Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Simple Girl Time Get Together

Hi friends!


If you have been following me recently then you know that my middle child just graduated after twelve years of homeschooling!  WOO HOO!!  I shared with you that we were planning a bonfire celebration after her graduation for this past Saturday.  I also told you there was a big chance of rain for that day but that I was praying for good weather. 


Let me just tell you that the weather was beautiful!  No rain!  Not too warm!  Just perfection!  Thank you, Lord!


We had close to 75 people here during that afternoon and evening and it was wonderful!  So thankful that the celebration got to be outside where there was room for everyone.


I also told you that I would be dropping my oldest child off at a Christian camp where he would be working for the next twelve weeks.  Do I even need to tell you that I was  a bit weepy?


I know, perspective…I try to keep things in perspective but dog gone it, I still get sad and I still cry and I just can’t help it.  I miss him already and it’s just been a few hours.


Okay…just had to get all of that off my chest. 


Tired doesn’t even come close to what I am feeling right now so this is what I am going to do….


  I have been following a blog for quite sometime now that I haven’t been able to catch up on for awhile.  This is a wonderful homesteading blog that just keeps screaming out at me to sit down and  read it, so I am going to.


I am going to spend a few hours tomorrow on my sofa, under a blanket, while nursing a cold and a little bit of a broken heart and catch up on some blog reading. 


The blog I am going to be reading is Homestead Revival..A Journey Back to the Farm.


Homesteading is fascinating to me.  I love reading about farm life.  I love seeing pictures of people’s gardens and animals.  I love finding new “country” recipes or learning what to do with different herbs.


Homestead Revival has all of this and more. 


Me and Homestead Revival are going to be cozying up together tomorrow and I can’t wait.


I would love to share some of their beautiful photos with you, but for some reason I cannot get them to load onto this post.  Trust me, you will want to head over for yourself and take a look.


Also wanted to mention that my email has been messed up for over a week now so I cannot respond to any comments or emails.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to say thank you if you have stopped by for a visit.  Hopefully, my computer savvy husband will get me back up and running soon.


Take care all…God bless.


Remember to check out Homestead Revival when you can.



chateau chic said...

Amy, I am delighted you had such beautiful weather for your celebration of your daughter. It is nice to be able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors this time of year for such an important and happy occasion.
Mary Alice

Debbie said...

I recognize that name for some reason. It might be one that I found and then lost when I was first trying to follow blogs on my own with GFC.

I will click to it and see. Sounds like your perfect cup of tea, too!

I'm so glad it all went well with even the weather cooperating. I do understand about your son. I acknowledge perspective, but I also know a mother's heart.

Old Time Cindy said...

That is a great homesteading blog. Take care and rest up!
Farmhouse hugs,