Monday, April 13, 2015

Sisters and Friends

***Some facts of the day***


We are not sisters with the same mother or same earthly father.


But, we are sisters in Christ.




We have the same heavenly Father..our Daddy, the Creator of all.


We are kindred spirits.


She gets me and I get her.


We can talk for hours.


rocking chairs


Conversations, tears, coffee drinking, laughing, dreaming, planning….all happen right here in these rocking chairs on her back porch.


Becky lives 600 miles away.


She and our friendship are worth the drive.


She is someone that I need to spend time with. 


Her daughter is my daughter’s best friend and they need that same quality time together.


We grow in the Lord with one another.


Her red headed family has become mine and we are blessed that God brought our families together. We give Him all the glory for our friendship.


Our blogs opened the door for our meeting, but it was God ordained.


Just wanted to share that with you this morning.


Blessings to you all.



Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Amy, those are the best kinds of friends. I have two of them just like that. It is worth every mile and gas money (in my case plane ticket money) to keep the friendship alive. Good for you to do that and to set the example to your children that good, Godly friends are vital. - Dori -

Becky Cunningham said...

This is the sweetest post ever! I love every word. I'm so thankful for you my sister friend!! It was the best week ever, and I praise God for our friendship :) I wish you were still here!

Anne's Attic - Design said...

It's such a blessing when we find a friend like that. Cherish it always. Jo

Cindy Rasley said...

Blessings! Thanks be to God! Amen !

Angie Chavez said...

What a blessing you two have developed such a sweet sistership because of your blogs (and I love them both!).

Consider It All Joy said...

I just drove over 2000 miles to spend time with my bff/sister in the Lord a couple of weeks ago! It is a blessing when God puts lives together for growth and His glory! You are blessed! Cindy

afistfullofweeds* said...

So Awesome! I long for a friend like that!

Rose L said...

My best friend lives 4 hrs drive away but we see each other every month. We have been friends since 1967 and we are closer than sisters.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

How wonderful to find a kindred spirit..What a blessing God has given you both. I always love your blog, but when the music starts, I usually mute it cause the TV is on or something. This morning; however, I muted the TV and listened to the music and am totally blessed! Thank you!