Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vignettes..What a Strange Word

Vignette…any small endearing scene, view, picture, etc


Honestly, I had never heard that word until about five years ago and now I seem to say it all the time.   


I love creating vignettes.  That’s my thing.  It’s fun for me. 


I went around my house today taking photos of some of my favorite little vignettes in my house right now.


I have had a little extra time this week so I have cleaned a little deeper, fluffed a little, and actually took some photographs.  And now…I am writing a blog post.  Man, they always come few and far between now.


So thankful for Instagram and facebook so I can still keep up with all of my blogging buddies.


By the way…how are you?  I hope you are GREAT!!!


Okay, so now for a few photos of vignettes.  (how many times have I typed that word now?)  A BUNCH…

























It is so hard for me to photograph big areas.  Taking photos of these smaller little vignettes just works so much better for me.


Enough already about vignettes….


I do hope you are all doing wonderful.  I pray your summer has been grand and that you feel the presence of the Lord all around you.   I pray His blessings be poured out upon you over and over.


I am great!



Faded Charm said...

Thanks for sharing with us.....I always love looking at the pretty vignettes you create in your home.

Glad to hear you are well. Enjoy Summer!!


pballard said...

You inspire me so! Thanks for sharing.

Shannon Oros said...

**Beautiful** pictures, Mrs. Amy!! I love your vignettes - especially the book shelf, the strands of pearls with the gorgeous blue glass in the background, and the one with the globe! Miss you!! <3

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Hello Amy,
You do such a beautiful job with all your vignettes and thanks for inspiring us with them. Happy to hear that you are having a great summer, ours is going good too. Looking forward to seeing you at the City Farmhouse show in October:)


Katherines Corner said...

These are all so beautiful.I invite you to share at my Thursday Blog Hop ( starts tonight at 8PM MST) Hugs

Rose L said...

Vignettes are fun to create, though I have a pretty sparse home right now as trying to sell it!

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

Love all your pretty vignettes, Amy :)

Becky Cunningham said...

Hey sister! You know I think you are the queen of vignettes! I love you photos...your home is so cozy-farmhouse style :) And all of your ironstone is to die for!!! Makes me really miss you this morning :)

Pat Cantwell said...

Gorgeous vignettes!!!
Like you, vignettes is something I l o v e doing!!! In my past retail employment, my employer would take me to the back room with a table filled with newly arriving home decor merchandise and say, "Work your Magic!" I miss those days, but am fulfilled when I prepare our homemade repurposed merchandise for our bi~annual Bits 'n Pieces Booth. Your vignettes are a reflection of your lovely home. . .and YOU!!!

Debbie said...

Well first, hello friend.

Second, I have long thought you were the vignette queen of the blogdom and love the way you put things together. I found myself lamenting that I didn't have as many surfaces left to vignette as I wanted just yesterday. (And then, I realized what a colossally stupid lamentation that was so stopped.)

I love all of yours. As usual, I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried.

BTW, How is your mom? I have thought of her recently and hope she is doing well.