Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Smelly Green Cabinet

Hey friends.  Hope all is well with each one of you.

I have been changing and rearranging furniture and odds and ends.

Yes, it’s been fun and for whatever reason it just relaxes me.  I know you can relate.

I moved my secretary from my living room into our bedroom recently and love the change.  Take a look HERE to see what it looks like in there.

I took my little green cabinet that was in the bedroom and moved it into the living room. 

A quick note about this green cabinet…it must have been in a garage filled with oil or something because it has a yukky smell.  I have cleaned and cleaned and it is still a little bit smelly when the door is open.  I have actually made it my candle storage cabinet so that the smell of the candles helps neutralize the odor. 

The things we do for love…

cabinet 1

Every chip, every nick, every stain…I love it all. 

basket 1

Big baskets are a favorite thing of mine.  And I love this old ticking that I picked up at the flea market.

basket 4

The burlap heart was made for me a couple of years ago by my youngest daughter.  I truly love it and the thoughtfulness behind it.  She knows her mama loves burlap and she loves me.

green cabinet 1

This industrial cart was another favorite find over the summer.  It previously held my quilts, but now holds my vintage feed sacks.

sacks 1

I am always on the hunt for more sacks…burlap or otherwise.

sacks 3

sacks 2

This is just a very simple corner in our living room.  Just like I like it..simple.

green cabinet 3

green cabinet 2

I know my little green cabinet looks dirty but it’s really not.  It has been scrubbed and scrubbed.  

Is there any reasoning to why I like what I like?

I think it’s because I love seeing beyond the surface to what is underneath.  I love thinking about what beauty it once held.  I like to think about the people who used it before me.

It reminds me of how God sees what is on the inside.

  It reminds me of how God loves me despite of my dirt.

Blessings all!!!

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Art and Sand said...

I love your green cabinet. I don't think it looks dirty - just well loved. Sort of like a dog-eared favorite book. Houses and items in the house need to looked loved, not like staging for a magazine.

Enjoy your lovely cabinet.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I like the green on the cabinet...that metal rack is neat too!
I know you like what you like...I can't help it, I like what you like too!
Have you tried coffee in your cabinet? Coffee grounds are supposed to neutralize smells.
Just thought I'd pass it along.
--have a blessed week Amy, Pat

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

That's a great idea about using the cabinet to store your candles:) Also, I LOVE that darling little cart...great size!


pballard said...

Adore the cabinet, and industrial cart.. Your space is great! Blessings to you!

a house full of vintage said...

Your corner looks wonderful! Love the chippy green cabinet...all those things give it character! The industrial cart is amazing as well. Love reading your blog!

Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

I have also had a few stinky cupboards over the years!! lol looks great!

Ruby and Arthur said...

I love that green color! That's a great cabinet. I have a stinky cabinet, too!! haha I have tried baking soda and everything. Oh well, I love it anyway, Jean

It's me said...

I like it !!! is so beauttiful !! love the color..and the dirty look...lovely

Barbara said...

Amy you always have such fun things, I love the vintage look and you seem to have put it all together very well Bless you and have a great day.

Trisha said...

All of these things are so shabby and so perfect together!


Simply Shelley said...

I love that old metal rack....and everything else as well :) Moving things around is fun...kinda like playing shop! Blessings

Keeping It Cozy said...

The cabinet looks perfect in your living room and won't it be just beautiful this spring? I love how you describe why you like old things. Have a great week, Amy!

On Crooked Creek said...

I love your little green (smelly) cabinet, dear friend!!! The burlap heart, stole my heart, when you told us that it was made by your daughter! What a priceless treasure!!!
The look in your living room...simply divine!!!

Diana said...

Amy, I feel exactly the same way about some old pieces of furniture that no one but me loves. Green is my favorite color and I think your cabinet is beautiful. I also have a french laundry basket like yours and I love it as well-can go anywhere and hold so much! Hope your week is wonderful!

Elma said...

Love the green cabinet and the basket on top!!!

chateau chic said...

Your little green cabinet adds just the right pop of color in that corner! So much character!!
Mary Alice

Tammy said...

I love everything about your corner!!! Especially the green cabinet! I really like your style! God is so good to us and to know that it is only His son that can make us look clean in His eyes is a comfort:)

Anne said...

Amy I LOVE that green cabinet.And you know why I do because it's not perfect that is what makes it so charming!
Have you tried baking soda in that cabinet?Fresh wave may work too.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

This green cabinet is adorable! I have a hutch that was delivered to me by its previous owner in his fisherman truck... The smell was unbelievable! Putting bowls of sodium bicarbonate iside the cabinet usually helps getting rid of the smell. It's an old grandmother's trick that worked for me.

Junkchiccottage said...

The cabinet is so chippy and full of history and character. It's is perfect in that space. Ohhhhh I love the industrial cart too. That whole area is great.

Dawn said...

OMG I love that piece and it looks like ASCP Antibes Green a favorite of mine. Thanks for linking up at the Cabin:) Here's a trick to remove odor that works really well. Wad up newspaper and stuff the cabinet full. Leave for about 2 weeks, once the newspaper is removed the odor should go with it.

melissa said...

Hi there! Just found you thru Shabby Love. Your home is very pretty. I will enjoy your posts, I'm sure :)

Marie De Marco said...

i have a cleaning treatment that may help your green cabinet. try scrubbing the inside with listerine mouth wash. i've done this on a few pieces that had a very ucky smell. it has worked, no ore ucky!!!

Becky C said...

What a great corner for your smelly green cabinet! I love it in your family room. The green looks fabulous with the basket on top and all the warm colors of the grainsacks.
Loving all the suggestions for removing the "smell" from the cabinets...sorry, I have none :)But adding the candles sounds good to me!
Lots of hugs

Connie@shabbyforsure said...

Hi, Your green cabinet is fabulous and your cart is wonderful. You are lucky to find such great pieces...Connie

Carol said...

I really like your little green cabinet. I've heard that coffee grounds work to neutralize odors, and I've also heard that charcoal will also do that. Good luck with it.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love this green cabinet. I was going to suggest baking soda but I see that someone else has already suggested that and you probably thought of that yourself.