Friday, May 24, 2013

Blue Scattered Here and There

Until a few years ago, everything in our home was dark.  When I say dark, I mean burgundy, mustard yellow, navy blue…you get the picture in your head, I know. 

Then one day my youngest came to me and literally said, “mommy, everything in our house is so dark”.    At seven years old, my daughter noticed something that I didn’t.  She saw that our house needed to be lighter and brighter…not dark and gloomy.

blue bucket 1

I still remind her of that home changing comment every time she says, “mom, everything in our house is white now”.

blue column 2

Her comment really did get me moving on making some much needed changes in our home.  Room by room, I began undoing anything dark that I could undo.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have dark leather sofas and a dark entertainment center and some other key pieces that will remain dark, but overall, our home has a much lighter and brighter feel.  So much more calm and relaxing in my opinion.

seltzer bottles 2

One of the things that I totally love about using white as my foundational color is that I can add pops of different colors here and there and it looks wonderful.

My two main colors that I use along with white (wood and metal also) are light shades of blues and greens.  I love how both of these colors look against the white.

blue pillows 2

One of the sweetest comments my husband has made on a couple of different occasions is that our home feels like a relaxing bed and breakfast to him.  I totally love that comment from him.  That’s speaking my love language right there. 

blue pillow 2

bottle 1

Having white as my backdrop sure does make it easy to change things around if my daughter gives me anymore great suggestions.  Don’t you agree?

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Anne said...

Yes Amy I totally agree!I too did that same thing a year ago and I love all the white.It is so much easier adding touches of color when you have lots of white :-)

pballard said...

Lovely post. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend... I love white also and have been adding some dark to it now!

elizabeth said...

I think we all had the dark, "tuscan" look for a while. I went along with it too, even though I was always a rustic, country cottage type decor girl at heart. I am so glad to be back to the real me in my decor!

Debra Oliver said...

same here, I always gravitate toward calming colors now, I still love color and pattern, just in smaller doses. Someday I want to see that wonderful stack of quilts!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I am in this same frame of mind...lightening up and de-cluttering!


It is a great design.
I love the setting of the old furniture.
Heart will be healed in music blog plays.
From Japan.
Ryoma Sakamoto.

Pat Cantwell said...

I LOVE that you listen to your children!!!
Your home is lovely!!! I feel that there is so much "life" in your home.I adore the elements of past family members and the way your style harmoniously pulls fabric and texture together with a calm, soothing, tranquil color palette!!!
"Out of the mouths of babes"...

It's me said...

Owwww...i love it all Amy !!...great colors !! !!

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

I've been going through the same thing for the past several years, gradually going lighter. I like to keep a few dark pieces, too. Your home is so beautiful, and I love your touches of pretty blues and greens! Just lovely.

Jeanette @ Creating a Life

lynn said...

sweet post--i love that blue tin--gorgeous color!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your whites and naturals are so pretty and with the different textures and blues it is so cozy. Love your style.

Melissa C said...

Lovely little touches :) I really love that little bench in your entry way!