Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Quick Girl Time Get Together

Hey ladies.


Quick post today.


My husband is having surgery this week and will be off of work a couple of weeks so he is my priority.  I know you understand.


Please pray for him.  Nothing real serious but it is still surgery.


I want to share two things today with y’all.


First of all, my sister friend, Becky from Buckets of Burlap is hosting her first ever Barn Sale!


It will be incredible because everything she does is fabulous!


buckets of burlap postcard for fb-1


I love how she says “A stroll through the Countryside Shopping Experience”.  Isn’t that wonderful?


If you live close to Becky, you really should go.




Another thing you need to know about is a beautiful new magazine that Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs has designed.


This lady is beyond talented.  Her pictures usually make my heart melt just a little.


Three words to sum up her style…


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous


Take a look at her blog and see how you can get her online or printed version of Inspiration Vintage Magazine.




I’ll ask you again to pray for my husband as he has his surgery and that his healing will be quick.  Thanks.


I would also love your prayers as I prepare for a Community Market that I will be participating in on June 15.  This will be the first time that I try to sale some of my handmade, upcycled , signature items.  My mind will be on my husband but I also need my mind and hands to be busy creating.


Prayers would be so appreciated. 


Thanks and God bless.



Becky Cunningham said...

Hey my sweet sister! I will certainly be praying for your husband...and a speedy recovery. He'll have a great crew helping him through the next couple of weeks.
And thank you so so much for sharing my Barn Sale! I'm excited & a little nervous about it. Wishing you were going to be here.
What is there to say about Melinda's magazine? OH MY...all of her contributors are amazing & I drool over every photo!
Praying for you both today! Love you so much

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

You have my prayers Amy. I hope your husband's surgery goes very well and that you enjoy the market this Saturday. I know your wares will be a big hit!
Wish I lived close enough to attend Becky's sale - I'm sure it will be amazing. I just adore her kitchen.
And I've already purchased Melinda's magazine - don't you just think she was always meant to do this? I always drool over her photos and home.
Take care dear Amy,

Anne said...

If I lived closer I would be at Becky's sale in a heart beat!
Praying for your husband <3

Pat Cantwell said...

Prayers are coming your way, dear friend!!!
Keep us updated on your husbands recovery, renewed and restored health!!!
Much success at your Community Market $ale!!!

pballard said...

Praying for you both for sure! Have a great day!

Debbie said...

Very grateful that I checked on my computer tonight so that I can join the prayer for his surgery and complete recovery.

And I will lift you for the upcoming sale, too.


Aw man, looks like FUN!! Wish I lived closer. Hope the surgery goes smoothly!


Rachel Guerrero said...

Prayers for your husband and family! Good Luck at the local market sale, I'm sure you will do great!!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Oh Amy, I wish I lived where I could go to Becky's Barn Sale. I've been seeing where she's posted about it on Facebook... looks so awesome. I bet you wish you could be there too huh?! :-) I hope your husband's surgery goes well and his recovery is speedy and easy! Keep us posted. Hugs ~ Dori ~

Doreen Cagno said...

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to that barn sale - I'm sure it will be fabulous! Thanks for sharing the magazine - I'm off to check it out! The pictures are beautiful!

Praying for your husband and that you will be able to accomplish everything for the sale! Keep us posted!


Melissa C said...

You got it!
praying for you both :)

Churaipon Chintakanont Klaijumlang said...

Prayers are amazing. They are from all over the eorld to just ONE person who see to the very best for all of His children. We could pour our hearts out, and He would kindly and lovingly listen to all. Mine is from Chiang Rai, Thailand to te tellour Heavenly Father that we are grateful to know that He is in complete control. We are asking for His divine healing that it will be speedy and complete. We would like to also ask for His gentle touch and a sweet comfort for you to experience His presence closely with you all through the journey.


My heart is healed back to music blog.
I look forward to every day.

lynn said...

wishing him a quick recovery, amy:) have fun at market!

Deanna said...

Thinking about you and all that is going on.
Priorities are priorities.
God bless and wish you well.
d on the prairie

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

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