Monday, May 2, 2016

The Simple Side of the Kitchen

Hello friends.


In my last post, I showed you the side of my kitchen that is “filled to the brim”.


kitchen 9


That side of the kitchen is the workhorse side.


This side is the simple side…. the rustic prissy side.


table 1


The two sides blend well because of the commonality of the dark and light woods and other neutral elements that fill the entire area.


table 3


table 2


table 6


I’ll leave you with a little bundle of flowers and remind you again how nice it is to be back with you all.


table 4


Chat again soon..

Blessings from me to you, Amy



Donna said...

Love it all Amy! I thought I had posted a question on your last blog post but for reason it didn't upload! But you answered my question with this post - I was asking about what kind of curtains you have and I see them in these pics! So simple and pretty! Do you mind me asking where you got them? Love everything!!!

afistfullofweeds* said...

So happy to see you back!!! Azaleas!!!! Love your kitchen!

It's me said...

Love your kitchen Amy...wowwww love Ria x❤️

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Amy, I love your farmhouse kitchen and the way you have displayed all your treasures. The light and dark wood also looks great together.

vickie stokes said...

I love your kitchen so welcoming 😊

Amy Kinser said...

Hi Donna, The curtains are just white sheers from Wal-Mart. Very inexpensive and hung with jute. Thanks for asking.

Bliss said...

I love everything. Feels like home.

lala said...

Oh, how I just love your kitchen - it has all of the elements I am hoping to incorporate into my own kitchen redo. The dining area looks like such a warm and welcoming spot to enjoy a meal - the sign is wonderful!