Monday, August 17, 2015

American Hereford Association Dinner…Farmhouse Dreams Style

I truly love doing what I do…styling weddings, dinners, homes, businesses, or anything else that needs to be styled.


It’s strange for me to give myself a title, but I need to for my business sake. 


I am an Event Stylist.


Farmhouse Dreams Event Stylist.


I also need a purpose statement.  It’s easy for me to tell you my purpose, but not so easy to put it into a few words on a business card. 


My purpose would be to show Christ’s love in my styling.


My purpose would be to style each and every person’s event according to His perfect plan. 


My purpose would be to bring Him glory in all that my hands touch.


My purpose would be that when each individual person sees what I have styled, they know that I have styled it with great care, much prayer, much love, and with great attention to detail.


I am very purposeful in what I do and ultimately want to please God first and then my client.


So, that’s the problem.  I know my purpose but am just not settled on how to put that into condensed form.


Any great writers or entrepreneurs out there that want to help a girl out.  Feel free to share your knowledge and opinions, please.


While you are thinking, I would love to share a few photos of the latest event that I (along with my talented daughters) styled.


I was asked to style an outdoor dinner for the American Hereford Association Board Members.  The dinner was held at a beautiful home where the land actually took center stage and was the perfect backdrop. The homeowner is a nursery owner and had beautiful hydrangea bushes everywhere and welcomed me to use all the blooms I wanted in my staging. 


The atmosphere was very casual.


  The decor was chosen to suit the masculine and the feminine.


  The dinner was superbly catered by a local eatery, Ellie Michellies.


































Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of the tables with the delicious food, but trust me, it was outstanding to the eyes and the taste buds.


I prayed for this event from the day I was asked to style it.


I believe the Lord and the host were pleased.


I pray they were.


Blessings to you all.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Lamp Post

How is it that bringing in one new thing makes you want to clean and fluff and take pictures?


Hey friends!!  It’s been awhile.


I am still staying busy with the new journey God has taken me on.  I am styling weddings, shops, and other events.  I am buying and filling my “Farmhouse Dreams Shop” (my attic and playroom for now) with great pieces to rent for special events. 


These are exciting times and I am thankful.


Now, back to the new piece I just brought in.


Take a look at this great wrought iron lamp post…

























Pretty much anything I have in my house is available for rent. Because I do not have a store front, I store all of my rental pieces in my house.  Some of them I use, some of them I store in our attic, shed, garage, playroom…where ever I can find a place to put them.


Can’t you just see that beautiful lamp post used in an outdoor wedding or dinner?  I want to be able to offer unique pieces and I think this one qualifies.


Great to be back on my blog today.  I hope you are all doing wonderful. 


Blessings my friends.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Lavender and Sage Wedding

Hey friends.


Happy Sunday.


I wanted to share with you all what the Lord has allowed me to do recently.


I have been blessed to style three weddings over the last several months.  Three wonderful brides who wanted to have a vintage styled wedding and reception. 


Yes, please.  I am the girl for you. 


Farmhouse Dreams and I will get you taken care of.


I mainly want to show you a few photos from the last wedding I styled because this sweet bride loves everything I love.  And, when she said she wanted to use mainly lavender, sage, and ironstone, I knew I was all in.


She likes simple elegance, so that’s what I tried to give her.




My bride is an author so I wanted to incorporate this vintage typewriter.  I tea stained a piece of paper with the words “My Beloved” typed on it.  Little did I know that my bride calls her groom by that very name.




Bundles of lavender lined the railing in the sanctuary.






The head table was filled with the beauty of lavender and sage.










Each table was decorated with a different vignette. 






I’m not sure that my bride ever knew this, but I placed the three ladders in representation of the Trinity.






My talented husband built this piece for me.  The Devoted sign was added for a more personal touch, but can be removed.


My goal in styling weddings is to make the decor as personal as I possibly can.  I want it to be a reflection of the bride and groom.


I pray from beginning to end that the Lord would lead me as I make decisions.  I ask Him to give me a creative mind and that I would please the bride and groom and make them feel very special.


I truly love what I am doing and I am thankful for the opportunities He has given me thus far.  I continue to pray for open doors to do more according to His will.


Here’s to all my brides and grooms so far.  Thank you for allowing me to share in this most special day ordained by God. 


I am honored…


Thursday, May 14, 2015

They Love Me

I often wonder how I got to be the one to marry the man I married.




Why did he pick me…




Am I worthy to be his wife…




And then… there is them…those four children God blessed me with.




One little guy is already in heaven waiting for me.




My sweet family made mother’s day wonderful for this mama…




Fresh fruit, coffee, roses and rose petals scattered all around.

Balloons everywhere.

A wonderful grilled dinner.

  All day movie day.

.  All day together.

All in the same room.

Precious times with the ones I love the most…my gifts from God.


The day before Mother’s Day, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s graduation from Motlow State Community College.


family 2


Beth graduated with a degree in Sociology and Psychology …she takes after her daddy.


Oh, how I love them!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Dreaming Big, Praying Bolder

So, I never have really thought of myself as a big dreamer.  I never set really big goals for myself because I was always okay with just “being simple me”.  It’s not that I haven’t always sought to be the best I could be.  I have always been a hard worker and a go getter with tasks at hand, but just never put myself out there a whole lot.  Maybe it was for fear of failure that I never dreamed big or set those really big goals. 




I’m not sure what has held me back.  Maybe it’s that people pleaser mentality in me that has kept me in some sort of bondage…rejection is tough for us people pleasers, you know.




Well, this is the thing.  I decided it was time to shake things up a little.  I decided to dream big and pray more boldly.




There are things in my heart that I want to do.  The desires of my heart…you know what I’m talking about.  Those things that linger in your heart and mind even when you tell yourself that you probably can’t and really shouldn’t.




This is what I’m doing….

  I’m praying.  I’m believing.  I’m listening.  I’m trusting.  I’m waiting.  I’m obeying.  I’m taking things one step at a time as God orders my steps.


  Step one…go.  Step two…go.  Yes, God…I’m going.  I’m listening.  I’m praising.




I can’t wait to see where He takes me.


Know this for certain…I will pray continually that I do all things as unto Him and that He is pleased with all that I am doing.




It is amazing and thrilling when I see doors opening that I never thought possible.


Thank you, Lord, for the doors you open and the ones you keep closed for my safety.


Here’s to dreaming big…for me and for you.


Sisters and Friends

***Some facts of the day***


We are not sisters with the same mother or same earthly father.


But, we are sisters in Christ.




We have the same heavenly Father..our Daddy, the Creator of all.


We are kindred spirits.


She gets me and I get her.


We can talk for hours.


rocking chairs


Conversations, tears, coffee drinking, laughing, dreaming, planning….all happen right here in these rocking chairs on her back porch.


Becky lives 600 miles away.


She and our friendship are worth the drive.


She is someone that I need to spend time with. 


Her daughter is my daughter’s best friend and they need that same quality time together.


We grow in the Lord with one another.


Her red headed family has become mine and we are blessed that God brought our families together. We give Him all the glory for our friendship.


Our blogs opened the door for our meeting, but it was God ordained.


Just wanted to share that with you this morning.


Blessings to you all.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

She and I Are Ready For Spring

I have to say that it has been a long winter around here.


It’s not necessarily the weather that made the winter harder than normal because Tennessee winters are not really that bad.  This year, however, was a little worse than we are used to weather wise.




No,  for me, it’s been a long winter because of a heart that has been heavy.


You know, it’s actually been a tough year not just a tough winter.




Let me say this though…This is not a sob story or a feel sorry for me story.  This is just a “be real” story.

Without going into any extra details, I will say that the passing of my father in November hit me harder than I ever thought it would.




Saying goodbye is tough, isn’t it?




It leaves an emptiness in your heart.




But, praise be to God, I am His child, and so was my dad, and I know we will be together again someday. That reality gives me peace.




Through all of the heartache, fears, and trials that we have walked through, we have been filled with the peace that only God can provide.  I, for one, cannot even imagine going through life without Him.




Without Him, I am nothing!




With Him, all things are made new again!


Happy Easter!


He is Risen!