Friday, April 26, 2013

Are You Chicken?

Okay, I had to name this post that because it really is just all about our chickens.


eagle 20


I never thought I would do a post with only chicken pictures because I know that none of you want to see just chickens.


eagle 6


You come here to see an old farm table or white dishes on a chippy shelf.


You would probably much prefer seeing shelves stacked with vintage linens.


eagle 10


You know,  this post will probably get no comments except for a few of you farm girls who appreciate a backyard full of poultry or some of you who would love to have farm fresh eggs on a daily basis right from your own backyard.  Those comments will be appreciated, by the way. 


eagle 12


eagle 2


We now have 27 hens and one rooster on this little hobby farm of ours.


eagle 11


We are getting 20 plus eggs everyday.


eagle 8


eagle 13


That’s why these chickens are getting their pictures made today. 


eagle 17


They deserve to be recognized for all of their hard work.


eggs 3


Awesome, right?



elizabeth said...

Such pretty eggs!

Jenny Kinser said...

Girl! you have FINALLY posted about something I know!! :-) Your chickens are so pretty and YES!! There is nothing prettier than fresh spring grass with fat, sassy hens pecking around!! Love your post!

Jenny Kinser said...

Girl! you have FINALLY posted about something I know!! :-) Your chickens are so pretty and YES!! There is nothing prettier than fresh spring grass with fat, sassy hens pecking around!! Love your post!

Robin Johnson said...

I loved seeing your chickens! I've always thought a few would be fun to have around.

Sheila said...

I LOVE your chickens and I so think they deserve a feature on their beauty and their hard work. I will soon have a lil coop for some laying hens no rooster here in the city :(.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!!


Wonky Girl said...

Yes I love this post. We have regular chickens and fun fuzzy, frizzled and smooth bantams. Ours would love that grass you have but alas, we live in AZ.

Down to Earth Style said...

I am a "wanna-be" farm girl so I appreciate these chicken photos. My friend has chickens and I love the sound of them in her backyard. It's a homey - comfortable sound. Peaceful -unless it's it's the rooster at 4 am.

Elma said...

OH I LOVE chickens!! We have four hens and one rooster. We just bought a while back eight more hens. I could watch them all day!! SO do you now when we can put the new chickens in with the older ones? Do you feed any treats to the chickens. I say the more pictures the better!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

20 eggs a day?
That is awesome... I loved seeing the pictures of your chickens. I really, had no idea.
I have chickens myself; 13 to be exact...well, 6 are pullets, but I guess I really do escape to your blog and home to see the pretties. I really never knew you had chickens.
loved it. Hope your visit with Becky and family was fun! (is fun?)

lynn said...

such cute chickens, amy:) great post! enjoy the weekend!

kristin said...

I have to say that I love this post!! We had two hens a few years back, they were sisters and I just loved watching them mosey around the yard! We are moving at the end of May/beginning of June into our new house and one of my first of the outdoor plans is to build an awesome chicken coop and start a little "chicken farm" as my fiance calls it! I must also add that all of your chickens are gorgeous! :)

On Crooked Creek said...

Cute post!!!
I L O V E the photo of the bowl filled with eggs!!!
Have a marvelous weekend, dear friend!!!

Anne said...

Beautiful chickens!You are so lucky to have so much room for them to roam!

Barb Mullally said...

I love your chickens. They are gorgeous. I wish I was able to have some chickens on our property. Thanks for the photos for us to enjoy.

Debbie said...

Well you're getting a comment from me! I loved these, and the fifth one from the top is my very favorite. They look like they are strolling and chatting, and the hen looks like she has her hands behind her back.

I love them.
I mean, I reallllly love them. You need to do a framed collage of them.

Becky C said... are sitting right here next to me...but I still thought I'd tell you I love your gorgeous chickens! They are really healthy and making beautiful eggs :)
I love that you are here with me this week! It's been a joy with you!

Old Time Cindy said...

I'm happy to see your chickens. Yes, I'm a farm girl at heart. I like your decor, but I also like seeing your feathered friends.
Farmhouse hugs,

melissa said...

Love this post!

and oh goodness! what is your roo? and his name??? is he friendly???

oh do share!!