Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Calling

In 1997, my husband and I felt a strong call from the Lord to homeschool our five year old son. 


A few years later, it was time to homeschool our daughter Beth.


beth church 5


A couple of years ago, our son graduated. On Saturday, our oldest daughter did the same.


It is amazing to me that this journey in their lives is over.


beth collage 3


We are starting a new chapter.  A new journey is ahead.


beth collage 2


chalkboard 1


I am excited to see what the future holds for all our children.


I am so very thankful that I know Who holds their future.


Saturday was wonderful!


It was a time of celebrating both the student and the parents.  Homeschooling is a family endeavor for sure.  We are all involved. 


ceremony 38


Our homeschool graduation is a very personal time for each graduate.  You can make it personal when there are only 28 students graduating.


ceremony 37


After the ceremony, our family hosted a bonfire to celebrate Beth! 


front porch 5


front porch 6


It was a wonderful celebration that included close to 75 close friends and family. 


welcome 1


flowers 2


backporch 1


It didn’t rain! 


hammock 1


The sun shone brightly.


What a perfect day!


I am so thankful for the calling that the Lord placed on our hearts all those years ago.


I am thankful that I still have a fourth grader to continue this homeschooling journey with. 


Now for the next chapter….



helen tilston said...

Congratulations Amy on a fine accomplishment. Wishing your daughter continued success


Becky Cunningham said...

Congratulations to all of you on another successful graduate!! Love seeing these photos...everyone looks so happy :)
I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. And I'm really glad the weather turned out beautifully. I know it was a fun event...and all of your planning was enjoyed by the whole crowd :)
Now, that sweet little fourth grader has you all to herself, and I bet she's going to LOVE that!!
Missing you...

melissa said...

this is such an awesome mile stone in both your be a home school graduate and to graduate a home schooled child. Congrats to you both, I pray for many blessings for Beth on her next journey.

Holly said...

That is awesome! What an accomplishment for you all. I believe it takes a special person to homeschool and you seem to embrace it with everything you have. Love the pics. you shared. So glad the weather turned out nice for your bonfire. Have a happy day.

Faded Charm said...

Exciting times and you should be very proud! My son will be a Senior next year and I just can't believe it...where does the time go?

So glad it didn't rain and everything went smoothly. Now you can sit back and enjoy the Summer:-)


Christine Vandormolen said...

Amy, congrats on your pretty graduate...Love all of your décor in the backyard. Will have to start pinning!!!! LOL

Anne said...

Amy congratulations to your beautiful daughter for graduating!And congratulations to you for teaching her.My niece home schools her two girls.I know it is not an easy thing to do.But the rewards are bountiful for her.I wish you daughter much success in her future!

lynn said...

what a celebration! so glad her day was great, amy! wishing her a bright, happy future:)

The Starfish Studio said...

This is all so sweet. Transitions are emotional and gratifying at the same time. Love your blog!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

This was the sweetest post, Amy. Brought tears to my eyes. The years so go by so quickly, don't they? The pictures are beautiful and everything looked perfect! Glad it didn't rain! :-) (Remember that kitchen stepping stool I bought from you last summer? I finally re-did it. Its on my blog today!)

Debbie said...

I know it was a wonderful day of celebrations with a lot of gratitude.
It will be so amazing to see what the next leg of the journey holds.

I think you and your little fourth grader will be kind of lonely in the classroom at home, won't you? You will have to fill the void with some wonderful educational adventures.

Well done, both student AND teacher!

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Doreen @ Hymns and Verses said...

What a blessing! It looks like you had a beautiful day to celebrate your daughter's graduation! Next year is my "baby's" graduation - time flies! Blessings to your daughter!