Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Warmth of a Kitchen

What a beautiful day here in Tennessee! 

What about where you are?

I have spent some time in my kitchen recently readying it up for the fall and winter months ahead.  I love the anticipation of pumpkin muffins cooking in the oven, Christmas baking, and mugs of hot cocoa.  The coffee maker is always a must in our home, but I love  adding new fall flavors.

You know I have spent much time thinking about my kitchen cabinets and my counter tops and the what ifs.   I really don’t do that much anymore because it’s pretty much a mute point at this time.   I think the word I used last time I talked about our kitchen was “embracing” what you have. 

Embracing is what I have done. 

Now when I see my kitchen, I tell myself how warm and cozy it looks with those “beautiful” oak cabinets.  I have added lots of copper, which I am in love with.  I have added black hardware and light fixtures.  I am using  industrial stools, shaggy rugs, and of course my white dishes and galvanized pieces.

I now very much enjoy and am very satisfied with my warm and cozy kitchen.  (until my husband says I can do something different, that is) Smile

Let me take you on a little look around…

white cabinet 1

cow 1

recipes 1

Love my nanny’s handwritten recipes taped to the wall.

left side 2

left side

bowls 1

dishes 2

middle 1


fridge 1

full 4

island 1

napkins 2

I love  locker baskets!

island 3

pot rack 1

pot rack 3

island 7

island 11

Someday I will have a stainless steel fridge that matches my dishwasher.  However, we are the kind of people that don’t replace something until it’s broken and my fridge “aint broke”. 

table 3

table 7

table 5

table 4

Wow!  Was that ever a lot of pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed taking a little tour around our kitchen today.  Sure would be nice to have you join our family for a nice southern cooked dinner.

Maybe someday….

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Olive Cooper said...

We also embrace what we have Amy. Gladly do I enjoy my yellow house kitchen after years of my falling down old house kitchen(it is actually tilting). It is not new or modern but it is workable. Your copper and industrial stools look great. I see your unique and charming touch all over the place there. xo, Olive

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Amy your kitchen is indeed cozy and warm! I LOVE you attitude of embracing what you have. If we would all do that we would be a much happier bunch!!!
I love how you have worked your kitchen into a vintage inspired, white infused beauty!
With your great take on life I bet you are lovin' your cozy kitchen... I know I am!

Kate said...

Hi Amy
I am always blessed by the images from your home. I love all the personal warmth in your kitchen. It is used in love just not a look pretty. Thank you for always sharing your beautiful home with us.


Anonymous said...

You have a homey kitchen. I also have oak kitchen cabinets which I like better than white ones.
We just had Granite Counter tops installed. Been married 42 years and first time I have ever picked out counter tops

Anne said...

Amy your kitchen is beautiful.So cozy,warm and inviting!It is the kind of kitchen you can hang around in and enjoy! Sit and relax and have a cup of coffee!LOVE all the touches you added to your kitchen...Beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen, it is delightful! I never thought of displaying handwritten recipes , I have many of my Mothers and "Nannie"
I am also looking forward to fall baking and also a trip to your area this fall!

must love junk said...

Oh my, I'm loving all of these pictures! I love the bit of industrial (stools) that you've added to your warm, farmhouse look!:)

Blondie's Journal said...

I loved seeing your kitchen in this post, IS warm and cozy and it looks like REAL people live there! I love all your special touches, pieces I know you love. Your island is wonderful as is your dining area. We redid some of our kitchen last year, I thought about painting my pine cabinets but then I thought, everyone wants white or open I want to jump on the wagon? Why? So I guess you can say I have embraced what I have. We are so happy here!


Mission Mom said...

Beautiful post, Amy. And I especially love your many testimonies of your faith reflected in your lovely home. Just stopped by to visit during my blog-hopping at CommonGround...glad I found you! :)

Tina @ Mission Jewels

Debbie said...

You really DID manage to take the oak cabinets and make them a focal point in the kitchen. They make it look yet more homey and country than if you had something different.

I love the quote on your chalkboard, btw.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

I love it, it's so warm and cozy like you said!


afistfullofweeds* said...

Girl, my fridge ain't broke either..neither is my old TV,guess thats why I don't have a new flat screen!! LOL! Your kitchen is beautiful! You are blessed! Rhonda

Jen said...

Amy, So glad you posted pictures of your kitchen. I loved seeing it. I live in Manchester and we as well had a beautiful day. I home school my son and we got up early and got our work done and then spent the day outdoors. Christian Love ~Jen

Anonymous said...

Pictures are lovely.

pballard said...

One word FABULOUS!

Keeping it Cozy said...

It looks really, really beautiful. You've embraced the warmth and added some great pieces (I love the stools)... most importantly, you can tell it is a kitchen filled with love and family.

Becky C said...

Yes Amy, you have a warm, cozy kitchen...and you've embraced those beautiful oak cabinets by adding that farmhouse appeal! I'm amazed at your ironstone collection!
It sure looks inviting as always. Love to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee with you. Fall is the best time of year...all the family time in the kitchen is my favorite!
Lots of hugs

It's me said...

I really like your kitchen !!!...with the industrial touch !! happy weekend from

Bronwyn said...

What a warm, cozy kitchen! I would happily sip a cuppa tea here with you, discussing the news of the day or decor... I love how everything you need daily is left out on your counter surface so that it can be enjoyed (and used) by all who visit. Your oak cabinets are lovely - more people need to leave their natural wood unpainted!

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! said...

LoVe the Wire Tote on the counter!*!*!
Jeanine Burkhardt

debra said...

It's a beautiful kitchen. Count your blessings / it's about 10x the size of mine ( I have a galley kitchen :)
This kitchen looks as if should any of us visit we'd be comfortable to just start chopping and slicing and cooking or baking with you ....because it is COZY and INVITING :)

Robin said...

Oh how I loved this post. Your kitchen looks so cozy and well loved. I really like how you took some of the cabient doors off, something I have been thinking about alot lately. Would love to hear how your liking it.

I also have fell in love with your stools - they are fabulous.

Stacy said...

what a beautiful kitchen!! i love everything about it, the recipes on the wall, i must copy you with my mom's.

can you tell me where you got the little towel or curtain that says, "god is the center of our home"? its darling.

thanks, stacy

Ruby and Arthur said...

Hi Amy, I too have oak cabinets and I love them. I think they are so warm and welcoming! Thanks for the tour of your kitchen, it is lovely! Jean

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your kitchen is beautiful, Amy. I love the vintage white painted pieces and think they add lovely lightness to your space. Your collections are so pretty and I am especially inspired by the vintage stools. My sister has the big French door stainless fridge/ diswasher but is waiting to replace the white stove. She always jokes that maybe she just didn't use it enough to wear it out.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Amy- your kitchen is lovely. I think it is a beautiful compromise. I always admire your for listening to your husband on the paint vs. no paint issue.
You've done a wonderful job giving the oak cabinetry a beautiful farmhouse cozy feel.
I love the cotton towels and curtains on the cupboard over the sink! ...and the white bits of paper tucked in behind the dishes!
wonderfully done.

I love how you've embraced your kitchen! Pat

Deb said...

Hi Amy. Just popped in and am so happy I did. What a lovely kitchen; so inspiring. Your style is so welcoming and homey. I'll be building a home next spring and will be looking for some ideas so I am now following along. Your kitchen and dining-room draws you in...just want to sit and have some tea. Deb (Eastern Ontario, Canada)

Katherine Wolak said...

LOVE love love your kitchen! You really brought everything together and it looks fabulous! And the fridge too! :)


LLH Designs said...

Girl, you know how to make ANY space personal and beautiful! I love that about you! I want to come sit at your island with a warm cup of tea and chat your ear off while you bake pumpkin muffins! xoxo!

My Cozy Casita said...

Uh my God, I love your place.


Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

Hi Amy!
I get a lot of inspiration from your blog! Love how you display your vintage items. We have similar taste! Looking forward to your posts! Mel

shaggysheephome said...

Love that kitchen! And that bottle drying rack!!!!!! I want one so bad.