Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nature Filled Shelves

Hello sweet friends.  I hope you are all well.

I don’t know about you, but for me a picture does tell it all.

A few weeks ago, I filled my chippy white shelves to overflowing with some of my favorite pewter and white pieces.  Where there were empty spots, I would tuck something else into the vignette.  These shelves were filled with some of my favorite things.

I walked past these shelves for several weeks and left them just like they were.  And then I decided to take a picture of them.   Pictures speak VOLUMES to me.  I had gone way overboard, and what I thought looked pretty, was majorly cluttered.  But I didn’t really see the clutter until I saw the picture.

Off everything came and I started over.  This time around, I decided to focus on natural woods and nature.

wood box 1

top rows 3

I focused on simplicity.



sachets 1

Lavender sachets are a favorite thing of mine and most of these were gifts from sweet friends.

barnyard 2

I found this old pencil drawing entitled The Barnyard on a recent Goodwill trip.

top 3 rows

bottom 2 rows

shleves 3

shelves 2

Speaking of pictures speaking to me…this picture shows me that I went with a pretty primitive look this time around. 

I think it works for the fall.

Don’t forget the giveaway I am hosting over here.  Drawing will be held November 1st.

I am sharing over at the beautiful blog, Timewashed tonight for her first Blissful White Wednesday Party.  Becky is wonderful and will be a perfect hostess.  Go check her out.


Faded Charm said...

Your shelf looks perfect with just the right amount and not too cluttered. I've been trying really hard to keep things simple and not cluttered as well....but I like so much stuff that it's hard sometimes:-)


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Very pretty! Love the carrier your hydrangeas are in! So unique with that wonderful patina!

Anne said...

Amy I have done that same thing.Pictures do speak volumes! I remember before I started blogging how I thought my house looked.And then I started taking photos of it.Wow what a surprise.That is why I have been changing so much in my home!
LOVE your vignette!It looks perfect!

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

Pretty!! I see so many treasures that I too have :-)
Luv the chicken wire in the window... might borrow that.
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers, Gee

Debbie said...

Well first, I love the current look. Regularly, when I see your wire window in the header, I think that I intend to do that with one of my windows here. Haven't done it yet because I'm a big old procrastinator.

And I agree so much about how taking a picture makes you re evaluate. I think that's why blogging makes your house prettier!

BECKY said...

Love this shelf, gal! Just so full of character! And I agree with Kathleen! Just the right amount of goodies on it!!

Thanks for joining in Blissful Whites Wednesday! You're a joy!

chateau chic said...

Amy, I've always loved this shelf. Every time you restyle it, it looks great! I like what you did for Fall.
Mary Alice

Victoria said...

What a gorgeous and unique shelf! I love how you've decorated it also. Popped in from Blissful WW:)

Karen Valentine said...

Absolute perfection. I love everything you used.Dried hydrangeas are a perfect Fall flower.

Tricia said...

I always see things differently looking at a picture too! Your shelf turned out beautifully :)

Bonnie Hitchcock said...

I always love your little corners. The white naturally patina shelf is perfect. The wire baskets are perfect in there. I am so looking for me some at a thrifty price. The ones in T.J. Maxx as still a little steep for my $5 budget.
Did you make it to Nasvhille Flea Mkt. this weekend. My daughter said it was the best! I was in Nasvhille at my Grandson's 1st birthday but in bed with vertigo. Yuck!