Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready For Our 2nd Girl Time Tuesday

Hey girls!


Welcome back to our second Girl Time Tuesday.


I had so much fun introducing you to some friends last week at our first get together.


It has been a lot of fun trying to decide who to share with you all this week, but it’s also been sort of hard.  You see, there are so very many people that I want to share but I want to be careful not to overwhelm you with too many.


Enough intro… let’s get this Girl Time started.


I mentioned last week that I wanted to introduce you to a lady and her blog who focuses a lot on women over 40.  I also mentioned that that would include me. Yes,  I am 44 and thankful!


Let me introduce you to Cindy’s blog, Walking In Grace and Beauty.


Fashion & Faith


Her blog header reads…Inspiring Women to Be Beautiful Inside and Out.


Cindy beautifully shares her faith, her family, and wonderful beauty tips for women of all ages, especially focusing on women over 40. 


Please take a minute and go to Cindy’s blog and look around a little.   I’ll be sure to let her know you are coming.




The next beautiful blog that I want to introduce you to is Sophia's.


I actually just found her blog and totally fell in love with her little girl’s room that they appropriately called Lily's Garden Room.



Is that not a beautiful young lady’s room?  Totally love it!


Head over and say hi to Kristen when you have a chance.    She has lots of fabulous things going on in her home.




Another beautiful and fairly new to me blog is Sew a Fine Seam.


What I am discovering about this blogger is that she has many many gifts and talents.



She sews, but not just aprons…she also makes wedding dresses.


Remember my sewing abilities..


ladder 5


I am very proud of my straight line sewn hankie runner, but friends, that isn’t a wedding dress. 


Okay, back to  Jill from Sew a Fine Seam.


This lady also has a beautifully decorated home.



She takes wonderful photos..


march snow 6


and she is a wonderful writer who beautifully shares her faith.


Gee whiz, I think I really like this lady


Please head over her way and check out her gorgeous blog and see for yourself what I am talking about.  Let her know that Amy sent you so she can get to know all of us a little better.




And last today, but definitely not least, is a friend that I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person but would love to.


Debbie from Words on Wheels has become my friend.  She is a prayer warrior.  She is a story teller.  She is funny.  She is resourceful.  She is hard working.  She is talented.  She is totally in love with her husband and puts on lipstick for him.  And mostly, she loves God and teaches me things every time I read her posts.


Debbie has been busy doing a huge kitchen remodel with her husband and has been sharing stories along the way.  One of her recent posts has stuck with me and will not leave my mind.    LIKE REALLY WILL NOT LEAVE MY MIND.  I’m thinking this must be a real weakness of mine for God to have it so heavy on my heart.  Just being real…


I want you to read it for yourself,  but I do want to tell you what spoke the strongest to me.


There are two main characters in this post about Debbie’s kitchen floor… Debbie and the Farm Sister.  As much as I love Debbie and truly would love to be more like her, it is the Farm Sister’s role here that has meant so much to me and what I want to strive for.


Please take a minute and read Ralph the Grouch and the Great Tile Disaster.



After you read her post, then I would love for you to go back and read a post I did called One Better.  (some of you may have already read it but if you haven’t I sure wish you would)


What the Farm Sister did with Debbie’s disaster was to do ONE BETTER. 


She didn’t just tell Debbie she hoped it would get fixed.  She didn’t say, “call me if you need my help”.  She did ONE BETTER.  She went (a verb) and she did (another verb).  She took action.  She went ONE BETTER and I LOVE THAT. 


I love the life lesson in her post and wonder if Debbie had any idea that by sharing this story that she would make my heart beat faster every single time I thought of it.


Thanks Debbie and thanks Farm Sister for teaching me something very valuable through something that I know was not any fun at all. 


I hope some of you find this as educational and meaningful as I did.


Please leave her a quick message and tell her you stopped by.





Man, have I worn you out?


Are you still with me?


I talked a lot to day, didn’t I?  I told you that I can talk a little too much at times.


I hope you enjoyed our time together .  I enjoyed it tremendously and am loving sharing this time with you.   It makes my heart happy to share these people with all of you. 


I do hope you will come back next week for our next Girl Time.  Make sure to bring a new friend with you if you think about it.  The more the merrier.


Until next time… May God bless you and keep you safe and may we never forget to tell Him thank you.



Susan said...

Amy, we're the same age! We're kickin' it in our forties. :)
Okay, so the kids are home for a SNOW day today, I've got coffee in hand. They're doing art projects while I'm perusing blog land. I'm off to check out these enticing blogs...thank you!

On Crooked Creek said...

Sounds as if you've picked some AMAZING "girls" for us to visit again this week, dear friend!!!
At the moment, I'm taking a much needed break from Spring Cleaning...but promise to visit the "girls", soon!!!
Thank you for introducing us to Women of Faith that we may have well missed, otherwise!!!
I am continually blessed that God put you in my "blogging" path!!! For this, and so~o~o much more...I give Him thanks daily!!!

Judy K said...

I just found you blog and I am your latest follower. Those are some awesome, inspirational blogs you have featured.

Pur et Simple said...

So last week I found YOU, and now you've introduced me to so many wonderful blogs FULL of inspiration (for soul and mind) Thank you, thank you!!

Have a wonderful day.
Carol (from WA)

Anne said...

Sitting down drinking my coffee and reading about all these amazing women Amy!Thank you so much for sharing!


elizabeth said...

Debbie is one of my FAVORITE bloggers too! I'm heading over to check out the rest of the blogs. Thanks Amy!

Debbie said...

You have done something that TRUST ME is very, very hard to do. You have made me sit here speechless.

I am so glad that I didn't miss this. I needed the encouragement today, and God used you in the same way that he uses that special sister of mine who always, always, goes ONE BETTER.

Thanks for being our "girlfriend". Actually, we have done one better and decided that you can be an honorary sister.

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Thanks Amy - you are so sweet! And your hankie runner is darling :) You did a great job on it - and not everyone enjoys working with something as time consuming as a wedding dress! I happen to love it - and can't wait to show off some bridesmaid dresses I have to make for a June wedding!

Red Gate Farm said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful ladies with us all... now I'm off to check them all out! :)


lynn said...

great group of bloggers, amy! that poor girl and her tile! tfs!

Tricia said...

It looks like you found a great group of blogs for this week, Amy...such variety and inspiration :)

Kristen @ Sophia's Decor said...


Thanks so much for sharing my daughter's room! I love this series... there is so much talent out there!

Have a wonderful rest of the week,


Sheila said...

Hi Amy,
Happy Tuesday!...I am so in love with the sweet bedroom makeover, I am getting ready to do my 9 year old room and boy did that help. I hope your week is going well, I am getting ready to move into a new space it has been a year since I have been anywhere other than just doing my wholesale thing.


Becky C said...

Yes, I agree... these are some great ladies to get to know. I love how each is unique AND talented. The little garden bedroom is fabulous :) and what a cool story about the farmer's sister.
I need to visit all of them more often :)
Thanks for introducing them all to me!!
Sending hugs!

Faded Charm said...

I love your new idea and such a great way to highlight blogs that everyone might not know about.

I wanted to tell you that I know Rebecca from Little LucyLu that you featured last week personally and was actually just at her house this afternoon visiting and checking in on her baby, Max...whose already four months old! I first met her when she was my daughter's kindergarten teacher and we just hit it off with so much in common and have been friends ever since:-)She has bought many, many pieces from me over the years and the Uncle she was talking about who helped her with her barn doors built our home.

Small world huh?

Take care,

Old Time Cindy said...

Wow...there is a lot of visiting to do here. Thanks for sharing!
Happy spring and farmhouse hugs,

Karen said...

Thanks for the blog links, I'm going to check out a couple that are new to me.