Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Simple Collecting

Hey friends.


As I look around my house, I realize that I have several collections of things.


I collect Ironstone, Ironstone, and Ironstone. 


Actually, I collect more than Ironstone, but that’s probably my favorite collection.


I thought I would share just a few of my favorite things that I have been hunting and gathering over the last few years.


Can you tell that I absolutely love ironstone butter pats?


butter pats 2


Stacks of them make such an impact…


And, then there are  clocks…


I love old clocks because they remind me that my God is an on time God


clocks 2


I also love small crocks…marmalade, potted meat, mustard, whatever I can find…I love them.


cow 2


By looking at the above picture, I guess I collect cows also.


What about you?  What do you find special enough to collect?


Blessings friends.


Chat soon, Amy



Meg @ Hello Farmhouse said...

Ironstone is so beautiful, but I have a hard time finding it around here. I'm still one the hunt though! Your collection is amazing!

Carol said...

I loved seeing your collections! I love collecting things too! I also collect the old advertising English and French crocks, along with door knobs, casters, green jars, (I fill them with my collections), hotel silver, old leather books and old leather suitcases. I better stop there or you might think I have no self control. Enjoy your posts Amy, keep them coming! Carol

Robin Johnson said...

Collecting is such fun! I have a collection of butter pats and ironstone (not nearly as impressive as yours!) and clocks. Right now a have an obsession with vintage sheets and pillowcase in fun floral prints! Can't get enough!

Robin Johnson said...

Isn't collecting fun! I also love to collection ironstone and clocks. I use them all over the house. I have a current obsession with vintage sheets and pillowcases in pretty floral prints, can't get enough of them.

mary scott said...

I love it all! What great collections. Ironstone butter pats are my all time favorites. thanks

vintageandart said...

Love your collections Amy...they look very frenchy. The little jars are wonderful.