Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Carpenter

I have a precious friend, as close as a sister, who just recommended a new book to me.  She shared how much this book was speaking to her heart and I knew that I had to buy it for myself.

The book is called Mended and is written by Angie Smith. 

And my friend was right.  This is one powerful book  and is speaking much truth into my life.  It is also very timely in some areas of my life that  have been on my mind lately.

I feel led to share just a small portion of what I read today and I hope you will stay with me for just a moment as you read and look at a few photos of a favorite thing of mine….a beautiful old carpenter’s tote. 

Angie writes…“I don’t know who your “Moses” is, but I can think of several people in my life whom I have seen myself as such a pale shadow of-people I look up to and want to emulate in some sense.  At the heart of it, it isn’t even what I see as greatness in them, but rather the way it casts light on the weaknesses I perceive in myself.  How much time do I spend comparing, contrasting, evaluating, doubting, and allowing myself to feel like a disappointment when the Lord tells me over and over that He loves me!

green tote 1

She continues…”There will be no measuring stick when we see our Savior face to face.  I have images of apologizing to Him, fumbling for words as I have tried to convince Him that I want to be as good as “so and so” or as brave as “so and so”.

green tote 3

“I am realizing more and more that I am not in charge of how I compare to anyone else.  I need not look at my failing and others’ successes, imagining that I have failed the Lord or disappointed Him.  What a waste it is to watch each other and long for what other’s have, how they manage to do it all so well, and why in the world we can’t get our act together enough to be as good at having a quiet time or memorizing Scripture.  Did I think there was going to be a verse-off with another soul entering heaven when my name is called?  Maybe I would have to do a little Bible map-work, or prove I could put the books of both the Old and New Testament in order? 

“How wildly ridiculous, right?  Then why is it, sister, that we spend our days doing exactly this?”

green tote 8

After a few more words, Angie goes on to say, “Thank God for you, just as you are.  God doesn’t want you to be Moses, friend.  He wants you to be you just loving Him.”

green tote 9

“You aren’t Moses (or whomever you put in this place), and you wont’ be.  God wouldn’t have it any other way.  May the peace of that gentle reminder fall on you, and may it secure something in you that may have been rattling around, determined to find a satisfactory answer.”

green tote 11

“Face what is before you with confidence and with a heart aligned with the One who knew your name before time began.  He sings songs over you and quiets you with His love.  (Zeph 3:17)  If you are brave enough to listen, you might hear the sound of your own name echoing back from the great I AM.”

Aren’t these powerful words written by this author?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?    I know I do at certain times in my life, in many different areas and it’s something I need to ask God to forgive me for and help me with.

I have only just begun reading this book and can’t wait to continue on and see what else God has for me to learn.  Isn’t it exciting to find something that speaks to you?

Thanks, my friends, for letting me share these life giving words with you today from Mended.  Thanks, Becky, for letting me know about this book.

Let me leave you with one of the lines I shared above from her book…

“God wants you to be you loving Him”.  (I can do that)


Deanna said...

Blessings to you.
I like your last statement about being ourselves loving God.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I have heard about this book, but I now know more about it, thanks to YOU:) I am so glad that I came by for a was just the kind of post that I needed to read...THANK YOU!!!


Holly Browning said...

I love the green tote. Your house looks so great all the time.

Holly Browning said...

I pinned the tote because I want to make it!

It's me said...

Amen!! your post so beautiful written.....enjoy the little things in live today darling...God is great !!

NanaDiana said...

OH- Such a good message, Ames. I am so glad I popped in here today. I think we all suffer with comparing ourselves to others and falling short...when We.Are.Enough. It's just hard to believe that sometimes, isn't it?

Blessings and love to you- I am reminded of the quote from The Help;
You is good.
You is kind.
You is important.

xo Diana

Georgia Gibbons said...

Thanks Amy. I will have to pick up that book. I read her book "I will carry you." Selah is one of my favorite artists, too. May God continue to bless each of us as we love HIM the very best we can everyday. Micah 6:8.

Georgia Gibbons said...

Thanks Amy. I will have to pick up that book. I read her book "I will carry you." Selah is one of my favorite artists, too. May God continue to bless each of us as we love HIM the very best we can everyday. Micah 6:8.

Anne said...

Beautiful post!And beautiful photo too!Have a wonderful day!

The Cranky Queen said...

Wow, your words r inspiration to me this Sunday morning. I've written the name down of the book MENDED& plan on adding it to my kindle. What an awesome post & you spoke to me....Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

pballard said...

Oh my what a blessing. This comforts me so today! I have been struggling with just that all week.. Thank you! Thanks you! Thank you! Where can I find this book? Have a great day! Your pics are amazing also!

Becky C said...

Well, first of all I LOVE this header even more than the last :) It really looks classy, Amy...and farmhouse too.
Next, I am so glad you got the book! Isn't it just amazing?? Her words speak truth to my heart daily. Some of her stories I've read repeatedly to let them sink I am a stubborn soul. Yes, this one passage you quoted spoke greatly to me also. Angie Smith has a blog if you want to follow her. And I believe I will probably be reading all of her books soon. I'm sooo happy you like the book, I knew you'd enjoy her encouraging stories.
Oh and I adore your green carpenters tote! Your den looks gorgeous :)
Love you so much

Patty Sumner said...

Amy, I was so captivated by the writings of the book I had to go back and look at the beautiful pics...I needed to hear this..After so many years of running a rescue Mission..Homeless shelter...I feel as if I have to do some "major" task in order for God to be happy with me...The fact is and I know this...He just wants us to be us loving Him... Love that..also, had to laugh out loud at the Bible-verse debat funny but really put things into perspective....Blessings!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Great post Amy! It can be so hard to live up to other's accomplishments, etc. I love the message about being ourselves and knowing that The Lord loves us as we are. What a great way to start the week!

Take care,

Karen said...

Thank you Amy for sharing this post. It was not by chance I came by it this evening. The Lord is so good, and it's so wonderful when His saints know when to share words of wisdom! Blessings Karen from A Cape Cod Nest.

Bonnie Hitchcock said...

Girrrl, this is the most beautiful post! I've got to get the book. I had someone who knows of my delay in pursuing God's call for my life say to me, "You know what scares me is that Moses didn't get to walk into the promised land. He only saw it from a distance." Scared me to death! I started comparing how close she is to her "Promised Land" and she's almost 10 years younger than I and I have no idea how close or far away I am. I only want to walk wherever He leads and I'm not sure what that is. Whew! This speaks volumes to me! Gotta get the book!

Thanks for sharing. And love, love,love the green tool caddy.

must love junk said...

This book sounds amazing-I definitely want to read it! And, of course, I love your tote-such a great color!

Elisabeth Costa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this:) Especially as women I think we tend to compare ourselves...and really measuring silly things...the things that don't really count or matter. I want to look this book up at the book store now, thank you.

Frances Aspenlind said...

Oh thankyou for posting these beautiful words. So wonderful how much He loves us!

Frances Aspenlind said...

Oh thankyou for posting these beautiful words. So wonderful how much He loves us!