Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Dreaming

After spending most of the day Saturday cleaning , I am officially ready for warm sunshiny days.  I am ready for the sun to pour through our windows and to see things coming alive again outdoors.


I so enjoyed cleaning and freshening our home and bringing in hints of spring here and there.  You can see who I spent my Saturday cleaning with in my last POST.


I recently took some of my grandmother’s beautiful floral hankies and made them into a simple little runner. 


ladder 5


I do have a sewing machine but really don’t know how to sew other than a simple straight stitch.  That’s all it took to sew these delicate hankies one to another.


ladder 3


It truly means so much to me to have things in our home that have been passed down through the generations.  It makes my heart smile to think of her using these.


mantel pitcher 6


I love them hanging on my old green ladder so I can easily see them.


mantel pitcher 13


Flowers adorning the hankies and the mantel.


mantel pitcher 14


This pitcher is the perfect shade of green and again reminds me of the nearness of springtime.


mantel pitcher 11


Spring will be here soon.


I guess I shouldn’t rush away the days because each day is a gift in itself. 


This is the day that the Lord has made, let us (me) rejoice and be glad in it!


Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine no matter how cold it may be where you are.



Anne said...

What beautiful hankies Amy!They look so pretty adorned on your ladder.I have some too tucked away.I should bring them out again.

Becky C said...

Gorgeous vintage hankies, Amy! It's so special that you now have them...and displayed so pretty on your old ladder. Great idea! Your mantel looks fresh and ready for spring, too. It really is one of the best times of the year when all nature is new again.
Love and miss you bunches
Lots of hugs

Kolein said...

I love the hankies too! I have many that my MIL left us...most of which she crocheted designs onto!

I think I LOVE every corner of your home! The statue of the lady is so wonderful, too!

I'm also trying not to "rush" to spring! But as I told a friend this morning...."It's a frozen tundra out here!" So we're bringing spring into our hearts instead - newness, joy, son light and love and flowers from Trader Joe's to adorn every room in our home helps too!!!


Keeping It Cozy said...

I love what you did with the hankies, Amy! My grandma had a bunch of beautiful hankies too... as a little girl I used to spend all kinds of time looking at them. My mom made a little blanket out of some of them a couple years ago for Jillian. :-) I am ready for spring too! Did you get snow Saturday? We had snow flurries all day, but it didn't really stick.

Junkchiccottage said...

These little hankies sewn together are so pretty. I love them hanging on your ladder. I think it is so sweet these were your grandmothers and you now have them displayed so cute in your home to honor her. So sweet.

pballard said...

Always inspiring me! Thanks!

On Crooked Creek said...

Great idea for displaying vintage hankies, dear friend! I, truly, understand how they bring you comfort in your home!!!
The green pitcher is the perfect shade of green, indeed!!!
The SNOW has melted here on the Prairie leaving the drought and shades of brown ever present in our sight. My hope is Spring will be green, once again!

It's me said...

Springfeelings !! from me

Red Gate Farm said...

I love the hankie idea... I have a few from family and friends and this would be a wonderful way to use them, just in time for spring! Thanks for the inspiration :)


must love junk said...

Your hankies look so pretty-and how special they are! I need to start my spring cleaning :)

Olive said...

The hankie runner is awfully sweet.

Bella said...

Hi Amy,
I love those cheery hankies!

Debbie said...

I am crazy about the hankies. I had an aunt who always carried one. Wouldn't you think a few of them would have survived in the famous linen trunk? No.

I have been looking for some that speak to me to frame here. I just love old floral hankies.

Great job with them!

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

What a sweet way to use those hankies!! I used some I have collected to make a "banner" in my daughter room. Love the sweet colors and happy patterns :)

chateau chic said...

What a sweet runner, Amy. And I love your old ladder that it's hanging on.
Mary Alice

Susan said...

Lovely hankies on the fabulous ladder, and I adore that lampshade, too! Happy spring cleaning Amy!

Homes for rent said...

hankies too is amazing may be I can decorate my new flat.