Friday, December 31, 2010

My Prayer For You…

I pray for peace for each one of you as life comes your way. 

I pray for joy and strength to fill your hearts and your lives.

I pray that you will spend this year developing a love and passion for Christ that you have never had.

I pray that you will have a hunger for the Word of God.  And, I pray that as you read, the Words will come alive to you.

I pray that you will have a desire to see lost people saved.

I pray that your family will be blessed beyond measure.

I pray that you will be filled with Godly wisdom.

I pray that you will realize that God loves to hear from you.  He wants to spend time with you.  He wants you to come to Him about ALL things…big and small.  Don’t save your prayers just for big things…pray about everything…please.  Remember that as a parent, everything matters to us that matters to our children.  In the same sense, ALL things matter to God.

I pray that you will know, that as you and your family draw closer to God, you will also draw closer to one another.  Try it…

I also want to thank God for the friendships I have made amongst so many of you.  I may never meet you in person, but so many of you have already earned a special place in my heart.

God bless you each and everyone.

In Jesus name, I pray this prayer.




Monday, December 27, 2010

Challenging Myself

Last year at this time, I was challenged by a lot of other blogging friends to do a Pantry Challenge for the month of January. 

The challenge was for us to eat from our pantry and only buy necessities for the entire month.  We would be eating from our stockpile.

I took the challenge!

I set a limit last year to only spend $75 for the whole month at the grocery store.  This included milk, juice, fresh fruits and veggies, bread, and any other must haves.

I did very well, but decided if I did it again, I would give myself a budget of $100 for the month so I would have a little breathing room.

I will tell you that I have stocked my pantry, shelves and such for the past several months.  I canned a lot from our garden and put up lots of fruit in the freezer.  We also have half a beef in the freezer and have been blessed with two deer that friends have killed.

I am a coupon shopper and have been able to stock up on lots of food at good prices.  My shelves are full.

I will make one more run to the store to purchase a few more staples before the challenge begins.  I am also going to give my kids a small amount of money to stock up on certain things that they want to make sure they have for the month.

Then, on January 3, our challenge begins.

My husband loves this idea because of the money it saves.  I love it because I love the challenge of it and that I have to be creative in my meal planning and cooking.  I like thinking about things.   Does that make sense? 

I actually did this for about six weeks last year because I was having such a good time doing it and loved staying away from the grocery store.

My kids were going a little crazy by the end because there were certain foods they were missing having.  Don’t feel sorry for them though,  they ate great the whole month. 

So, that is my challenge and I can’t wait to begin.

What about you? 

Is this something you have ever done?

Would you consider taking this challenge yourself?

Let me know your thoughts or if you think you might want to do it with me.  We can hold each other accountable and help each other be creative with what food we have left on our shelves.  Maybe I could share some spaghetti noodles with you if you run out.

Happy almost New Year…


Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Mine To Yours…

3 kids


don and amy 2

Sometimes it’s nice to see the people that are talking to you and are being talked about, so I decided to share a picture of my wonderful family with you all.

My kids are the apples of my eye.  They make my life full.  They are my gifts from God and I treasure every second I get to spend with them.

My husband is my best friend.  He is my hero.  He is the person who taught me to love Jesus and to accept Him as my Lord and Savior.

Our family wishes you a wonderful upcoming New Year.

God bless you all!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Celebration!

At Christmas time, my family is celebrating the birthday of the King!

We are remembering the birth of the sweet baby in the manger.

We are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

We are thinking of our precious baby boy and our other family members who are already with Jesus and are having a birthday party with Him in heaven.  (that’s what I like to think)

We are spending time with family.

We are eating lots of delicious food and watching lots of movies.

We are making memories!

We are loving on one another and cherishing moments spent together.

We are having a celebration, and I hope you are too.

This is what Christmas is all about to me…




God With Us


happy birthday



paper craft

nativity 2

Silent Night






That’s what Christmas means to me!

I would love for you to share what it means to you.

Merry Christmas to you, my friends.

You are all very special and I am thankful you are a part of my life.

God bless you each and everyone.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not From Restoration Hardware…But From My Uncle’s Hunting!

Good morning, friends!

I spent the day with my mom yesterday and had a wonderful day.

Every time I go to mom’s, I also get to go see what new goodies my uncle has bought.  This time was no exception, and boy, did he have some good stuff.

Remember last time I bought the jelly cabinet from him.

Well, take a look at what I got this time.

stool 2

stool 3

stool 1

Can I just tell you that I found a stool that looks almost identical to this one on Restoration Hardware’s website and it was close to $300?

Mine was so NOT anywhere even close to that! 

I am so excited about this little beauty.

stool 4

stool 5

Another love!

And then there is this neat little thing.

basket 1

This was something used at an old clothing manufacturing plant in Fayetteville, TN. 

We figure that fabric was kept in here.

basket 2

Meet Col. Cottonblossom.

Does this not remind you of Col. Sanders?

Love this.

basket 3

And this on the other side.

Notice no zip code.  Maybe that’s when there were no zip codes used.  Not sure…

It’s so nice to have someone treasure hunt with you in mind and my uncle does a great job of it.

You need to keep me in mind if you are hunting for something specific in or near Tennessee. 

I promise you that my uncle could probably find it for you!

Merry almost Christmas to you!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

It’s the Little Things

To me, often times, it’s the little things that make so much difference in making something look better.

You know how you can add that right piece of jewelry or accessory to your outfit and it just gives it that WOW factor!

Well, that’s what I like to do when decorating our home.  I like to add those little things that just make it pop or make it more personal. 

I love the extra touches.

Most of these things I have out all year long, but a few I will show you are for Christmas.

candles with words

I love adding words to things.  I tied my tea stained words around these candles with  jute.


Simple paper craft but worthy word for my King!


I added these little snowflake stickers to my candles just for Christmas. 


I stamped the word Rejoice onto a piece of burlap  and hung it around my reindeer’s neck.


Just a little greenery tied to the lantern spruces it up for the holidays.


I added this pocket watch ornament and burlap garland to this tray for a little extra umph.


Isn’t this the cutest?  Love the matches tied up with the candle.


I love that this little angel is bowing down before the “Gift”.  I actually didn’t plan it this way, but think it looks really cool.

star ornament

I had to show you this star ornament because a sweet homeschool friend of mine made it for me.  It sits in a little cup that my husband made when he was a young boy.

twine candle

A simple wrap of jute along with a shiny crystal dress these candle holders up nicely.


Oh, how I love this basket filled with books.  The little tiara just tops it all off nicely, along with the K ornament.


I added this collection of old family photos to my banister along with my burlap stockings.

banister 2

Notice the word heritage.  Several of these family members have passed away, so this is a nice tribute to them this Christmas season.

See what I mean about the little things making a big difference sometimes.

Do you agree that  little additions can bring lots of interest and beauty?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Treasures With Tracy

Yay, Tracy, it’s party time with you, and I am so excited!

Girl, you rock and are amazing with all you do!  Can I be you?

On to a couple of Christmas treasures.

I actually have a lot because I have a REAL hard time throwing anything away, but I thought I would show you one of my favorite things to pull out at Christmas time.


This Night Before Christmas book has been in my family since I was a little girl. 

Story goes (from my brother) that I stole it from him when I was little.  I say I didn’t, he says I did. 

Who do we believe?

Well, his name was in the book first and then somehow his name got marked out and replaced with my name and my age, which was 5 at the time.

Who would have done something like that?  hmmmm…..

Anyway, I love this book.  It truly is a treasure to me and my family now.

Another treasure is Santa’s little boot that sits under my snowman tree.

boot 1

My mom gave me this little boot a few years ago after my grandparents passed away.  This sat under their tree for a whole lot of years.  Now it’s mine and I love looking at it.

I also treasure so many of the ornaments that hang on our tree.  Our tree holds photos of our children from when they were babies.  It is full of handmade and homemade ornaments of all shapes and kinds.  Just about every ornament holds a special place in my heart and I love them all.

Thanks, Tracy, for giving all of us a special time to share some of the things that are treasures to us.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Christmas Dining Room

Simple…Silver…White…Hints of green…Sparkly…Shiny…
I didn’t want to change up too much so I really used what I already had in the dining room and just added touches of Christmas to it.

dr 1
I triple love my carpenter’s box so I wanted to use it no matter what.   I also love my pitcher so it stayed as well.
I added a pine branch to my pitcher  and put little silver candy canes made from cut up pipe cleaners.  My bow is from the old pillow case like I told you about the other day.
dr 2
I added a few sparklies to the box and it came alive for Christmas.
dr 3

dr 4
I added this three tiered server filled with sparkly ornaments and some mercury glass candle holders from Michaels.  Nothing fancy, but perfect for me.
dr 5
dr 6
dr 7
On my buffet, I brought a lot of my candles together that I was using in another room.
The wide burlap garland I bought at Michael’s helped pull all of this together.
dr 8
I added a few beads and ornaments to my creamer and to my silver cake plate. 
The silver snowman is a favorite of mine as he sits tall and proud on the plate.
dr 9
dr 10
I love using what I have and just adding a few little things here and there to doll it up.
I want to show you my jelly cabinet in this room next time but figured I had shown enough pictures this time around.
My prayer is that each one of you has the presence of Jesus in your heart and that you always know how much He loves you.

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