Monday, November 3, 2014

My Farmhouse Dreams


Hey my friends.


Happy November to you!


There are some new things going on over here that I wanted to share with you.  First off, I have changed my face book page to the name I am doing many things under now…Farmhouse Dreams.


Have I told you before where this name, Farmhouse Dreams, came from? 


It’s a pretty simple reason that I chose it.


I dream of living in a beautiful old farmhouse someday.  Until then, or even if that day never comes,  I will fill our traditional home with wonderful farmhouse treasures.


I also chose that name because it is how I “do what I do”.  How crazy did that just sound?  When I say that, I mean that it’s how I pick for barn sales and markets.  It’s the way I recently decorated someone’s home.  It’s also the style I used in a barn wedding reception I just did. The farmhouse or prairie style is what I enjoy doing the most.  It’s what I envision.  It’s what I have fun with.  It’s what I find so much beauty in.  It’s what I love.


Thus, the many reasons I have become Farmhouse Dreams.


At this point, my blog title will not change completely.  I did, however, want my face book page to represent more of the style that defines me the most.


So, having said all of this…I would love for you to go over to my newly named facebook page and LIKE it.


If you don’t mind, would you please take a minute and go to my Farmhouse Dreams facebook page and hit like. Thanks so much.  Now, you can keep up with some of the new adventures that the Lord is taking me on.  It’s good stuff, and I am thankful.


I want to show you a few photos of something I am preparing for right now.


chalkboard 2


My daughters and I are preparing for our first Farmhouse Dreams booth that will be at A Very Vintage Christmas Market this upcoming weekend in Gallatin, Tennessee.  We can’t wait. 


I have been picking for months now for this sale and a barn sale in Louisiana that I will be attending towards the end of November. 


Check out a few of the smalls I have picked up.






seltzer bottle


These are just a few little teaser photos.  I have found some great things that will be at both of these sales and I cannot wait to set them all up.


Can you guess the theme of my first Farmhouse Dreams booth?


A Farmhouse Christmas! 


Blessings my friend…enormous, beyond measure, blessings.



Pat Cantwell said...

Love, LOVE, L O V E the name change on your FB page!!! I adore that your style stays true to who you are as a person! Many times decorators and stylist forget that. I believe other than your amazing merchandise, it is the one element of $uccess in your booth!!!
The thought of a Farmhouse Christmas sounds divine!!!
Congratulations on your upcoming booth!
Enjoy the process, dear friend!

Becky Cunningham said...

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart...that's what I'm clinging to today and always. And Amy, your time has come my sweet sister-friend. Just look at you! Out there styling homes, wedding receptions, and setting up at Barn Sales & markets :) God has blessed you with a talent of creating Farmhouse Dreams...and now you're sharing it with everyone!! I'm so excited and proud of you...and I love the name you've chosen-it's perfect! Thanks for your prayers
I love you tons!!

Rhonda said...

Greetings Amy !!! When and whereabouts in Louisiana is the sale you are going to attend ? Would love to go if possible. I'm in southeast LA.
Have a blessed day,

Deanna said...

Blessings….dreams do come true sometimes.
I'll have to check Facebook!

Heaven's Walk said...

Such a perfect name for the dreams in your heart, Amy! Love that you are following where your heart is taking you and God is leading you. :) Blessings to you, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

angie said...

wow, was für tolle bilder!!! einen schönen abend wünscht angie

Debbie said...

When I saw that you had changed your facebook name, I just LOVED it. When I think of farmhouse dreaming, I always (and I do mean ALWAYS) think of you. Someday, I may find the words to blog about how one single post of yours changed my home/life for the better. It's all about the farmhouse dreams, too.

I do miss the days when you were blogging regularly and I could sneak peek into your home and life. I'm glad that at least we have such a thing as facebook.

I'm taking some time this morning in my prayer time to thank God for the way he has used your dreams as inspiration. I love what He is doing in your life right now, too.