Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hey all my friends. 

For those of you who may still be hanging around, I just want to say thank you for spending a little bit of your precious time with me.

Some of you may have noticed that my blog posts are coming very few and far between now. 

It’s not that I don’t have things I could share with you inside and outside of my home, because I do.  It’s just that my focus has needed to change for this season of my life.

Rest assured…it’s a good thing.

This refocusing thing I’m talking about…it’s a good thing…it’s a needed thing.  Most of all, it’s a God thing.

God has me focusing on my man.  I don’t know if this will make sense, but He has me totally falling in love with my husband all over again.  Don’t get me wrong, I never fell out of love with him, but I am smitten again. 

I am focusing on loosening reins but still holding on to my college kids.  It’s a balance and I have to be careful.  Those of you who have older children know what I mean.  Right?

I am focusing on teaching my 5th grader.  Not only are we learning our academics, but also life.  She is at a prime teaching age when it comes to “life” issues.  Again….I proceed with caution and ask for Godly wisdom. 

God recently called us back to our home church that we had attended for fifteen years.  We left for seven years while God did a HUGE work in my heart.  Now,praise God, we are back!!  Let me just say that with God, all things are truly possible.  Trust me.

In being back at our church, God has called me back into working with teenage girls.  My husband and I have worked with youth for almost 20 years and we love it!  My focus right now is 11th and 12th grade girls Sunday school and a Sunday night Bible Study called Yellow Roses with 6th-12th grade girls.  I am in my “happy place”  when I am with those girls.  How rewarding and how wonderful.  What an honor.

Another focus I have is right now just a prayerful desire.  A lot of you know that my mom battled and beat breast cancer a couple of years ago.  This past November, she found her husband dead from suicide.  Needless to say, she has been in a low place and I don’t think she would mind me sharing that with you.  My prayerful desire is that she will move to the city where my family lives.  She is only about an hour away, but I want her here with us.   I want us to be able  to love on her, take care of her, her take care of us, her cook for us (mom, hope you are reading this).  I want to be able to go see her when I want to and vice versa.  We are praying that if it’s the Lord’s will, that He would begin opening doors to move her here.  She would get her on place, but at least she would be close by.  That is my heart’s desire. 

My ten year old and I are also participating in a community market every Saturday.  We set up a booth and sell upcycled, repurposed, and handmade items.  It is our little business and we love it.  It keeps us busy though.

Boy, I have unloaded, haven’t I?

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because you all have become important to me.  So many of you are an important part of my life.  I have spent time praying for many of you, so that makes you extra special. 

I just want you to know where my life is right now.  I want you to know the season my life is in. 

It’s all good. 

I will keep my blog and keep posting periodically.  I still enjoy sharing our life happenings and our home, but I will do it mostly on  instagram and facebook for now.   Those are quick and quick is good.  If you are interested, please come find me over there.

I pray blessings over each one of you who are reading this post.  I pray that you will be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.  I pray that you will always remember that you are the apple of God’s eye and that He calls you beautiful one.

Chat soon….

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Jill said...

Good for you Amy! I ask God now to give you that desire on your heart.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I do miss your posts, but having your priorities line up with what God is calling you to do...well nothing is more important than that!

Debra Oliver said...

the fact that it's "all good" is the important thing. I know God calls us in to different seasons and priorities. sending lot's of love and blessings, Debra

Debbie said...

I understand more than you know. I have thought that maybe if I had a facebook I could keep up better. Not sure if that would help, though.

I love the new directions you are going in, and I decided as I read this that I would be praying for your mom to move if that's God's will. (And I decided that I hope it is his will. )

I do not want to loose touch with you so I might just have to do a facebook. I can't do instagram because I have a phone that is dumber than dirt.

You have blessed me in more ways than you will ever really know.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I will miss your posts, but I understand how life takes different priorities!

Holly said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you! No one can be upset with you when you are following God's will. Enjoy and will look forward to your next post when the time is right!

pballard said...

Amy, I love this post. I love that you put God first and foremost. Amen for that. This is why I adore you and your blog. I will always follow you daily, monthly, or yearly. You inspire me.

Mrs.S said...

What a blessing your post was!

Mrs.S said...

What a blessing your post was!

It's me said...

This is nice to hear Amy !!..God do great things with all of us.....Amen to that !!...love Ria...x !

Marilyn Holeman said...

Hi Amy,

I went looking for you on Facebook. How are you listed there? There were several Amy Kinsers (mostly without photos) and an All Things Home. I couldn't tell which was you. (It was a quick scan.)

I applaud your decisions, and will look forward to your posts when you have time. But yes, quick is good! I am getting overwhelmed with too much in my email, and have started cutting back who I follow. Your blog will not be one I cut!


Marilyn Holeman said...

Hi Amy,

I went looking for you on Facebook. How are you listed there? There were several Amy Kinsers (mostly without photos) and an All Things Home. I couldn't tell which was you. (It was a quick scan.)

I applaud your decisions, and will look forward to your posts when you have time. But yes, quick is good! I am getting overwhelmed with too much in my email, and have started cutting back who I follow. Your blog will not be one I cut!


White Lace and Promises said...

I knew that something was going on. You have been so faithful to pray for me through so many of my trials. I will certainly keep you close to my heart in my prayers.

Sounds like a good thing is going on. You know my husband and I have worked with youth for 35 years (he, 35, me in and out for 35.)Treasure the time with you mom and your family.

I'm glad you've found "home" again. That's something I still long for.

I closed my personal fb, but you can stop by and "like" my White Lace and Promises page. Thinking of you as God reorders your life.

Prayers and Blessings,

Diana said...

Amy, It sounds like God has you in a good place right now and he will continue to place you where you need to be. Your life sounds full and busy which is a really good thing. I will pray for your mom and hope she moves closer-it sounds like it would be great for all of you. Take care, I'll continue to follow your posts. Diana

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

It all makes sense, Amy. It is wonderful of you to share your heart and what's happening in your family life. Thanks for checking in with us here! I know God is blessing you for your obedience!

Jane said...

Blessings to you and your family at this stage in your lives. I know that reading your post was a blessing to me - I think many of us feel this way from time to time and don't act on it. I know God will use this time, and your obedience, in a mighty way!

elizabeth said...

We all miss you, but it looks like you priorities are right where they should be!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Amy- I am so glad to see this post from you and know what is going on in your life. Life really does move us through seasons, doesn't it? This sounds like a good one for you.

I am so happy that you are back in your home church. There is just something right about being reconnected again and knowing that is where you are supposed to be.

I don't do Instagrams but I will sure pray for you and your family and watch for you here-

Much love to you- xo Diana

Melissa C said...

I will add your momma to our prayers Amy,I sure do hope she has read this. I love your thoughts on her being closer to you, ALL of you will benefit from it.

Thank you so much for all that you have done in the last few years. It has been a blessing to know you!

Nancy said...

praying that God leads your mom closer to you :)


Anne said...

I will miss seeing your weekly posts.But I understand refocusing.God will lead the way.You are needed there with your family and that is most important.

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

What a great post to read Amy! I am so happy for you. It sounds like so many parts of your life are going so well! I will continue to pray for your Mom and pray that she will get to live closer to you!

Take care,

must love junk said...

Glad that you're in a good place and doing great! :)

Becky Cunningham said...

Hey my sweet sister! It took me forever to get back to comment on this wonderful post...so sorry. Wow! To have your mom closer? Wouldn't that be an amazing God thing? I have been praying for God to help that work out, if that's His will. I know how that would bless you both to be able to spend more quality time together more often.
And it sounds like all of your focus is right where it should be...you are always such a great encourager to me, so I want to encourage you to follow your heart with your family, and never feel bad about posting less.
I know how much your family loves you...and I do too!!
Sending lots of hugs

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I thought I left a comment here already...as I've read this post at least 2 times in the past couple of weeks...my heart swells up for you, and I'm so pleased to see how your are being obedient and moving in a direction that is bound by God and your family!
It IS hard when the kids start to move away--and you are there faced with the husband, the older parent and with you a younger still at home...I am happy to see you embrace it.
We are still away from our home church, I'm hopeful to return.
I will keep an eye out for your posts... I'm going to follow you on instagram I just joined up recently, Patriciagram65...looking forward to see how God is growing your family.