Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Cozy Little Corner In the Living Room

Hey friends.


How are you?


I am great!!


Do you have favorite little areas in your home?


I have a little corner in my living room where I love to sit.  It has a favorite table of mine where I like to sit and study, check my computer, read, etc.  The table was built by my sister friend's husband, Shannon.  It was actually my birthday present from him.  Yes, I was so thankful for a gift made by such a wonderful carpenter and friend.


I also love the little gallery wall above where I sit.  Several of my favorite things are hanging right there for me to look at.


corner 1


corner 2


The burlap heart was made by my youngest daughter.


The little gown was worn by my father many years ago.  The old photo is him.


corner 3


I love pillows!


corner 4


Are you surprised that 9 is my favorite number?


The olive bucket was a gift from my sister friend, Becky.


corner 7


corner 6


I found my cow “artwork” in an old encyclopedia.  Stuck it with tape to an old frame that I painted chalkboard paint on.


corner 9


Made this little lampshade with torn strips of an old white sheet.  Love the casualness of it. (it’s safe)


corner 8


This old paper wreath was a first project of mine about three years ago.  I am still loving it!


corner 2


corner 1


Love being able to sit in the living room here in my cozy little corner and do what needs to be done.  And, love when my family are all in here with me.


Be blessed my friends. 



Connie said...

I LOVE your Christian music, especially the first one. I went to the website of the player but haven't quite figured it out so will do a bit more research. When I click on your blog page and hear the music begin my heart warms. Thanks!

Pat Cantwell said...

Precious little "everything" table, dear friend!!! My heart warms at the creativity of your children and how you use their creations in your home decor. As we age, we many times miss the fridge full of "art work".
I adore your paper wreath!!!
Have a wonderful Wendesday. . .you, dear one, bless my life!!!

Becky Cunningham said...

Oh how I love this little corner of your den!! It's so tranquil and cozy! And you know Shannon enjoyed building that little farm table just for you :) He is so glad it's in your home! And I sure love your whole "gallery wall" has some very special pieces. Sure wishing I was there to sip coffee with you and talk & talk all day :) Miss you badly!

pballard said...

Love it. I love the paper wreath also. I have way to many pillows but want more. Oh and that adorable lamp shade. Love!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

That is one charming corner...luv that lampshade...the sweet heart and the olive bucket.


elizabeth said...

I love your little corner!

Robin Johnson said...

Your favorite spot is oh so lovely. I love how you have surrounded yourself with pretty vintage items that have such meaning to you. I'm in the process of carving out a little corner for myself to create in. It's a fun process.

Diana said...

Love that little corner and everything in it. I also have a small area in my study that has an old table and some items that hold precious memories on the wall above it. So comforting in this crazy world to have a little place to retreat to. Also love your daughter's heart wreath. Diana

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Amy!
That little corner DOES look cozy.
I really like all the personal little touches--and the bevvy of bovine!

lynn said...

such a darling corner, amy! love your dad's gown, and pic, esp--happy weekend to you!

Ana Carla said...

Hello Amy!
I am Brazilian and I loved to know your blog!
I am also of Jesus Christ! Loved to hear the songs!
I have a blog which also speaks of craftsmanship and decoration, if you want to know will be a pleasure to receive your visit!
Kisses and God bless!
Ana Carla

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, would you please share how you made your paper wreath. It's just beautiful. Thanks.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, would you please share how you made your paper wreath. It's just beautiful. Thanks.