Thursday, May 14, 2015

They Love Me

I often wonder how I got to be the one to marry the man I married.




Why did he pick me…




Am I worthy to be his wife…




And then… there is them…those four children God blessed me with.




One little guy is already in heaven waiting for me.




My sweet family made mother’s day wonderful for this mama…




Fresh fruit, coffee, roses and rose petals scattered all around.

Balloons everywhere.

A wonderful grilled dinner.

  All day movie day.

.  All day together.

All in the same room.

Precious times with the ones I love the most…my gifts from God.


The day before Mother’s Day, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s graduation from Motlow State Community College.


family 2


Beth graduated with a degree in Sociology and Psychology …she takes after her daddy.


Oh, how I love them!