  Simple is good…

bookcase 1

bookcase 4

burlap stocking 1

cup holder 1

cupholder 3

cup holder 2

I want to show you my entryway and dining room soon.   (yes, it’s simple too)  Hope you will come back by.

I sure hope you are all doing wonderful.  I hope you are enjoying every minute of this beautiful season .

God bless you all!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Heritage Christmas Tree

Hello all!

If you know me very well, then you know that I love to incorporate family and history into everything that I do.

This year’s family Christmas tree holds so many wonderful memories of family members past and present. 

tree 3

Our engagement photo 22 years ago.

tree 5

Our three precious kiddos.

tree 17

My mom and I when I was a little girl and my in-laws in the background

tree 2

tree 4

Sweet hubby and his twin brother.

tree 1

My brother and I.  (love my bubba)

My full tree..

tree 7

tree 15
I am going to use  this basket and galvanized tub to put some of our presents in this year.    The rest will just be piled on the floor like usual.  My kids love the piles…

tree 13

I found some beautiful vintage blue green ornaments this year as well as white and silver ones.  I also used some blue that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I love the pop of blue here and there throughout the tree.

tree 11

tree 16

tree 15

I have to tell you that I am loving my tree this year.  I have never really had a “grown up” tree before. 

All of my trees over the last nineteen years have had gobs and gobs of “Hallmark” type ornaments, colored lights,  and  just been very busy.   

I got permission from my family this year to do our tree a little bit different.  They were a little reluctant at first, but can I just tell you that they LOVE it.  They have told me many times how pretty they think it is and how happy they are that we did something different.

We are all happy.

Now I just need to wrap some gifts and get them underneath and they will really be happy.

Heading to some parties tonight…


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Bit of Christmas In the Bedroom

Hey sweet friends!

“Christmas Time’s a Comin”….How is that for southern Tennessee talk from a good old Christmas song?  Someone told me recently how much they enjoyed listening to me and my daughter talk because we had such a southern accent.   It used to embarrass me when I was younger for someone to say that.  Now, I wear that accent proudly, y’all.

I LOVE Christmas!  I LOVE celebrating the birth of our precious Savior!  I love spending time with my family and friends.  I love picking out just the right gifts for people I love.  I love looking at my twinkling Christmas tree lights.  I love boiled custard.  I love nuts and bolts cooked just like my nanny used to fix them. 

Boy, could I go on and on.  I won’t though.

I usually don’t put any Christmas décor in my bedroom but decided this year that I had the perfect place for a little tree.

See what I did …

bedroom tree 5

bedroom tree 4

This beautiful little star was handmade by a special friend named Becky from Junk to Joy.  She is one talented and sweet lady.

bedroom tree 6

bedroom tree

bedroom tree 7

Isn’t it great how something so simple can bring big pleasure?

I do hope each and everyone of you are feeling  the joy, peace, and love that God so freely gives.

Have a blessed day, friends.

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