Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love Linens

It’s funny.  For years, my mom has loved linens.


She always bought them at auctions by the box full. 


  She had lots and lots of linens.


  And, I always wondered why.


Now, I know why.


Because linens are beautiful.


The texture, the look, every single thing about them is wonderful.


My mom was right.  (aren’t moms always right, though)


I have stacks and stacks of linens now throughout our home just like she always did.




linens 3


linens 2


linens 6


linens 9


linens 8


linens 7


Oh, there’s more.  I just couldn’t photograph the others because of the total lack of sunshine.


Dreary, rainy, cold kind of day here in Tennessee.


Stay warm and be blessed.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ironstone, Cotton, and Lavender

Can a person have too much ironstone? 


What about bundles of beautiful, fragrant, dried lavender?


And, what about cotton, which is one of my new favorite things to decorate with?


I think we all know the answer.


You really can’t have too much of any of these things.


I have fallen totally in love with white ironstone and especially love pieces with lots of crazing.


Lavender has always been a wonderful filler anytime of the year.


And, now cotton.  It’s a new yet old love  I have always loved seeing cotton fields and even have a great old cotton gathering basket.  Not until recently, however,  had I brought cotton into our home to decorate with. 


I have been working at a shop over a year now called High Cotton and one of the owners makes the most beautiful cotton wreaths that I have ever seen.  I love the softness it brings into a space.   Between her wreath and some cotton straight from a nearby cotton field, I am thoroughly enjoying this natural element.


No need to say that the following pictures include some of my favorite things.


ironstone 7


ironstone 3


ironstone 4


cotton 1


cotton 2


razor stap 2


ironstone 1


ironstone 2


ironstone 8


ironstone 9


ironstone 10


ironstone 13


ironstone 12


ironstne mantel 3


cotton wreath


lavender wreath 2


Above, you will see a little baby’s breath thrown in also. 


This is the thing…I have no silk flowers anywhere, so I have to find other things to use.  Cotton, lavender, baby’s breath, and even some beautiful dried weeds taken straight from a field, fill old mail bags, vintage trophies, and other containers throughout our home.


I love it all…


It’s been great being around a little more often.  I have missed my blogging buddies.


Chat again soon.


God bless you my friends.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Love You More…

This is a blog post about a niece, a pillow, and a guest room. 


So, I have this beautiful niece who is my brother’s youngest daughter.  She is a beautiful, talented, precious young lady.  She is also one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.


A few years ago, she and I began the whole thing of saying “I love you”, and the other person would say, “I love you more”.


This year for Christmas, I bought her a pillow that said, “I love you more”.


Guess what she got me?


A pillow that said, “I love you more”.


gr 5


The perfect pillow, the perfect color..


gr 1


I just purchased this beautiful bedding from Ikea and love the simplicity of it. 



gr 10


I also love the pillow with the new bedding.


gr 16


gr 14


This room is so hard to photograph in the winter or the summer.   I know the photos are dark..sorry.


gr 2


The vintage evening bags fill in for artwork above the nightstand.


gr 9


My mother’s wedding dress hangs on a beautiful chippy rose colored door.

Her dress is even more special to me now as my father just passed away in November.

The chair belonged to my grandmother.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am a pretty sentimental and sappy kind of gal.


gr 15


A handmade basket holds lots of old family photos from both my husband’s and my family.


gr 6


The picture was my grandmother’s who left it to me when she passed away many years ago. 

She even wrote my name on the back of it to make sure I got it when she died.


gr 12


And, behind this bottle carrier is my mother’s high school diploma.  Yes, sentimental…


gr 1


I love our simply decorated guest room.

I love the heirlooms that reside in here.

I love my new pillow that reminds me that my sweet niece loves me…



Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coziness In the Master Bedroom

I’m sure you have favorite things in your home.


I do.


One of those favorite things is my green fireplace mantel in my bedroom.


I love that it is the focal point when you walk through my bedroom door.


I have kept the decor in our bedroom to a minimum so that the furniture pieces make more of a statement than the “stuff” that’s on them.


When your husband says that your bedroom feels like a bed and breakfast then you know you have done pretty okay…




Our wedding anniversary hangs over our bed and the reminder of our devotion to God and each other.






I have lots of “words” hanging around our bed.  I love simple reminders of what’s  important.




I know, I know, I should take the television out for photographs, but the reality is that there is a tv there.  I just try to make sure it’s not a focal point.


















The “cold nose warm heart” sign was a gift from my daughter.  Yes, it is really talking about a dog, but my nose seems to always be cold.








So, this is our cozy bedroom.    Nothing fancy, but just right for this “farmhouse dreamer”.