Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guest Ready

Hey sweet friends!


We are getting ready for our big graduation bonfire this coming up Saturday.  I have been planting flowers, cleaning up outdoors, buying outdoor lanterns, gathering bottles for wildflower centerpieces.  Such fun…


You want to know what the problem is?


It’s supposed to rain on that day.  Yuk. 


How do we have a bonfire in the rain?


You don’t.


So now to plan B just in case the rain does come as forecasted.


I am readying our home for lots of people to be indoors. 


chair 2


Our house is a nice size so we shouldn’t have much problem with everyone being indoors, but it does mean that people will be spread out all over the house.


chair 3


Which means….


I feel like I have to have EVERY room in tip top shape. 


dresser 3


I am going from room to room cleaning, fluffing, refreshing.


dresser 4


The guest room was my most recent room to spruce up.


table 2


Not only will the guest room be cleaned up for this weekend but also will be ready for our Louisiana friends when they come this summer. 


table 3


Two birds…one stone.


wall 2


One room down…a bunch more to go.


wall and bed 2


full room 1


Will let you know what happens with the weather.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and see you Tuesday for our next Girl Time get together.



Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hope the party went off without the Rain!! But if it did shower - your home would be a delightful place to be for anyone. I'm sure everybody had a great time regardless of the location. But what is funny - I have that exact same birdcage and I spray painted it - today - a pretty blue. We must be one the same page friend.

Faded Charm said...

Keeping all the rooms guest ready is a never ending job, isn't it? It does feel good once done, though. Have a great time and Happy Mother's Day to you:-)


Debbie said...

Well, I hope the rain holds off because I love the idea of a bonfire. As I read this, I realized that it has been years and years since I went to one. (Years and years and years in fact.) The guest room looks fabulous! It's like something out of a magazine.

Old Time Cindy said...

Here's hoping that the rain stays away so you and your guests can enjoy the bonfire. Don't work too hard!
Farmhouse hugs,

It's me said...

Lovely post ....lovely!

chateau chic said...

Your home looks in tip top shape, so welcoming! Hopefully the weather will surprise you and be gorgeous! But you're wise to have a plan B.
Mary Alice

Ruby and Arthur said...

Your guest room looks sweet and old fashioned, just what I love. Jean

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Hope the party went well. Your guest room is lovely and today I am especially admiring the painted shutter ( I scored one this weekend for $3.75) and all the little accents.

Anne said...

Hope you had a great party and no rain!We have had plenty around here too.
Wishing you a Happy Mothers day!

Becky C said...

Well I'm hoping for no rain also! However, if guests do end up inside, they will be delighted with each and every room! Your whole house is probably already in tip-top shape...and the photos show it :) I really love that collage on the wall, beautiful addition.
I can't wait to be there next month :) and be in that pretty room.
Please tell the sweet graduate that we are so so proud of her! Pretend we are there at the bonfire, k?
Love you all

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Amy,
Hope the party was fun and you could be outdoors. Happy Mother's Day too!

Bliss said...

Maybe if I pretend your bonfire is at my house I'll go through my home fluffing too and get stuff done!


Pat Cantwell said...

Hope you were able to enJOY your festivities out~of~doors, dear friend!!! Saturday has to be one of the most beautiful days yet this Spring!!!
A be~lated Happy Mother's Day, dear one!!!

melissa said...

Oh I hope that you have had beautiful weather, fires are always so fun, and calming.