Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not So Simple Side of the Kitchen

Hey friends.


I usually keep things pretty simple in our home.


kitchen 1 


I like practicality and ease…


I have come to truly love and desire more of a minimalistic look.


Having said that…


kitchen 12


My kitchen is far from simple and scaled down.


My kitchen is full to the brim…so to speak. 


kitchen 2


I try to keep it simple by using a very neutral color palette.


kitchen 3


Dark wood cabinets filled with all white dishes…


kitchen 4


I know appliances like the toaster should be kept out of sight when not in use, but we use it everyday…


kitchen 6


I do love the beadboard wallpaper that I used inside of the cabinets.  It’s a great contrast against the dark cabinets.


kitchen 15


Can you tell that I have a thing for wooden utensils?


Our bread stays in the metal cabinet…


kitchen 10


This three tiered piece has become a staple in our kitchen to hold our fruits and veggies.


kitchen 9


The barstools were all great vintage finds.


There are things I would love to change about our kitchen…. 


Hardwood floors…white cabinets…new countertops, farm sink… (just to name a few) 


But, you know what…


It’s all good.


I have made things work.


You do what you can do and then you sit back and smile.


I’ll continue to strive for simplicity everywhere else in the house…


but not in the kitchen.


Chat soon..


Blessings to you all, Amy



Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen. It's beautiful....

Donna said...

I love your kitchen Amy! What kind of window treatments do you have in your kitchen? I am struggling on what to hang on my kitchen windows!

Marilyn Holeman said...

Dear Amy, I would say a minimalist you are NOT--but you have an artist's eye. It looks great. Have a blessed weekend!

My Cozy Casita said...

Oh my God beautiful kitchen, I love all your decoration.
have nice weekend!!

Wendy Johnson said...

I like your kitchen and while I can see wanting new counters, floors, and farm sink, eventually, I love those cupboards! Your white dishes look lovely with them. The whole thing certainly is fine for now, very nice.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your Blog. I like it a lot and your kitchen is beautiful ...Nelly

Anne's Attic - Design said...

I love the white with the brown cabinets. Perfection.

Laurie said...

I like how you've balanced your dark cabinets with white dishes. You have a very pretty kitchen.

Ancient Wanderer said...

And exactly who deemed that appliances must be out of sight unless in use? To that person, I say do as you please but do not determine how I must live. My toaster, Kitchenaid Mixer, and many other appliances are always on the countertop and any guests who dare tell me it should be otherwise are welcome to find the other side of the front door.