Sunday, November 18, 2012

Colors of Christmas

Hey friends.


It’s been several days since I posted because I have been doing fun stuff with my girlies in preparation for Christmas.


Every year around this time, we get the crafting bug.  I really am not a very crafty person except at Christmas time and then it hits, and we spend days painting, gluing, and glittering… all while listening to Christmas music.


This year it was so funny to see the different color schemes that each one of us chose.  Of course, my girls would say that I have no color scheme because I use such neutral colors.


These are the colors that Faith chose to use for her room this year to go along with her newly painted pink room.  See it HERE.


faith 1



faith 2


faith 3


Such fun colors for a fun room and a fun girl.


Beth chose these colors to go with her room.  Take a look at it HERE.


beth 1


beth 2


beth 3


And then there is me…


Remember that I love neutrals with bits of color here and there.



mom 5


mom 2


mom 1


I will be using lots of natural elements this year in my decorating. 


I will also be using the pretty blue green that I love. 


I plan on using fresh cranberry garland, strands of popcorn, and lots of pinecones.


The girls plan on using lots and lots of glitter and sparkle and bright colors.


I love the differences in our home and in our tastes. 


I so love this time of year and the anticipation of Christmas.




Thanks for stopping by tonight.  I appreciate you spending a few minutes here with me.



❀ JoAnne said...

All of your crafts look wonderful, Amy. That is such a nice tradition you have with your daughters ~ these are special memories they will always have with them!

Stephanie said...

I love all three color schemes! Really like those ornaments in your neutral arrangement!

Keeping it Cozy said...

What fun, Amy! I love your different styles and it all looks great. Your trees are so pretty and I can't wait to see how you make a cranberry garland so I can make one too! :-)

Bonnie Hitchcock said...

Oh I love the time spent with my babies. What joy!
Love their creations.
Your tree creations are my favorite! I think I'll give that a try~

pballard said...

Always so excited when you post. Great job to all of you. I love the idea of making things and adding around the home. I have done a little of that myself. Blessings..

NanaDiana said...

Your fun crafts are so cute, Amy. I love the fact that you do this with your daughters. What precious time to spend together. Blessings to you-xo Diana

Finding Home said...

Love all your fun color themes!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

This just remined me that Christmas is translated in different ways... all as unique as the each person! I am a neutral/natural color girl this year!

It's me said...

What a nice things you make !!!!...happy

chateau chic said...

Looks like you had so much fun with your girls, Amy! Who doesn't love Christmas crafts with all the sparkles?
Your cone trees are so cute and creative.
Mary Alice

On Crooked Creek said...

I L O V E the color schemes chosen by Faith and Beth for Christmas decorating!!! Like Faith...I'm going Traditional in the Living Room with Red and Green...the pink is in the Master Bedroom!!! ...and like Beth, I've chosen blue and greens for the Entry Hall! YOUR hues, dear one...are in the lower level Family Room!!! I'll be watching to see how you incorporate all those hues through the holidays!!!

Holly said...

How fun! Christmas crafting makes for wonderful memories. Can't wait to see you all set up for Christmas.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm still getting geared up for Thanksgiving... I have no idea how Christmas will look here!
I love all that the girls selected. That blue and the snowman...stole my heart.
I also love the'd love
Elsie Mae on Market--if you ever get back to Canton, for First Monday--you've got to get over there and see that store, it's beautiful! Very vintage and neutral the way you like it!
Plus-- you know, Lezlee from "Priorlives"-- her family owns and operates it.

Debbie said...

It all looks wonderful! I want to go with that exact shade of green with the red in my kitchen this year. I don't know if it'll work because of some of my existing stuff, but I just love that happy shade of green. I haven't even begun to craft yet so you have given me a boatload of ideas.

Becky C said...

Looks like y'all have been so busy! And you all made beautiful decorations... love how each of you have such great taste :) Its really looking like the Holiday season there. Happy Thanksgiving week :)