Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hey my long lost blogging friends. 


Is anyone still there?


I cannot believe that it has been since August since I last posted.


Life, right….


I am actively on Instagram and Facebook and am going to try to work my way back into the blogging world.


Are you with me?  Will you join me again on occasion?

I figure since I’ve been gone so long and my blog has been somewhat dead, this post should be about springtime and “coming back to life”.


long table


Spring is the time for deep cleaning, rearranging, and bringing in fresh flowers.


long table 2


To me, spring is also about breathing life back into a somewhat cold, dreary home following a long, hard winter.


basket dogwoods


leather chair


ice cream bucket


Fresh flowers, dried flowers…ice cream buckets, French harvest baskets…


New life…


Springtime, I’m so glad you are back.



My Cozy Casita said...

Well comeback I been away too so busy in my life after my mom pass my Dad is living with me and working full time is not the same one my Dog is sick I been taking care her for more than 6 month
I love to post and blogging but no time for me this week I
Been coining The house
I love all your lavandas and your ice creme bucket lovely!
Have blessing day

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Yay, welcome back! I've been trying to get my groove back with blogging too!
PS love all that vintage wood!

Lady Pamela said...

I'm really glad you posted. I found your Instagram! I'll follow you there in between blog posts. Thanks.

Becky Cunningham said...

Oh I adore your new blog header!! It's fabulous! And I'm so glad you're back...I love your post about spring! I love how you styled your table. The buckets, the lavender, it's all lovely together.
Love you my sister

White Lace and Promises said...

Always with you! That ice cream bucket is awesome!

Pat Cantwell said...

I, dear friend, am so~o~o glad that you are back!
Your style and your voice have been greatly missed here in The Land Of Blog!
Beautiful post!
I've been attempting to "breath some new life" into the decor here on the Prairie, too!

vickie stokes said...

I have missed reading your blog. Welcome back!!!!